Dugu Ruonan learned the ins and outs, announced the dismissal of Shen Qiansha on the spot, and then went to see the boss. Because Sida's new song conference was very successful, the boss was full of praise for Dugu Ruonan. On the other hand, Tong Tong's business ability was too poor, which caused Song Zihao's dissatisfaction and asked to change his manager.

At this time, Shen Qiansha broke into the office, angrily accused Dugu Ruonan of taking revenge, and would not leave the company no matter what. After the boss learned of Shen Qiansha's identity, he persuaded Dugu Ruonan to continue hiring him, but Dugu Ruonan was firm and refused to change his mind.

Tong Tongyan took the opportunity to suggest that Shen Qiansha work by her side, but in fact she wanted to win over the daughter of Ruiqi Group, because in the end, Shen Qiansha became Tong Tong's assistant. Dugu Ruonan likes to hear about it, and doesn't pay attention to it anymore. Shen Qiansha doesn't know Tong Tong's character, and she also expresses her gratitude to her.

Song Zihao doesn't want to be Tong Tong's artist anymore, and feels that she is completely inferior to Dugu Ruonan, but Tong Tong emphasized that the company has used resources to build Star, so Song Zihao should join forces with her as a priority, otherwise, sooner or later, Star will steal the limelight. What's more, Shen Qiansha is a bargaining chip in Tong Tong's view. If they can get a good relationship, Song Zihao will naturally be the spokesperson.

Zimmer was completely uninspired, and his mind was full of loneliness, so that he came to the hot pot restaurant alone in the middle of the night and stared at the hot pot in front of him in a daze. The boss thought that Ji Mo was waiting for someone, and reminded him in the past, how did he know that Ji Mo took out his mobile phone to show the photo of Dugu Ruonan, and specially explained that the boss must put less pepper when he sees Dugu Ruonan, because Dugu Ruonan has a bad stomach.

With the new song breaking the record, everyone was very happy, Dugu Ruonan resisted the joy and came to the door, and then danced happily. It just so happened that Zhao Yucheng suddenly called and took the initiative to invite her to a restaurant for dinner, and bring a good wine that has been treasured for many years. However, Zhao Yucheng saw Dugu Ruonan staring at the hot pot restaurant on the side of the road, so he changed his mind and went to eat hot pot.

It is also because the Star album entered the third list, Song Zihao is very dissatisfied that Tong Tong always picks up bad movies for himself, although Dugu Ruonan often helps him pick up plays, at least he pays attention to quality. Tong Tong thinks that Song Zihao's position is an idol, and it belongs to eating youth food. Song Zihao saw Shen Qiansha and named him as his assistant.

Ever since Shen Qiansha became Song Zihao's assistant, running around like a small spinning top, Song Zihao deliberately reached out to hold Shen Qiansha, mocking her for being too short. Although Shen Qiansha was very angry, she still reminded herself to hold back her anger, she must endure humiliation and burden for the sake of Sida.

That night, Shen Qiansha continued to stalk Sida, saying that she would never give up and did not take her rival in love at all. However, Sida was really unbearable, and finally gave up harsh words and bluntly said that Shen Qiansha should give up her fantasy, saying that she didn't like her at all before, and she won't like her now or in the future.

Accompanied by Zhao Yucheng, Dugu Ruonan was very drunk. When she learned what Ji Mo had said through her boss, she was in a panic. When he left the hot pot restaurant, Dugu Ruonan took advantage of his drunkenness to say that he didn't need a man's protection at all, because from the beginning he was destined not to be manipulated by others, but to take the initiative to choose the other party.

On the other side, Ji Mo unconsciously drove to the downstairs of Dugu Ruonan's house, just to see Dugu Ruonan coming back from the outside, and was facing a kiss, but this time it was different from the past, like a couple in love. The next morning, Dugu Ruonan forgot what happened last night. Ji Mo was so angry that he couldn't help yelling, which scared Allen back a few steps.

Because the more he thought about it, the more angry he became, Ji Mo sent a message telling Dugu Ruonan not to drink and have sex. Dugu Ruonan didn't pay attention to the weather forecast that day, so she didn't bring an umbrella when she got off work, and was worried about the pouring rain. Fortunately, Zhao Yucheng drove over and took Dugu Ruonan home in person.


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