Ji Mo quarreled and never came back. Duguruo boy confided to Chen Feier in a sullen mood, saying that he and Ji Mo had kissed three times in total. But the problem is that Ji Mo is obviously not the type that Duguruonan likes, but every time he is happy or not, he thinks of the other party, and the other party's words and deeds can affect his emotions, and gradually get used to each other's existence.

Chen Feier analyzed based on years of experience and felt that Dugu Ruo Nan and Ji Mo liked each other, but both sides still had some concerns, so no one took the initiative to pierce this layer of paper. Just as Chen Feier was about to teach love secrets, Dugu Ruonan was no longer interested. She thought that love was a waste of time and energy, so she might as well devote herself to her work.

When he came to the company in the morning, Allen noticed that Ji Mo was in a strange mood, and knew that he was quarreling with Dugu Ruonan. At the beginning, the two had an agreement when they shared the tenancy that if either party was moved, they would move out of the house. Now Ji Mo and Dugu Ruonan are going both ways, but when facing his ex, they still inevitably have a conflict. Now he simply packs up with Aaron and leaves the house without saying goodbye.

At the same time, Dugu Ruonan specially reserved a box, took Sida to see the boss of the entertainment industry, and hinted that Sida showed his talents on the spot. However, the boss is not optimistic about Sida at all. On the contrary, Sida's singing has been appreciated by the well-known musician Wu, and he feels that his voice is very good. As long as he has undergone systematic training, he will definitely achieve great results in the future, and he is also considering to cooperate with him.

Because of Teacher Wu, Dugu Ruonan was in a good mood, so he went to a roadside stall with Sida and learned about what happened to him when he was a child. Dugu Ruonan was very moved and said that he would not abandon Sida, and hoped that Sida would not give up suddenly like last time, and the two reached an agreement.

When Dugu Ruonan returned home and found the note left by Ji Mo, he knew that he had left. At first, Dugu Ruonan was able to comfort himself, and he didn't have to face Ji Mo, the unlucky ghost, but later he became more and more sad and couldn't help but feel sad. On the other side, Ji Mo was also thinking of Dugu Ruonan. When Chen Feier learned of this, he poured a glass of wine on his head, saying that if he dared to bully Dugu Ruonan again, it would become a wine bottle next time.

In fact, the main reason for Ji Mo to meet with Chen Feier is to help Dugu Ruonan overcome the economic difficulties, so he took out a bank card and entrusted Chen Feier to transfer it to Dugu Ruonan. Chen Feier did not refuse, and took the card to find Dugu Ruonan, falsely claiming that it was her ex-boyfriend's compensation, and also to avoid causing her psychological burden.

Since Song Zihao was discharged from the hospital not long ago, his popularity has not been rising. Tong Tong ordered his assistant to select a suitable project as soon as possible, so as to increase his popularity in a short period of time. Mr. Wu took the initiative to meet Dugu Ruonan, saying that he was going to do a selection program for a TV reality show recently. He felt that Sida could participate as a contestant, and at the same time, he had to prepare original songs.

However, Sida is not good at writing. He can only think of putting his true feelings into the lyrics. Sure enough, under the guidance of the music teacher, Sida has made rapid progress. It is also this kind of creation that comes from true feelings, but it makes Dugu Ruonan immediately deny it. She feels that this song describes the love between sister and brother, which is not in line with Sida's personality.

After all, Sida is going to participate in the singing competition and is positioned as a young and energetic boy. If he likes an older sister, fans will not have much room for fantasy. Dugu Ruonan didn't know that the song Sida was related to him at all, and thought he was writing it for the person he had a crush on. After talking to himself for a long time, Sida was very helpless.


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