Ruiqi Group deliberately bought Zhang Le, an employee of Wing Fashion, so as to obtain the design drawings of Venus creative activities, and launched the Haute Couture series before that. Before the incident came to light, Zhang Le applied for his resignation from Yi Fashion, and then went to Ruiqi Group. Ji Mo warned Zhao Yucheng that if he approached Dugu Ruonan for revenge on himself, he would never let him go.

Chen Feier said that she would rather be morbidly thin than be a healthy fat person, so she decisively rejected Aili's treatment plan and directly announced that he would be dismissed, and will no longer be her exclusive personal doctor in the future. Lonely Ruonan mustered up the courage to confess to Ji Mo, and was willing to accompany Ji Mo for love until his inner wound healed.

Since Shen Qiansha became Sida's assistant, she has started a stalking pursuit, and she has to accompany each other even on the bus. However, Sida was really unbearable, and finally gave up harsh words and bluntly said that Shen Qiansha should give up her fantasy, saying that she didn't like her at all before, and she won't like her now or in the future.

Accompanied by Zhao Yucheng, Dugu Ruonan got very drunk, and took advantage of his drunkenness to say that he didn't need a man's protection at all, because from the beginning, he was destined not to be manipulated by others, but to take the initiative to choose the other party. When Zimmer was taking care of Dugu Ruonan, he was faced with kissing again, but this time it was different from the past, like a couple who were in love. However, the next morning, Dugu Ruonan forgot what happened last night, and Ji Mo was furious. On the other hand, Tong Tong revealed to Song Zihao that Shen Qiansha was the daughter of Ruiqi Group, so he must seize the opportunity.

On the day of the Sida signing ceremony, Zhao Yucheng suddenly came to Dugu Ruonan and asked her to have dinner together in the evening. Because of this, Sida hurriedly informed Ji Mo, and sure enough, Ji Mo had no intention of working in an instant, and his mind was full of scenes of two people dating. Zhao Yucheng sent Dugu Ruonan home, looking at her sleeping face in the passenger seat, he couldn't help kissing his forehead, and Dugu Ruonan was panicked.

Just as Zhao Yucheng and Dugu Ruonan were parting downstairs, Ji Mo hurried over, jealously urged Dugu Ruonan to return to the room quickly, and gave Zhao Yucheng a nonchalant look. Chen Feier thinks that Dugu Ruonan should get along with Zhao Yucheng, and is not optimistic about Ji Mo, but it is difficult to explain the relationship.

Tong Tong approached Shen Qiansha maliciously, implying that she called Chairman Shen to cancel the endorsement contract between Ruiqi Group and Sida. However, Shen Qiansha saw Tong Tong's scheming and mercilessly exposed her ugly face. Now Yi Fashion has submitted materials to the court, suing Ruiqixin series for suspected plagiarism, Zhao Yuxiang is relieved, and feels that Ji Mo has finally learned to fight back.

Dugu Ruonan announced that Sida is ready to transform into an actor, so Zhao Yucheng needs to reconsider whether to sign a contract, but Zhao Yucheng has gradually liked Dugu Ruonan, and immediately redrawn the contract and took the initiative to confess to her. It was revealed on the Internet that Chen Feier was once a fat man, which has caused an uproar, and Aili always stayed by Chen Feier's side.

Since the old photos of Chen Feier were published on the Internet, most of the public opinion was full of maliciousness and attacks, which caused Chen Feier's image to be damaged, and many advertisers proposed to terminate the contract. Chen Feier locked herself in the room and refused to show her face for several days. Aili had to contact Dugu Ruonan and ask her to come over and persuade her best friend.

Because of Shen Qiansha, Ruiqi Group suddenly terminated the contract with Sida and chose Song Zihao as its spokesperson. When Zhao Yucheng learned about this, he rebuked Shen Qiansha for reckless behavior, never thinking how important this contract was to Sida. Shen Qiansha took the initiative to apologize to Sida, and hugged him. This scene fell in Song Zihao's eyes. Dugu Ruonan is domineering and domineering, Ji Mo, asking him to be his own man.


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