Chen Feier promised to help Dugu Ruonan train Sida, and then went to apply to Zimmer for this new product catwalk, allowing her to bring a male model on stage. Ji Mo could clearly perceive Chen Feier's pressing step by step, and subconsciously wanted to escape, but he was finally kissed by the other party, which was also a thank you gift from Chen Feier.

Although Dugu Ruonan and Ji Mo have different characters, she considered that if she wants to make Sida popular in a short period of time, she must rely on this time to become famous, so she took Sida to Yi Fashion the next day and told the other party not to embarrass herself. . Ji Mo was really unexpected. How did he know that Dugu Ruonan came prepared and bluntly stated the highlights and concepts that their brand needed, showing that their artists could fit better.

On the other side, Chen Feier asked Sida to go to the fitting room to change into leopard-print shorts, and she was topless. Misunderstood into perversion. After the misunderstanding was clarified, Sida followed Chen Feier on the show for the first time, but when facing Chen Feier's touch, there was an instant extreme hypoxia, and Ji Mo saw that he was a heterosexual intercourse disorder. Performance.

If you really suffer from this kind of mental illness, the top priority is to find a psychiatrist, and it is not suitable for you to continue to be a model. Star felt that he had made a big mistake, and I was afraid that he would never have a chance to go to the show again, so he could not help but fall into self-blame. Dugu Ruonan is still fighting for opportunities for Sida, following Ji Mo closely, and even hyping the relationship between the two in the company, disguising as an infatuated woman who pays for love, and gaining a lot of fans.

Ji Mo was really annoyed and asked Dugu Ruonan if all agents lacked self-esteem. However, Dugu Ruonan thinks that the agent is the other side of the artist. How beautiful the artist is, how humble the agent will be, even if there is no self-esteem, what can be done? If all managers need self-esteem, I am afraid that the artist will have no chance to stand out.

It is precisely because the competition in this industry is too fierce and the opportunity is fleeting, so Dugu Ruonan very much hopes that Ji Mo can stay in Sida. But Ji Mo also has his own principles and refuses to pay for Sida. Just as he was walking outside the company, he suddenly met Chen Anan who he hadn't seen for a long time.

Since the last incident, Chen An'an's affection for Ji Mo has doubled, so he took the initiative to confess to him, and it is not difficult to see the heat and madness in his eyes. Ji Mo pretended to be calm on the surface, but his heart was inevitably a little hairy. Fortunately, Dugu Ruonan came forward to help relieve the siege and took away Ji Mo as his girlfriend, so as to keep Sida's position in Yi Fashion.

However, Ji Mo has noticed that Chen Anan's mood is extremely unstable, so he reminds Dugu Ruonan to stay away from each other as much as possible to avoid unpredictable consequences. Dugu Ruonan thinks that the relationship between Ji Mo and Chen Anan is complicated, but Ji Mo thinks that she has prejudice against men, and thinks that she has suffered emotional trauma.

Chen Feier was guiding Sida about physical training alone, but because of Sida's mental illness, she tried to appease him to imagine people who were close to him on weekdays as much as possible, so as to gradually ease his emotions. Star has never been in love, and is curious about the feeling of liking a person. Chen Feier is naturally quite experienced, and she can make corresponding judgments based on her mood.

That night, Zimmer was playing the piano in the living room, completely unaware of the quarrel outside. On the other hand, Chen Anan suddenly came to the door, forcing Dugu Ruonan to explain Ji Mo's whereabouts, and even misunderstood that the two of them were living together. As a result, he accidentally knocked over the candle, causing a fire in an instant.

After the fire brigade finished putting out the fire, the house was completely unsightly, everything was burnt down, and Chen Anan had already left. When Ji Mo arrived after hearing the news, Dugu Ruonan became emotionally broken and went out to drink and get drunk. Sida silently stayed by his side, and carried him back to his original residence at night.

Because of Chen An'an, Ji Mo felt a little guilty, but unfortunately he couldn't contact Dugu Ruonan for a long time, so he had to send a voice to her. As everyone knows, at this time, Dugu Ruonan said goodbye to Sida, and came to Ji Mo's room in a daze, lying on the bed and sleeping with his head covered. Ji Mo went home and sat in the living room to send text messages to Dugu Ruonan, and suddenly heard the sound of text messages on his mobile phone, and then noticed that Dugu Ruonan was lying on his bed.

But what happened tonight, Ji Mo didn't investigate why she was on the bed. Just when she was putting a pillow and covering the quilt on her, Dugu Ruonan suspected that she was going to vomit, so Ji Mo got up and looked for the trash can. How did Dugu Ruonan forcefully swallow the vomit, stumbled and said that he was very good at alcohol, and then vomited it out the next second.


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