Ling Yuan looked at Dong Dongen on the surveillance camera from time to time. Seeing that there was still some time before the meeting, he called Dong Dongen to inform Dong Dongen to prepare for this advertising presentation. Because Dong Dongen landed at Peony Company by air, many employees felt that Dong Dongen came in through connections, so Lou Yuan wanted to give her a chance to prove herself.

However, Dong Dongen was still unaware of Lou Yuan's good intentions, so he hurriedly called Ke Maoxu and others for help, and prepared a temporary speech draft, remembering the key points in the plan. Fortunately, Dong Dongen had good shorthand and no stage fright, so she quickly adapted to the state of giving speeches, and her performance was very satisfactory to everyone.

In fact, Wang Zijian always felt that Dong Dongen was very reliable, and indeed Dong Dongen did not live up to his expectations. On the other hand, several people in Baer's studio were worried about Dong Dongen. Although they were not worried about her strength, they were worried that she must not have eaten yet. As everyone knows, Dong Dongen's lecture ended quickly. When it was time to eat, she ordered a lot of food on a tray. The female colleagues were dumbfounded. Even Lou Yuan, who was not far away, gave her a thumbs up.

Mr. Zhang from Lesaffre changed his itinerary temporarily and arrived early, disrupting the reception plan arranged by Wang Zijian. Wang Zijian also had to fly to other places to discuss cooperation with other manufacturers, so he simply left the mess to Lou Yuan. But Dong Dongen wanted to seize this opportunity and guaranteed that he would receive Mr. Zhang well. After getting Lou Yuan's permission, he started to do his homework and reserved a private room in advance to make plans.

Dong Dongen then packed the meals in the company canteen and brought them back to the studio. The sumptuous meals made everyone envious. Ke Maoxu felt very uncomfortable when he saw everyone wolfing down the food. The original intention of setting up the studio was to make money with everyone, but now he is not making any money and he can hardly afford to eat. Fortunately, no one cared about it and felt that as long as they kept their minds in one place, they would get through the difficulties sooner or later.

The next morning, Mr. Zhang suddenly changed to the long-distance bus station, and Lou Yuan took Dong Dongen to greet him. Mr. Zhang is the general manager of Lesif Retail Group. They want to promote community unmanned convenience stores across the country, so his decision is related to the future development of the company. Dong Dongen thought that Mr. Zhang was a very serious person, but he didn’t expect it. Being so down-to-earth and approachable, he was able to take out two cans of pickles from a nylon woven bag and give them as a meeting gift while riding in an extended Lincoln.

But during the next dinner, Dong Dongen discovered that Su Qi from the Sanjiao Group was also present. He and Lou Yuan exchanged words, and the shopping mall turned into a battlefield without smoke. On the other hand, Mr. Zhang drank tea and ate quietly throughout the whole process, and finally responded that he would not discuss business today. Because Dong Dongen was praised by Mr. Zhang for her carefulness and seriousness, Su Qi noticed Dong Dongen and sent someone to investigate and found that she was actually the intern three years ago.

Several people in the studio discussed that Dong Dongen went to receive Mr. Zhang, and learned that she was with Lou Yuan. They must have a special relationship, and maybe Lou Yuan was interested in Dong Dongen. Lou Yuan thought of Dong Dongen's arrangement of a hotel room for Mr. Zhang, and what she had said, worried that she would betray her appearance, so he hurried over, only to find that Dong Dongen just took Mr. Zhang to have his feet massaged for leisure.

At this time, Dong Dongen received a call from Hi Mei and found out that she had come to the hotel to catch someone raping her. Mr. Zhang became interested in gossip and asked to go with him. As a result, two men and two women came to the door of the room. Lou Yuan and Mr. Zhang witnessed a lively scene of catching an adulterer. Hi sister's boyfriend wanted to snatch Dong Dongen's mobile phone. Lou Yuan rushed up and pushed the scumbag to the ground. After the four of them taught the scumbag and the mistress a lesson, they left in a grand manner.

What happened tonight made Mr. Zhang appreciate Dong Dongen even more. It was for Dong Dongen's sake that he promised to seriously consider cooperation. Lou Yuan knew that Dong Dongen would always create surprises, so he did not blame her for taking Mr. Zhang to catch him. As a result, when the two left the hotel, they were actually seen by a female colleague, gossiping privately to other employees, speculating that Dong Dongen and Lou relationship between the abyss. Dong Dongen asked Lou Yuan to advance the cost of advertising production, and Lou Yuan asked her to push it herself. Ke Maoxu thought that Lou Yuan was giving her special privileges. It seemed that the future of Baer Studio was bright.


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