When Ji Mo came home, he found that the luggage and sundries had been discarded in the corridor, and immediately went to the door to question. Dugu Ruonan received news about Song Zihao's whereabouts, but couldn't find the car key, so Ji Mo came over again, and she asked Ji Mo to drive herself to the bar. At this time, Song Zihao was revelling on the dance floor, and the women around him recognized Dugu Ruonan at a glance, and they couldn't help thinking of the recent news, and they scolded them one after another.

Facing the siege of many women, Dugu Ruonan had no choice but to push Ji Mo out as a shield, and then took Song Zihao out of the bar. However, Song Zihao felt that Dugu Ruonan was too self-righteous and focused too much on profit and loss, and eventually lost basic sympathy and compassion, so it was destined that no one would love her, and that Lin Huan was destined to leave.

It was these words that deeply hurt Dugu Ruonan's heart, but she could only look at Song Zihao's back, her hands clenched involuntarily, and when she really reacted, she immediately drove after him. In order to rent the house, Ji Mo had to lend his car to Dugu Ruonan, but he didn't expect to see Song Zihao get into a car accident at the intersection.

The two sent Song Zihao to the hospital in time. Although they were out of danger, they were still in a coma. Dugu Ruonan informed Tong Tong to block the hospital news, and she went back to the company to deal with the mess, not knowing Tong Tong's malicious intentions. After Dugu Ruonan left, she immediately took out her mobile phone to take a photo and posted it on the Internet, revealing it to the outside world anonymously, causing an uproar in an instant.

This incident not only made the plan formulated by Dugu Ruonan unable to be implemented, but even affected Zimmer. There were bar videos and photos circulating on the Internet, and the entertainment media described the hero of Yi Fashion's boss saving beauty, fighting for the landlady and the popular star. Originally, Dugu Ruonan wanted to apologize to Ji Mo for this, but after she was reprimanded, she couldn't help but feel revenge against Ji Mo.

In fact, Dugu Ruonan has already thought of the worst plan, and now she can only fight head-on. She came to the downstairs of the company and responded to Song Zihao's situation very calmly in the face of a group of reporters. In the relationship, the man is Ji Mo, an outsider in the circle. In this way, the artist can be protected and the media's unfounded suspicion of Ji Mo can be suppressed.

When Zimmer saw the interview video through Allen, he was shocked and collapsed. He didn't know it from the beginning to the end. However, even if he jumped into the Yellow River, he couldn't wash it out. Even Allen felt that this was a certainty. After all, Dugu Ruonan admitted his relationship in front of the media, and Ji Mo was a dumb eater of Huanglian, so he went to the door to confront Dugu Ruonan.

Because in the process of pulling, Ji Mo accidentally pulled open Dugu Ruonan's pajamas and let go of his hand in fright. The next morning, Dugu Ruonan was blocked by Ji Mo as soon as he left the house, and immediately pretended to have a heart attack, preparing to slip away when the ambulance arrived.

Seeing that Dugu Ruonan's old trick was being repeated, Ji Mo simply took her home first, so he called his senior brother and wanted him to act with him and deliberately tricked Dugu Ruonan. Sure enough, Dugu Ruonan squinted to see the syringe, and immediately sat up from the sofa, saying that he was only in a coma due to hypoglycemia, and that he was completely fine now.

However, Ji Mo didn't want to let Dugu Ruo Nan easily, and insisted that his senior brother give her an injection. When the three pushed and shoved, Du Gu Ruo Nan fainted again. Originally, Ji Mo didn't take it seriously, until his senior brother noticed something was wrong, so he rushed to the hospital. After examination, it was confirmed that Dugu Ruonan had been under too much mental stress recently and was in a coma.

Senior brother gossips about the relationship between Ji Mo and Dugu Ruonan, and at the same time sees that he is still brooding about Su Xiao, otherwise he will not change careers to become a designer. Ji Mo didn't want to repeat the past. He stayed by the bed alone and waited for Dugu Ruonan to wake up. Out of kindness, he told her that she should pay more attention to her body, so as to avoid sudden death at home. At that time, she would really be able to make money and spend it.

Realizing that he and Song Zihao were in the same hospital, Dugu Ruonan came to the next ward to visit, his eyes gradually turning red. On weekdays, Dugu Ruonan may seem impersonal, but in fact she cares more about Song Zihao than anyone else, watching him climb from a nobody to where he is today, shining little by little, like his own child, giving I don't want to see my child hurt.

Since Dugu Ruonan was admitted to the hospital, Tong Tong has taken his place and is responsible for connecting with brand advertisers. Ji Mo changed his initial impression through Dugu Ruonan's feelings for Song Zihao, and accepted an interview with reporters, saying that all details of this matter should be reported by the police, and I hope everyone will not put too much pressure on Dugu Ruonan.

Allen couldn't help but praised Ji Mo's interview as very handsome, and even doubted his relationship with Dugu Ruonan, but Ji Mo repeatedly emphasized that even if there were no women in the world, he would never fall in love with Dugu Ruonan. At the same time, when Dugu Ruonan saw Ji Mo's interview, he was naturally very grateful, but Tong Tong felt unbelievable. He didn't expect to help Dugu Ruonan like this.

In the blink of an eye, the day of discharge came. Dugu Ruonan came to Ji Mo's door and rehearsed how to thank him over and over again, but he didn't know that this scene was seen by Ji Mo. Zimmer said that he didn't want to deal with reporters, so he answered like this, and then closed the door.


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