Ma Chengshu couldn't bear to see Zheng Chao pestering his beautiful girl to show his attentiveness, and reminded her beautiful girl not to choose a scumbag just to fall in love. But Hi Mei didn't listen to the advice at all. Instead, she accused Ma Chengshu of engaging in cold violence to force her to break up. As a result, when the two quarreled, they discovered that it was a misunderstanding.

Then Dong Dongen went to the front desk to settle the bill, and Lou Yuan took the initiative to pay the bill, already seeing her little thoughts. At the same time, Wang Zijian and Cao Ya woke up after being entangled, and they were upset and blamed themselves for impulsively sleeping with their good brother's ex-girlfriend. But Cao Ya didn't care at all. She sent a message to Lou Yuan without waiting for them to gather.

Considering that the car could not accommodate many people, Lou Yuan drove Dong Dongen home, carefully blocking the lights for her during the process. When she stopped in front of her home, Dong Dongen received a call from Chang Xiangshou Orchard, reminding her that the 24th was the day of her relationship with Zhang Jiamu. Dong Dongen looked solemn, obviously not wanting to hear the words Zhang Jiamu again. Lou Yuan became curious and asked her if she had anything to say. Dong Dongen was confused and was eventually kicked out of the car by Lou Yuan.

Heimei and Dong Dongen complained about Ma Chengshu. Likewise, Dong Dongen and Heimei mentioned that Lou Yuan was not normal. It seemed that they had to cheer up. The next morning, Zhang Jiamu came to Baer Studio. As the CEO of Xianling Group, he hoped to reach cooperation with them.

Everyone knows that Zhang Jiamu is Dong Dongen's ex-boyfriend, and he was also a scumbag who cheated on her during their relationship. Naturally, she had no intention of cooperating with him. But when she saw that the contract stated that the reward was one million yuan, even Dong Dongen thought that To promote cooperation. However, Zhang Jiamu not only wanted to cooperate with Eighty-Er Studio, but was actually using public affairs for personal gain and wanted to recover Dong Dongen again. However, Dong Dongen was only disappointed with him and there was no possibility of getting back together.

Ever since Wang Zijian slept with Cao Ya, he had always avoided Cao Ya and Lou Yuan with a guilty conscience. However, Lou Yuan came to him with documents, which scared him so much that he squirted out a mouthful of water, making an excuse that the water was too hot. Lou Yuan always felt that something was wrong with Wang Zijian, so he got closer and observed carefully, but Wang Zijian could only pretend to be calm.

Hi Mei was worried that Dong Dong En would be soft-hearted and forgive her ex, and reminded her that this was a matter of principle and she could never look back. It happened that Dong Dongen received a call and went out to deliver documents to Zhang Jiamu. Zhang Jiamu offered to get back together, but Dong Dongen decisively refused. In fact, Dong Dongen still has some feelings for Zhang Jiamu. The two have known each other since they were in college. They survived the breakup period after graduation, but they did not prevent Zhang Jiamu from eating soft rice and working hard to build his career and become a wealthy daughter.

Zhang Jiamu came to Dong Dongen again and again, lying that the woman was committing suicide and pestering him, but later he found out that she was all pretending. Zhang Jiamu hoped that Dong Dongen would forgive him, and mentioned Chang Xiangshou Orchard, saying that he bought something under the tree and wanted to invite Dong Dongen to go and see the loquat tree.

The next day, Dong Dongen submitted the planning case to Lou Yuan. However, his mobile phone frequently received messages from Zhang Jiamu. Lou Yuan noticed something strange and asked Dong Dongen if something had happened to him. Dong Dongen had to admit that his ex-boyfriend came to see him. Himself, but he will never turn back. At the same time, Cao Ya came to Wang Zijian to clarify, and found that Wang Zijian had misunderstood that his old love for Lou Yuan was not over.

Lou Yuan wanted to invite Dong Dongen to go out for the weekend. Dong Dongen had already agreed to go to the orchard with Zhang Jiamu, but he declined politely, which reminded him of Chang Xiangshou's orchard. Everyone in Baer Studio was worried that Dong Dongen would be bullied. After much deliberation, they decided to follow him. After Zhang Jiamu received the call, he could only leave Dong Dongen first. Dong Dongen could not hide his loss and picked loquats alone. He turned around and saw Ke Maoxu and the others. Right behind you.

After this incident, Dong Dongen realized that there was no chance for him and Zhang Jiamu, so he buried their small wooden signs with his own hands. Ke Maoxu and others helped Dong Dongen light the loquats. Dong Dongen wanted to stay alone for a while, so they had to leave by car first, but Lou Yuan drove over.


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