Before the tasting event began, all the sauces in the Peony warehouse were smashed, but the sauces of the Sanjiao Group were intact. Although Lou Yuan knew that these were Su Qi's secret manipulations, the top priority was not to investigate the responsibility, but to transport the sauce from the company as soon as possible. In order to buy time for Lou Yuan, Dong Dong'en temporarily added a round to let the presidents of the two companies cook rice on the spot. For everyone to taste.

Obviously, Su Qi was very dissatisfied with this extra round. Fortunately, Mr. Zhang came forward to support Dong Dongen's proposal, so Su Qi could not refute it. Later, Su Qi and Lou Yuan each made a delicious egg fried rice based on their skills. Wang Zijian and others delivered the sauce in time, and the competition ended successfully.

That night, Lou Yuan looked through the photos on his phone, recalling the process of getting acquainted with Dong Dongen, and felt uncontrollably moved. At this moment, Dong Dongen sent a text message asking him to hang out together on the weekend. Lou Yuan readily agreed, and saw Dong Dongen send the location address of the resort hot spring, making up some sweet pictures in his mind, and began to look forward to the weekend coming soon.

In the end, Mr. Zhang chose to sign a contract with Peony Company, and Studio 82 also received the balance payment from Mr. Zhang. Everyone was very happy. Su Qi was very disappointed with the result, angry and blaming himself, but Wandong's reaction was very indifferent and comforted him not to care about this failure. Su Qi promised to make Sanjiao Group surpass Peony Company and become the industry leader.

Originally, Wang Zijian wanted to go out with Lou Yuan, but Lou Yuan rejected him and proudly said that he had a date on the weekend. That night, Lou Yuan couldn't sleep, so he simply got up and worked out until dawn. He dressed up carefully and sprayed perfume. He rushed over with great expectations and found Dong Dongen already waiting in the resort hot spring hall.

When Dong Dongen was registering at the front desk, Lou Yuan couldn't hide his excitement when he heard that others had booked a couple's hot spring. However, the reality disappointed him. It turned out that Dong Dongen and the owner of Baer Studio invited colleagues from Mudan Company to come to the hot spring together. Wang Zijian was even more surprised as to why Lou Yuan, who was supposed to be on a date, appeared here.

Employee Zheng Chao always pestered Hi Mei, which made Ma Chengshu extremely unhappy, causing him to pay attention to these two people the whole time. Everyone played games together, and Lou Yuan became the one who lost the most and had to accept punishment to go out to take photos with the opposite sex to show off. Dong Dongen went out with Lou Yuan to receive punishment.

Lou Yuan failed to recruit suitable personnel. Instead, Dong Dongen took photos with the waiter and ordered a few large crabs to taste. When Lou Yuan saw the photos posted by Dong Dong En on Moments, he complained to himself. He deliberately pretended to be lost and asked Dong Dong En to pick him up. He also complained a little aggrievedly that she came too late. Dong Dong En thought that Lou Yuan was afraid of the dark, so he pulled her out. Holding the corner of his clothes and walking out, Lou Yuan unexpectedly took the initiative to hold Dong Dongen's hand.

On the other side, Wang Zijian arranged a room for Lou Yuan and arranged it carefully, just to let him and Cao Ya get back together, but Lou Yuan never came. Secretary Huang accidentally fell into Wang Zijian's arms, and the heartbeat bracelet sent out an early warning, which scared him so much that he rolled away, causing Secretary Huang to misunderstand that he was interested in her.

As a result, Secretary Huang fantasized about developing a romantic relationship with Wang Zijian, and would wink at him whenever he had nothing to do, causing Wang Zijian to feel uncomfortable all over. Wang Zijian took Cao Ya back to the room to wait for Lou Yuan, and naturally talked about the relationship between Cao Ya and Lou Yuan. Cao Ya said that they had tried to date each other for three days, but they didn't feel anything at all. Wang Zijian was curious about who Cao Ya had feelings for now. Cao Ya suddenly rushed towards Wang Zijian, and the two kissed passionately.

When returning, Lou Yuan remembered that he had not completed the task and asked to take a heart-to-heart photo with Dong Dongen. Dong Dongen suddenly thought that the crabs had not been eaten yet. Sure enough, the waiter had already taken them away. Lou Yuan ordered a portion of crabs alone. Dong Dongen was very moved. He tasted the crabs with satisfaction and shared the first plump bite with him. Crab roe, Lou Yuan took a bite without hesitation.


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