Lou Yuan came to find Dong Dongen and took her to the restaurant to eat hairy crabs. He found that Dong Dongen was good at peeling crabs after not seeing her for a few days. Dong Dongen said that it was embarrassing to eat crabs with Lou Yuan last time, so she went back and learned all the methods of peeling crabs. She believed that only by becoming better herself can she find a better person, but Lou Yuan felt that only if she really likes She will love her no matter what she becomes.

When mentioning Zhang Jiamu, Dong Dongen briefly told how he met him. They were college classmates before, and later they often did projects together and fell in love naturally. Later, when Zhang Jiamu cheated on her, Dong Dongen met Ke Maoxu when she was most sad. At that time, Ke Maoxu felt that Dong Dongen was very talented and comforted her not to let the scumbag influence her. Therefore, Dong Dongen works in the Eight Er Studio, firstly to repay his kindness, and secondly, the atmosphere in the studio is very comfortable, and he feels happy even if the salary is not high.

The next morning, Secretary Huang came to Wang Zijian deliberately dressed in revealing clothes and invited him to have lunch after talking about work. Originally Wang Zijian didn't want to agree, but he couldn't bear Secretary Huang's insistence. Unexpectedly, he met Cao Ya in the restaurant and saw her eating with a strange man. Lou Yuan saw Zhang Jiamu who came to the company to discuss business and learned that he had already married Yuan Misi and became the son-in-law of Chairman Xianling.

On the other hand, after Zhang Jiamu talked about the matter, he went to the studio to find Dong Dongen, hoping that she could give him another chance. However, Dong Dongen emphasized that the relationship between them was only between Party A and Party B. When Ke Maoxu saw Zhang Jiamu tugging, he hurried over to stop her. Zhang Jiamu became angry and told her not to regret it before leaving.

After Zhang Jiamu left, everyone in the studio was aggrieved by Dong Dongen. Unexpectedly, Zhang Jiamu took revenge and asked them to change their plans again and again, deliberately making things difficult. Lou Yuan knew that Zhang Jiamu was still entangled with his ex-girlfriend after getting married, so he was ready to tell Dong Dong'en about it, but Dong Dong'en rushed to emphasize that there was no possibility between him and Zhang Jiamu before he could speak, and he only hoped that he could let the studio's advertisement The plan was submitted later, and Lou Yuan readily agreed.

That night, Zhang Jiamu called Dong Dongen and said that there was a problem with their plan and asked her to come to Max Bar immediately. Dong Dongen couldn't refuse. Just as he was about to go out, he received a call from Lou Yuan. He reluctantly said that he would go to Max first. Zhang Jiamu relied on his status as Party A to humiliate Dong Dongen with words and actions, and even poured red wine on her. Dong Dongen slapped Zhang Jiamu backhand.

Just when Zhang Jiamu was about to hit Dong Dongen, Su Qi intervened in time to stop him. Then Lou Yuan came to Dong Dongen and warned Zhang Jiamu to be more respectful to his girlfriend. Zhang Jiamu didn't know the identities of Lou Yuan and Su Qi at all. He showed off his luxuries with a condescending expression, which made Lou Yuan feel ridiculous and left Max Bar with Dong Dongen. Dong Dongen took Lou Yuan to eat steamed buns. He really couldn't understand that Zhang Jiamu used to be the same person as them, but after getting rich, he changed his nature and learned to use money to humiliate others.

Ma Chengshu still couldn't forget Hi Mei and wanted to save the relationship, so he bought breakfast for her early in the morning. Dong Dongen naturally hopes that the two can be together and reminds Ma Chengshu not to be anxious and to take it step by step. At the same time, Zhang Jiamu followed his mother-in-law and wife to Peony Company to discuss cooperation. Unexpectedly, the party A was actually Lou Yuan, and he was very shocked.

Chairman Xian Ling took the initiative to invite Lou Yuan to dinner. Lou Yuan did not refuse, but called Dong Dongen to come with him and attend the dinner as his girlfriend. The chairman of the board was very polite to Dong Dongen. He called out to Mr. Dong one after another and asked Zhang Jiamu to pour them wine. Yuan Misi even asked Zhang Jiamu to sing a song live. Zhang Jiamu sang a hero song, which made the atmosphere Become very subtle.


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