Tong Tong deliberately explained that the hospital concealed the news of Song Zihao's waking up, and at the same time made jokes in front of Song Zihao, saying that Dugu Ruonan had already started to support Sida and was ready to take his place. When Tong Tong handed over a magazine with a close-up photo of Sida on the cover, Song Zihao believed it and felt extremely complicated.

President Wu appreciates Dugu Ruonan's work ability, but in the process of this cooperation, he took the initiative to ask other artists to replace Song Zihao and continue to perform the next advertising endorsement. Dugu Ruonan considered Song Zihao and did not agree immediately, saying that he needed to consider it.

However, when Tong Tong learned about this, he sent the contract to President Wu in the name of the company without the knowledge of Ruo Nan, and then disclosed it to Song Zihao, confirming that Sida had become the new spokesperson. Song Zihao was so angry that he decided to take back everything that belonged to him. At the same time, Dugu Ruonan was undecided, and Ji Mo suggested that Ruonan and President Wu reach an agreement, not to feel guilty because of the previous things, and always stop.

But Dugu Ruonan didn't agree with Ji Mo's point of view. Rather than she is always nostalgic, I am afraid that Ji Mo's nostalgia complex is more serious. How could Ji Mo hear Ruonan mentioning Su Xiao, his face changed greatly, and he warned Dugu Ruonan to recognize his identity.

When Ji Mo received the news of the breakup, he immediately rushed to the downstairs of Su Xiao's house, only to find out that she was actually in love and had a current boyfriend, Zhao Yucheng. Su Xiao didn't think she had any problems. On the contrary, after Ji Mo graduated, she devoted all her energy to her career and never paid attention to her psychological changes, which would only make each other's feelings less and less.

Dugu Ruonan considered that he didn't speak his mind last night, so he personally cooked breakfast and wanted to ease the relationship with Ji Mo. Unexpectedly, Ji Mo was still brooding, and hoped that Dugu Ruonan would abide by the provisions of the co-tenancy agreement and would not interfere with each other's privacy during the cohabitation period. They were only roommates.

In the next few days, Song Zihao insisted on rehabilitation training, eager to be discharged from the hospital and confronted Dugu Ruonan face to face. Tong Tong was afraid that the matter would be revealed, and repeatedly blocked his thoughts. At this time, when he saw Dugu Ruonan not far away, he urged Song Zihao to go back to the room and pretend to be unconscious, so that the other party could not know the fact that he had woken up.

Although Dugu Ruonan already knew that Tong Tong issued a contract to President Wu, she did not pursue it too much. After all, sooner or later, she would have to make a choice. Instead, she reminded Tong Tong that if she continued to act shamelessly against her, she would never show mercy. Dugu Ruonan came to the ward and mistakenly thought that Song Zihao was still in a coma, so he deliberately said something to stimulate him to wake up, but Song Zihao heard it completely changed his meaning.

When Tong Tong came to the ward again, he saw Song Zihao sitting on the bed with a gloomy face, and almost misunderstood that the two had communicated, until Song Zihao said that he would sign a contract under Tong Tong's name and cooperate with her to deal with Dugu Ruonan and Sida, Tong Tong. This fell to the heart of the big stone.

Chen Feier is still pestering Ji Mo, sending out all kinds of dating invitations, but Ji Mo politely refuses and can only take her to see her brother Aili. How do you know that Ai Li is actually a fan of Chen Feier, when she saw her, she was very excited. Taking advantage of Ji Mo's time to go to the bathroom, Chen Feier asked Ai Li about Ji Mo's preferences. On the other hand, Ji Mo saw the video posted on the Internet and learned that Song Zihao officially announced the new agent in public.

Out of concern for Dugu Ruonan, Ji Mo immediately went out to meet her, and analyzed Tong Tong's tricks behind his back through facial expressions, thus gaining Song Zihao's trust. Seeing that Dugu Ruonan was in a bad mood, Ji Mo took her to the beach to relax, and Sida also saw the video, but when he came to the residence, he knocked on the door and received no response.

Because Ji Mo left without saying goodbye, Chen Feier lost his temper, and Aili took her to the barbecue restaurant, and even deliberately ate deliciously in front of her. At first, Chen Fei'er could pretend to be calm, but later she couldn't help it, and she started to eat it directly, but she went to the bathroom to induce vomiting after a while.

Ai Li is a psychiatrist, so she can tell at a glance that Chen Feier suffers from anorexia, so she handed over her business card and told her to come to the hospital for consultation at any time if she encounters psychological problems. That night, because the car ran out of gas, Zimmer had to stay in a hotel with Dugu Ruonan, but there was only one room left.

Dugu Ruonan wanted to occupy the big bed, but was molested by Ji Mo. She was so ashamed that her heart was pounding, and she hurried to the bathroom to calm down. However, the hotel is relatively simple, and Dugu Ruonan didn't bring a change of clothes, so Ji Mo lent her his shirt, but he didn't know that Dugu Ruonan was fascinated by the smell of the shirt.


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