These days, Dong Dongen's diligent performance has been noticed by Lou Yuan, so Lou Yuan promised to give Dong Dongen a chance and let her come to the company to attend the meeting at ten in the morning. Dong Dongen was surprised and happy, and kept expressing his gratitude. By the way, he asked Lou Yuan if he remembered three years ago. Lou Yuan said that she remembered as much as she remembered.

Early the next morning, Dong Dongen rode a small electric donkey straight to Peony Company, but Lou Yuan pointed out that he was two minutes late. Just when Dong Dongen thought there was something wrong with the time on his cell phone, Julie came over to remind Lou Yuan to always set his watch ten minutes ahead. Lou Yuan was speechless for a moment and walked into the conference room pretending to be calm.

Lou Yuan convened a meeting with representatives from various advertising companies and announced in public that he would add a round of draft submissions. He would personally check the content of the drafts and provide corresponding remuneration. At first, Ma Chengshu, Xie Yi and others were still complaining, but when they heard that the pitch was rich, they instantly became energetic. Ke Maoxu promised to take everyone to the Maldives after the pitch. Everyone except Dong Dong'en threw themselves into the work like a chicken blood.

In the days that followed, everyone worked tirelessly to create new plans, and a heroic song inspired people. Only Dong Dongen, with his sharp eyes, saw through the boss Ke Maoxu's tricks. However, Lou Yuan always found faults and insisted on making them change and optimize the plan again and again. Ma Chengshu and Xie Yi were tortured one after another, and after working all night long, they finally came up with a very good plan.

But even so, Lou Yuan's reaction was still dull, which made Dong Dongen a little dissatisfied. When leaving the company, Dong Dongen heard her colleagues talking about Lou Yuan's unofficial appointment with Jiaxun Company, and she was angry that Lou Yuan had already made an unofficial appointment and still wanted to torment them, and her anger became more and more intense.

Wang Zijian came to chat with Lou Yuan and gossiped about his and Cao Ya's progress, but Lou Yuan turned his army around. Everyone in Baer Studio was full of resentment, and the bottom line was that they would never optimize this plan again. It happened that Dong Dongen received a text message from Lou Mudan, and suddenly he had a plan in mind.

Dong Dongen came to the hospital on the pretext of visiting and deliberately revealed to Lou Mudan that Lou Yuan had decided to hire Jiaxun Company. Lou Mudan was distressed that Jiaxun Company's quotation was too high and called Lou Yuan to the hospital directly. However, Lou Yuan was more skilled and came up with a trick to deal with his mother, and reminded Dong Dongen how to optimize the plan. In private, Dong Dongen explained to Lou Yuan that he was not here to complain. Lou Yuan was too lazy to care and reminded them that if they want to make the plan more attractive, they should pay attention to the needs of college students.

Because of this, everyone has new ideas and continues to work hard day and night. Dong Dongen came to deliver the new plan in person. It happened that the power to the company building was cut off early, and he unexpectedly discovered that Lou Yuan was afraid of the dark. Lou Yuan sang a heroic song to embolden himself, hugging the plush back cushion tightly. Fortunately, Dong Dongen appeared in time, and the two had a "life-long" friendship.

Dong Dongen took advantage of the victory and handed over the plan to Lou Yuan, frantically trying to gain goodwill in front of him. However, a ringing phone call made her accumulated goodwill fall away. Just when Dong Dongen was wondering why the ringtone on his cell phone was a hero song, he suddenly received a call from Julie and learned that Lou Yuan had decided to sign a contract with Eighty-Er Studio. The others cheered after hearing this.

Wang Zijian accompanies Lou Yuan for a late-night snack, but he makes Lou Yuan unhappy with every word he talks, and he eventually deducts half of his performance. Dong Dongen came to the company to sign a contract with Lou Yuan. In order to ensure timely and effective communication, Lou Yuan specially reserved a workstation for Dong Dongen in the company. Julie met Cao Ya when she took Dong Dongen to her work station. Dong Dongen was attracted by Cao Ya's temperament and liked her as a career-oriented strong woman.

When it was time to get off work, Dong Dongen was still figuring out product packaging and working overtime with Julie, which made Lou Yuan feel a little relieved. Later, Dong Dongen accompanied his friend Heimei to a bar for a drink, listening to her talk about her emotional troubles. At the same time, Lou Yuan and Wang Zijian were also in this bar, and accidentally saw Dong Dongen not far away.

Wang Zijian was curious about the entanglement between Lou Yuan and Dong Dongen. Lou Yuan revealed that he returned to China three years ago to attend a party organized by Su Qi. At that time, Dong Dongen was still an intern at Sanjiao and personally came to receive the banquet. Everyone was talking and laughing at first, but later Lou Yuan realized that there was something wrong with the wine. Dong Dongen couldn't bear it, so he secretly changed the wine to water and drank all the wine for him while he still had some consciousness. reveal the truth to him.


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