Dong Dongen thought that she would be sure of victory by exposing Lai Dong's plot and eradicating her competitors. Unexpectedly, Lou Yuan used the evidence she provided to overthrow the elders, and finally terminated the cooperation with Baer Studio. As a result, Dong Dong En was furious and rushed directly to the office to confront Lou Yuan. Upon closer inspection, he turned out to be an "old friend".

It turns out that Dong Dongen had a relationship with Lou Yuan once. He once mistakenly regarded him as a client, and because he drank too much, he became confused and vomited in his arms. Dong Dongen looked at this face that was getting more and more uncomfortable, and suddenly she lost the momentum to argue, and she even saw Lou Yuan's shameless face.

It is said that the house leaked when it rained all night, and the hemp rope only picked on the poor. Dong Dongen thought that he had failed to complete the task and failed everyone's trust and expectations. He just wished he could turn into hemp rope and go to Lou Yuan to ask for his life. However, Dong Dongen's life creed did not include the word "acceptance of fate". He spent the night sorting out the success stories of the studio over the years, and went to find Lou Yuan early the next morning, only to be told by Wang Zijian that he was in the underground garage.

At this moment, Dong Lai and Lou Yuan were completely at odds. They had a dispute. Dong Dongen wanted to be a hero to save the beauty, but he accidentally pushed Lou Yuan down and broke the back of his head. He fell into a coma. When Lou Yuan woke up, he found himself in the hospital. Dong Dongen stood beside him with a guilty look on his face, trying to explain that she didn't mean it.

Lou Yuan didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and issued an eviction order on the spot. Dong Dongen saw the flowers that were to be disposed of in the corridor, so he simply borrowed flowers to offer to Buddha to visit Lou Mudan, who was also in the same hospital. Although Lou Mudan has a successful career, her marriage is a pity. A woman who works hard alone cannot devote herself to her son. As a result, Lou Yuan lacked family affection in his childhood. From childhood to adulthood, he had to hold a stuffed toy to sleep.

Early in the morning, Dong Dongen went to work on a small electric donkey. He heard a noise before he entered the studio. Xie Yi showed his new girl group dance to his boss, but he accidentally loosened the power strip and shut down the computer. Ma Chengshu, who worked overtime, failed to save the plan, which made him very depressed.

Seeing the chaos in the scene, Dong Dongen took the initiative to bow and apologize, rekindling everyone's fighting spirit and having the courage to overcome difficulties. There are only two pieces of news at the moment. The good news is that Dong Enen discovered that Lou Yuan likes furry toys and may be able to fall in love with him. The bad news is that she and Lou Yuan had an awkward first encounter. I hope Lou Yuan will not remember it. this matter.

With the mentality of treating a dead horse as a live doctor, Dong Dongen came to the company to find Lou Yuan with two bags of toys. During this period, he saw that his colleagues liked to flatter Wang Zijian very much, especially Wang Zijian. However, Wang Zijian was very approachable. Even she has learned to brag unconscionably. Sure enough, Lou Yuan responded to Dong Dong'en pretending to be calm, and looked at the little fox toy unconsciously. His words made Dong Dong'en enlightened, and he decided to enter the Peony Company as a cleaning staff and impress Lou Yuan with his sincerity. exchange contract.

His parents sent a video telling Dong Dongen to pay attention to his health and not to work too hard. Their concern gave Dong Dongen more confidence to overcome this challenge. Soon Dong Dongen came to work at the Peony Company. He cleaned the house diligently, had a sweet mouth and praised everyone he met. Lou Yuan forgot to bring toilet paper when he went to the toilet. Dong Dong'en offered toilet paper flatteringly while scolding him a hundred times in his mind. Suddenly there were footsteps outside. Lou Yuan dragged Dong Dongen into the cubicle and heard his colleagues talking about his behavior of crossing the river and burning the bridge.

Because of this, Lou Yuan was a little concerned about what people in the company thought of him. He announced new personnel appointments during the meeting and asked Julie what she thought of his handling of Director Lai. Julie could only answer bravely and try her best. To be sincere and not offend. On the other hand, Dong Dongen is active in the company, with a burning gaze, always attached to Lou Yuan, monitoring his every move, and looking for opportunities to express himself in front of him.


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