Ever since Secretary Huang bumped into Dong Dongen and Lou Yuan in the hotel, gossip has spread throughout the company that Dong Dongen is the future boss's wife. In the past, she was reluctant to ask for things from everyone, but now she is receiving enthusiastic help from these colleagues. This kind of attentiveness, flattery and flattery made her inevitably feel a little elated.

Dong Dongen deliberately let everyone continue to misunderstand, taking this opportunity to take advantage of it, and even bought Lou Yuan a dessert. Lou Yuan pretended to be calm on the surface, but when Dong Dongen left the office, he couldn't wait to taste it, and even Wang Zijian was reluctant to share it. On the other hand, Dong Dongen went to the Finance Department to find Brother Ou Shen to approve the funds, and learned in advance that his real name was Li Dahai. However, Brother Ou Shen didn't buy it at all, thinking that Dong Dongen was using some small tricks to climb up, so he kicked her out directly. office.

After Hi Mei became single again, she began to focus on her career and became the host of a dating club. Dong Dongen helped his friend go through the motions and came to the venue where the club was held. Unexpectedly, Lou Yuan and the others were also in the hotel. After Lou Yuan, Cao Ya and Wang Zijian saw off Mr. Zhang, they met the hot girl at the door of the club and received an invitation.

Originally Lou Yuan was not interested in this kind of thing at all, but when he heard that Dong Dongen was also inside, he walked in without hesitation. The quality of the male and female guests in the dating club varies greatly. There is a beautiful girl sitting in front of Lou Yuan, but his eyes are all on Dong Dongen.

On the other hand, Dong Dongen met a vendor selling bracelets and recommended bracelets to her in various ways. Cao Ya met a man who was showing off just because he had some bad money. He asked the woman to buy a car and bear the renovation costs. It would be better for her to quit her job and have children and take care of the elderly at home. However, Cao Shuang retorted. Wang Zijian couldn't help but give a thumbs up.

When it was his turn to change seats, Lou Yuan quickly sat in front of Dong Dongen. The two of them chatted about work for ten minutes, and they were quite happy. Towards the end of the event, Hi Mei came on stage to draw the lucky guest Lou Yuan's seat and asked him to invite a lady to make a meaningful hand model together. Lou Yuan directly chose Dong Dong'en, and the two of them regarded making the hand model as a cooperation ceremony.

An older aunt took a fancy to Wang Zijian and was so frightened that Wang Zijian asked Cao Ya for help to escape. The two went out to drink, while Lou Yuan settled accounts with Dong Dong Enqiu and talked about the recent gossip in the company. Dong Dongen hurriedly explained that the incident had nothing to do with her. She had a nightmare that night, which made her panic, so she prepared flowers and gifts to send to Lou Yuan to apologize.

Sure enough, Lou Yuan was moved by Dong Dongen's sincerity. When he heard that the payment from the Eight Er Studio had not yet been settled, he immediately called Brother Ou Shen to ask about the situation. Brother Ou Shen felt that Dong Dongen was pretending to be the boss's wife and cheating everywhere, but Lou Yuan did not clarify this, allowing the company employees to misunderstand that Dong Dongen was dating him, and told Brother Ou Shen to settle the money first. Dong En was so proud that his tail almost stood up in the sky.

When he was in college, Wang Zijian liked to match up Cao Ya and Lou Yuan. Although Lou Yuan and Cao Ya had broken up, he was still concerned about Cao Ya's emotional problems, suggesting that she should get back together with Lou Yuan, for example, most couples They are all familiar friends or colleagues. Cao Ya deliberately teased Wang Zijian, saying that he was also a familiar friend, so they just got together. Wang Zijian was speechless for a moment and found an excuse to leave first.

Dong Dongen has to go to the studio after get off work and work overtime with everyone to complete the plan. Ma Chengshu learned that his ex-girlfriend Heimei had broken up again, and he was concerned about the news in her circle of friends. Everyone else saw that he still couldn't let go of Heimei. On the other side, Su Qi heard that there were two right-hand men around Lou Yuan and wanted to bribe them with money, but was teased by them. The friendship between the three of them could not be measured by any amount of money.


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