On the way home, Zhao Yucheng handed over the endorsement contract drawn up by the company to Dugu Ruonan, and generously admitted that he really wanted to win Ruonan's favor through this contract, but as a businessman, he naturally wouldn't do business at a loss, so he thought about it. The current development of Da is also more optimistic about the public.

Because Dugu Ruo Nan was so busy recently that he fell asleep in the passenger seat, Zhao Yucheng couldn't help kissing his forehead, but he didn't know that Du Gu Ruo Nan had already woken up and panicked inside. When Chen Fei'er learned what happened to Dugu Ruonan, she couldn't help but gossip and ask, how could she know that Dugu Ruonan had no interest in Zhao Yucheng, which made her hate iron.

In Chen Feier's view, Zhao Yucheng's advantages in all aspects are far superior to Ji Mo, not to mention that Ji Mo has made Dugu Ruonan sad many times, and every time he is exhausted. However, Dugu Ruonan does not agree with Chen Feier's point of view, because she thinks it is easy to be loved, but it is the most cherished person who loves a person.

Sida's new song signing meeting was very successful. Zhao Yucheng took the initiative to invite Dugu Ruonan to dinner. Because of this, Sida hurriedly tipped off Ji Mo. Sure enough, Ji Mo had no intention of working in an instant, and his mind was full of scenes of two people dating. Zimmer went to the restaurant, cheekily followed the two, the atmosphere seemed anxious and embarrassed.

On the other hand, Shen Qiansha forcibly dragged Sida onto the bus and drove all the way to the suburbs, letting him look at his hometown outside the window and relive the years when he was playing tricks. A full two hours later, Sida finally came to the movie studio prepared by Shen Qiansha, and under the other party's soft and hard bubbles, agreed to watch a movie with him. Unexpectedly, he was the king of comedy he liked.

After dinner, Ji Mo was very drunk and returned home alone, full of loneliness in his mind, and finally dreamed that she was dating Zhao Yucheng. At the same time, Dugu Ruonan was escorted home by Zhao Yucheng, and Zhao Yucheng took the initiative to confess to Dugu Ruonan, promising to never leave.

Just when Dugu Ruonan was slightly moved, Ji Mo suddenly came from a distance, jealously urged Dugu Ruonan to hurry back to the room, and glared at Zhao Yucheng without showing weakness. Dugu Ruonan went upstairs with joy, believing that Ji Mo was jealous, and Zhao Yucheng deliberately angered Ji Mo, saying that he would not give up easily.

Because Sida's original dream was to become an actor, he was willing to be a role model. Later, he met Dugu Ruonan. Although he entered the entertainment industry, he eventually drifted away from his dream and continued his singing career, which he didn't like. Now revisiting the King of Comedy, Sida finally finds it difficult to throb with patience, and with the encouragement of Shen Qiansha, she decides to resume her acting career.

On the second day of work, Sida took the initiative to apply to Dugu Ruo Nan for filming, and bluntly said that he once wanted to be an actor. However, Dugu Ruonan did not agree, and told Sida to devote her energy to the album. Only when she truly gained fame can she transform into an actor and become an all-around artist in the future.

Ruiqi Group wants to sign a contract with Star as a spokesperson, and at Dugu Ruonan's request, he has to return to the training room. Shen Qiansha watched Sida's singing videos during her work, which caused Song Zihao's dissatisfaction and ordered her not to listen to these songs in the future. Naturally, Shen Qiansha did not agree, so she quarreled with Song Zihao. Just as she was about to resign and leave, she suddenly thought that it would be difficult to work with Sida in the future, and immediately changed her face to apologize to Song Zihao.

However, Song Zihao was unforgiving. In order to prevent Shen Qiansha from paying attention to Sida every day, she deliberately arranged heavy work tasks for her, requiring all scripts to be marked within a week. Shen Qiansha complained a lot about this, but she didn't expect to meet Sida at the elevator and knocked down the script in her hand, which made Sida feel bright.


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