The next morning, Dugu Ruonan stretched, and unexpectedly found himself wearing a man's shirt, and sat up from the bed in a jerky manner. At this time, Ji Mo came in from outside the door, so scared that Dugu Ruonan misunderstood what happened last night again, and it was only when he learned the ins and outs that it was a big stone in his heart.

However, in order to make up for his guilt, Ji Mo decided to let Dugu Ruonan live here temporarily. Even if it is a shared rental relationship, he should be the main one, and the three chapters will be agreed. In fact, Dugu Ruonan knew in his heart that the fire broke out last night, and the landlord upstairs would definitely be reluctant.

After making up his mind, Dugu Ruonan accepted Zimmer's suggestion, and as for Zimmer, he informed Allen to come deliver clothes. As Ji Mo's assistant, Aaron naturally knew that he was not close to women all year round, but now he suddenly brought a woman home, and it was difficult to contain the little gossip in his heart.

On the way to the company, Arun observed Ji Mo's tired face, and asked side by side that he didn't rest well last night, it must be related to Dugu Ruonan, but it made people think. But Zimmer made it clear that he had no interest in Dugu Ruonan, and he would wait until the other party found a house before moving out, but Arun didn't believe it at all, and always felt that the relationship between the two was definitely not easy.

Chen Feier learned that Dugu Ruonan and Ji Mo lived together, lest she would fall in love for a long time. How could she know that Dugu Ruonan expressed a similar opinion, claiming that she would never fall in love with Ji Mo in her life. Before Ji Mo came back, Dugu Ruonan threw all the clothes in his master bedroom into the second bedroom, and decided to occupy the large bedroom without prior notice. After eating and drinking, he slept on the sofa again. Coming in from the door, seeing the living room full of mess, anger swelled up.

However, that night, Zimmer had sleepwalking symptoms again, not only cleaned up the room for Dugu Ruonan, but also put a diamond wedding ring on her ring finger, begging her not to leave him. At first, Dugu Ruonan was terrified, and when she noticed Ji Mo's abnormality, she realized that it was caused by sleepwalking.

Seeing Ji Mo lying on the bed soundly asleep, Dugu Ruonan had to curl up on the sofa to cope with the night, and it was not until the next morning that she truthfully told the story. Zimmer has been single for many years and never knew about his sleepwalking. He was hesitant at first, but when he saw the diamond ring, he immediately believed it.

As a psychology graduate, Zimmer naturally knew the meaning of sleepwalking, and he also explained the situation to his senior brother as soon as possible, hoping to cure the current symptoms. At present, it is possible to deny the congenital genetic cause, so there are only two possibilities to trace the cause, one is caused by organic brain lesions, and the other is caused by mental depression, which is probably closely related to Su Xiao.

Since the two broke up, they have remained single, and Zimmer is very afraid of establishing an intimate relationship, so there is no way to fall in love with other people. Brother thinks that if Ji Mo wants to cure sleepwalking, he must face the past. Although Ji Mo refuses to continue talking, he knows very well what the real reason is.

Zimmer returned home and agreed with Dugu Ruonan on the terms of the joint tenancy, but the last one was that the two parties were not allowed to fall in love with each other, otherwise they would move out of the house immediately. Dugu Ruonan couldn't help laughing, at least he couldn't understand Ji Mo's brain circuit at the moment, but on this point, the two reached a very tacit understanding.

After a period of hard training, Sida is completely ready to go on the catwalk, but considering that his heterosexual communication disorder will be affected by emotions, it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no accidents before going on stage. At the suggestion of Chen Feier, Dugu Ruonan was going to let Ji Mo give Sida psychological counseling, but he was rejected by Ji Mo and completely ignored.

Since it was hopeless to ask for help, Dugu Ruonan had to read the solution from psychological books by himself, and read books alone on the sofa until the middle of the night. Before Ji Mo left, looking at Dugu Ruonan's notes, he couldn't help thinking of what she said last night, and when he met Tong Tong in the company, he saw the ugly face of the other party who wanted to squeeze out Sida, so he immediately changed his mind and wanted to help Star cures mental illness, and it can be regarded as a kind of redemption for oneself.

If you want to prescribe the right medicine, you must first let the patient overcome the difficulties. Zimmer brought Sida to the dressing room and asked him to wear jewelry and zipper chains on the female model next to him, and inevitably touch them. At first, Sida was able to hold back the attack, but later it still happened. Zimmer asked the others to leave first and communicate with Sida alone, saying that he was using the system desensitization method to stimulate him through the things he was afraid of, and then weaken it. feeling of exclusion. In order to ease Sida's nervousness first, Zimmer changed his tone and asked if he had a girl he liked.


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