At first Dugu Ruonan still had some hope, but when he saw Ji Mo's hesitation, his heart gradually sank, and he finally announced that he would keep a distance from him from now on, and he didn't want him to appear at his most vulnerable moment. Dugu Ruonan didn't force Ji Mo to answer immediately, but just let him think clearly before making a choice.

Sida called Dugu Ruonan and there was no response. The next morning, Dugu Ruonan was notified by the boss and rushed to the company immediately. In response to yesterday's withdrawal from the competition, Dugu Ruonan was ready to take the blame and resign, but the boss would not hold them accountable, and said that Sida's withdrawal from the competition was a blessing in disguise. The person in charge of Ruiqi Group was very optimistic about Sida and prepared to To sponsor him to release a single album, he needs to go to Yunnan to shoot a music video.

But Star's recent behavior has disappointed Dugu Ruonan, and he is no longer ready to be his manager. Sida hurriedly apologized to Dugu Ruonan, begged repeatedly to keep him, and even fell to the ground because of the car chase. Dugu Ruonan couldn't bear it, so he had to get out of the car to check Sida's injury, and warned him to be an artist in the future, otherwise he would immediately terminate the contract.

Next, Sida packed up at home, and before leaving, learned about Ji Mo's bank card through Chen Feier, but Dugu Ruonan has his own views on dealing with relationships, and there is really no way to accept this unprincipled liking , especially after the age of twenty-five, most women will gradually become rational, I am afraid that they will not be able to achieve the madness of their youth, and it will be difficult to accept the suffering of waiting.

When Zimmer wanted to create a new brand, he was faced with difficulties in designing fabrics. By chance, he paid attention to the veteran designer Wei Censhu. He admired the other party's design concept and pure and natural creativity, so he decided to go to Dali in person to invite him. He became a co-designer.

But Zimmer didn't know that he and Dugu Ruonan came to the same city and stayed in the same hotel. On the second day, Ji Mo took the initiative to go to the tie-dye workshop to find Wei Censhu, indicating his intention. How to know that Wei Censhu politely refused, seems to have a hidden meaning, and then confessed to Zimmer that someone told him that he was not allowed to cooperate with Yi Fashion. In order to repay his kindness, Wei Censhu readily agreed to the other party, but Ji Mo had no idea that this person was Zhao Yucheng.

When Chen Feier came to the psychiatric ward, she happened to see a male patient who was agitated. Aili persuaded him to no avail, was pushed, and even fell to the ground inadvertently. Seeing that the doctor took the patient away, Aili and Chen Feier returned to the office and rubbed her shoulders to express their gratitude. How could she know that Chen Feier was still stubborn and denied that she cared about Aili.

Taking advantage of the break, Dugu Ruonan and Sida came to the local moon tree and happened to meet Ji Mo. They couldn't help feeling that the wish was too accurate, and immediately rushed over to hug each other. However, Jimo is still deliberately keeping a distance, indicating that this time he is on a business trip to Yunnan, and he has never thought of meeting Dugu Ruonan.

Sida saw the picture of Dugu Ruonan holding Ji Mo, and turned away with a disappointed face. Unexpectedly, he met a young woman in a wedding dress. The other party took Sida and ran away without saying a word. Lonely man's phone. After finally avoiding several bodyguards, Sida noticed the young woman beside her. Only through understanding did she know that the other party was called Shen Qiansha, the eldest young lady from a wealthy family. Because she did not want to marry a wealthy son of a wealthy family who was married in business, she simply decided to run away from marriage. .

On the other hand, Dugu Ruonan was unable to contact Sida for a long time, so he had to go back to the hotel accompanied by Ji Mo. The two finally realized that they were living in the same hotel. Ji Mo was in a daze on the balcony, while Dugu Ruonan waited anxiously on the first floor. He was going to call the police, but the police told him that it would take 24 hours before a case could be opened.

At the same time, Shen Qiansha knew that Sida's secret love was fruitless, so she patiently persuaded him, and took him to the riverside to play. The haze in Sida's heart gradually dissipated, and he almost forgot the time, and even at Shen Qiansha's suggestion, he deliberately left him alone as a man. The two young people got along very happily.


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