In fact, the sadness of Dugu Ruonan is mainly due to the fact that he dragged Sida down, causing him to lose a good opportunity to appear on the scene. But Sida disagreed. He felt that if he hadn't met Dugu Ruonan, he would not have the courage to go on the catwalk. He hoped that Dugu Ruonan would not feel guilty in the future.

Ji Mo waited in the living room until the middle of the night when he didn't see Dugu Ruonan, and simply called her, only to find out that he was drunk in the hot pot restaurant again. Just as Sida helped Dugu Ruonan out of the hot pot restaurant, Ji Mo suddenly appeared and hugged Dugu Ruonan, indicating that the two were living together now, and then turned to leave.

I didn't cross the border twice before getting drunk, but this time, Dugu Ruonan suddenly hugged Ji Mo and kissed him fiercely. Ji Mo was stunned for a moment, lying on the bed at night still reminiscing about the unexpected kiss. Early the next morning, Dugu Ruonan couldn't remember what happened last night. He only saw that Ji Mo left honey water and white porridge on the table, and bluntly said that he didn't want to take care of the alcoholic.

Although the response of the outside world to Daxiu was not bad, but it turned the finger on Dugu Ruonan, all of which were negative comments about her. The more and more Ji Mo looked, the more annoyed he became, and he couldn't help replying to criticize those brainless blacks. After he realized it, he immediately turned off the computer and found that what he was doing was too naive.

Sida thought that Dugu Ruonan and Ji Mo were in a relationship, and they acted indifferently early in the morning, until Dugu Ruonan repeatedly emphasized that it was a shared rental relationship, and then returned to smiling. At this time, Chen Feier asked Dugu Ruonan to meet in a coffee shop and complained to her that she liked an unpredictable man, but she did not get a response to her many gestures.

Dugu Ruonan didn't know that the person Chen Feier was talking about was Ji Mo, and he was still helping to analyze the situation, and at the same time worried about the resources of Sida. After Chen Feier's suggestion, Dugu Ruonan immediately thought of Ji Mo. After all, Yi Fashion plays a pivotal role in the fashion industry, and it must give Star a lot of resources.

Taking this into account, Dugu Ruonan immediately went home and asked Ji Mo for resources. Then, under the arrangement of Ji Mo, the editor of Chunren Fashion conducted an exclusive interview with Sida. When expounding on the relationship between the artist and the manager, Sida did not hesitate to praise Dugu Ruonan, but in private, Dugu Ruonan hoped that the editor would delete this description as much as possible, to highlight himself as inhumane, and to let the outside world I feel that Star training is hard and stressful, so that we can establish a strong and excellent character.

It is precisely because of this that Star has gradually become the most popular male model at the moment, and has developed rapidly in the fashion circle. On the other hand, Tong Tong did nothing, and could only sneer at Dugu Ruonan, believing that she was relying on men to get the upper hand, but Dugu Ruonan responded mercilessly.

When Sida was filming the promo video of Yi Fashion, he always couldn't grasp the state of affection. And the next anger and sadness need to be changed in a moment. Ji Mo deliberately hugged Dugu Ruonan in public, so as to stimulate the other party through "jealousy", reaching a level beyond expectations, even the photographer couldn't help but be so angry for appreciation.

After the filming, Dugu Ruonan invited them to dinner in order to thank Ji Mo and Chen Feier. Unexpectedly, Ji Mo chose the most expensive high-end restaurant. Chen Feier catered to Ji Mo's eating habits and forced herself to eat a piece of steak, but at the beginning, excessive dieting and weight loss caused the digestive system to become inertia.

Dugu Ruonan and Ji Mo both drank a lot of alcohol. Chen Fei'er avoided chaos after drinking, and simply stayed with Dugu Ruonan. As for Sida, he didn't want to leave, but came to Ji Mo's room, and He slept in the same bed. The next morning, Sida accidentally learned the story of Zimmer and his ex-girlfriend, and then he understood why he was obsessed with this house. Zimmer said that he would never fall in love with anyone in his life, because no one could replace Su Xiao in his own life. the position of the heart.

Hearing what Ji Mo said, Sida seemed to have taken a reassurance, but Dugu Ruonan learned about this matter. On the surface, he seemed to pretend to be calm, but his heart was always a little sour. On the other side, Song Zihao, who was already awake, couldn't contact Dugu Ruonan, how could he know that Tongtong came to visit with flowers and wanted to sow discord in front of him.


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