Sida finally fell into the relationship, how could she know that Shen Qiansha actually took it as a confession and opened her arms to hug each other. Dugu Ruonan and Ji Mo couldn't help smiling knowingly when they saw this scene. Ji Mo also took the initiative to pull Ruonan, saying that as long as she needed herself, she could see it anytime, anywhere.

Just as everyone was about to leave, Dugu Ruonan received a call from Zhao Yucheng and agreed to meet later. Since the last time Ji Mo confessed to Ruo Nan, he was completely assured that she would not have feelings for Zhao Yucheng, and Zhao Yucheng provided Sida with resources. Zhao Yucheng was on his way to send Dugu Ruonan home, and he felt irritated when he saw Dugu Ruonan staring at the phone and laughing non-stop.

Dugu Ruonan is very grateful to Zhao Yucheng for his support and help in his work, but other than that, they should try to keep a distance between them. However, Zhao Yucheng believes that the relationship belongs to your love and my wish. Even if Dugu Ruonan is unwilling to accept the confession, he still cannot stop his pursuit.

Under the suggestion of Ji Mo, Chen Feier finally plucked up the courage to start a live broadcast and told everyone about her obesity experience and the bitter process of losing weight and plastic surgery. Aili was very relieved to see Chen Feier dare to face the past through the live broadcast, so he left a message online to support.

From the initial abuse and humiliation, to the gradual emergence of sympathetic and even supportive voices, it means that Chen Feier's live broadcast is very successful, at least she is no longer escaping, and has gained many fans who feel the same. Not long after Ji Mo left, Dugu Ruonan hurried over and complained that Fei'er Chen started the live broadcast without saying hello to her, but Fei'er Chen believed that everyone should face some things alone, and today's live broadcast also completely relieved her.

Since the live broadcast, Chen Feier's popularity has soared. Allen reported the company's monthly income to Zimmer, and found that not only did consumers not dislike Chen Feier, but they were frantically buying Wing Fashion's design clothing, so Chen Feier is now ushered in In the second spring of his career, Ji Mo also fulfilled his promise.

Dugu Ruonan took the initiative to come downstairs of Yishang Fashion, and her hug with Zimmer attracted the attention of the employees, making others envious. Ji Mo brought Dugu Ruonan back to the office. Because there was still a lot of work to be done, Dugu Ruonan stayed by his side silently, and felt more and more that men who worked hard were the most handsome.

When Ji Mo finished his work, he found that Dugu Ruonan had already slept on the sofa. He stepped forward to cover the other party and leaned beside him for a while. The next morning, Dugu Ruonan woke up and had a moment with Ji Mo. He received a call from Zhao Yucheng again and had to go to the restaurant to meet him.

Originally, Dugu Ruonan wanted to explain his reconciliation with Ji Mo, but Zhao Yucheng suddenly mentioned Su Xiao, revealing the relationship between him and Su Xiao, and what Ji Mo did to Su Xiao. Duguruo boy came home in a sullen mood, and told Chen Feier about this matter. In her opinion, the drama of two men chasing one woman is nothing more than two liars chasing a fool.

Chen Feier noticed that Dugu Ruonan's mood was not right, so she made an excuse to sneak into the bathroom and hurriedly called Ji Mo. Ji Mo, who was immersed in sweet love, was apprehensive when he heard the news, and immediately drove to Dugu Ruonan's residence, only to see Zhao Yucheng. The two quarreled downstairs, and Dugu Ruonan heard the sound and said that he would not choose anyone, and asked them to leave here immediately.


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