Song Zihao was jealous of Shen Qiansha's efforts for Sida, so he asked the screenwriter to cut out a large number of Sida's scenes, which caused him to be very unhappy during the filming process. In particular, after Song Zihao finished speaking, he deliberately stood in front of Sida and did not give the slightest shot at all, causing the director to immediately stop and lose his temper.

Accompanied by Shen Qiansha, Sida came to the editor to understand the situation, and only then did he know what Song Zihao had done. Because Song Zihao is the hero of this play, the screenwriter did not dare to offend him at all. Sida added lines according to the role, but the director agreed, and the play finally passed. Song Zihao expressed his dissatisfaction with the director, but to no avail, he simply gave up on the spot and left.

Dugu Ruonan and Zhao Yucheng accompanied the client to dinner in the box, and drank a lot of wine in succession. After the dinner, Zhao Yucheng told Dugu Ruonan about his growth experience, indicating that he and Su Xiao were not brothers and sisters. When his mother remarried to Su Xiao's mother, Zhao Yucheng was full of hostility to this sister, until he gradually discovered Su Xiao's kindness, even if Su Xiao was suffering from cancer, he did not want to implicate Ji Mo and chose to leave silently.

After hearing about Su Xiao, Dugu Ruonan felt that Su Xiao was a good girl, and it was because of love that she made the wrong choice, presumably because she didn't want Zhao Yucheng to live in hatred. Zhao Yucheng made no secret that he was full of darkness and hatred, but even so, he still knew how to cherish Dugu Ruonan and hoped that Dugu Ruonan could consider their relationship with each other.

Zimmer's car broke down in the middle of the road, so he had to rush to the hotel in the rain, and couldn't help but scold Dugu. Seeing that Ji Mo was soaked all over, Dugu Ruonan handed over the towel with concern, listening to the other party's nagging, his heart felt sweet. Ji Mo wanted to let Dugu Ruonan give an answer, but Dugu Ruonan deliberately didn't respond, but he already had a choice.

Early in the morning the next day, Zhao Yucheng and Ji Mo met in the hall on a narrow road. Dugu Ruonan was too lazy to care about them and left the hotel alone. After Dugu Ruonan returned to the city, he went to visit Sida as soon as possible, only to find that Shen Qiansha had specially arranged a service for Sida, making Song Zihao's face ashen.

Song Zihao couldn't help scolding Dugu Ruonan, thinking that she was his nemesis, so he wanted to bring Sida to the crew at this time. However, Dugu Ruonan saw that Song Zihao liked Shen Qiansha, and warned him that if he really cared about Shen Qiansha, don't let Tongtong stay away from him, so as not to use dirty means to take advantage of a simple girl.

Although Song Zihao was right and wrong, he still seriously considered Dugu Ruonan's words. On the contrary, Shen Qiansha was still haunting Sida, Song Zihao grabbed Shen Qiansha's ear and ordered her not to run around in a rage. As an assistant, he should know that he is always on call. At this time, Tong Tong noticed Song Zihao's strangeness towards Shen Qiansha and would always be affected by the other party's emotions, so he thought of replacing Shen Qiansha, but Song Zihao decisively opposed and warned her.

Since Chen Feier's assistant Xiao Xiao had something to do, Aili took her place for a day and accompany her to shoot a commercial. The news of Chen Feier's plastic surgery was spread all over the Internet before, and the female models of her peers ridiculed it, but Chen Feier didn't care at all, and retorted with unabated aura, making the other female models speechless.

During the next filming process, fellow models deliberately blocked the camera and crowded out Chen Feier. Ai Li really couldn't stand it any longer. He spoke out against him, but was humiliated. Chen Fei'er protected Ai Li, and everyone did not continue arguing because she was the main model. However, Aili's hero saves the beauty, in Chen Feier's opinion, she is very satisfied, and privately went up and kissed Aili's cheek.

Now the Internet suddenly broke the news about the scandal between Sida and Shen Qiansha, and both Song Zihao and Dugu Ruonan knew about it. Just when Shen Qiansha was picking out cakes for Sida in the cake shop, she suddenly received a call from Song Zihao. Not only was she not in a hurry, but she was even a little bit happy when she heard about the scandal.


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