After the dinner, Dong Dongen lamented that Zhang Jiamu's life was not very good. He had to grovel and betray his self-esteem every day, and it was better for him to live freely and freely. Lou Yuan asked Dong Dongen what kind of person he wanted to be, and Dong Dongen expressed that he hoped to be as capable as Lou Yuan and persist in his dreams.

Ma Chengshu came again to deliver fruit to Hi-mei, but Hi-mei didn't appreciate it at all and warned him not to pester him since they had broken up. Heimei lost her temper with Ma Chengshu, and her voice could be heard throughout the corridor. Dong Dongen heard the sound and rushed over, helped bring the fruit into the house, and asked Heimei if she would never forgive Ma Chengshu. Obviously, Heimei Don't want to answer this question.

Wang Zijian avoided facing Cao Ya, but as time went by, he found that he missed Cao Ya more and more, so he drank to drown his sorrows. As a result, he was so drunk that he ran to find Cao Ya, and the two had a fierce fire. all night. When Wang Zijian woke up, he was depressed that he had done such a thing again, so he simply pretended to be asleep, only to be exposed by Cao Ya.

Ke Maoxu promised to buy Xie Yi concert tickets as soon as he completed this order. Ke Maoxu apologized to Xie Yi, saying that the concert tickets were too difficult to get. However, Xie Yi went too far and threatened to go on strike, which completely angered Ke Maoxu. Others reminded him that he should not add fuel to the fire at this time. Originally, the studio was almost unable to pay wages, so Xie Yi quickly apologized to Ke Maoxu.

At this time, Lou Yuan called Dong Dongen to discuss a new advertising design plan. Dong Dongen rushed over in a hurry. Seeing that the company was distributing New Year's Eve gifts, Lou Yuan specially prepared one for Dong Dongen. The card was placed. The R&D department expressed at the meeting that it would develop several new products based on the tastes of young people, which meant that the corresponding advertising plans had to be redesigned. Dong Dongen took note of the key points and promised to try his best to deliver the draft within two weeks.

Ma Chengshu came to the old place to wait for Heimei, but Heimei received a text message from Zheng Chao inviting her to drink together. Ma Chengshu used to be a hard-working worker who was exploited by his boss and forced to plagiarize other people's works. Later, he met Ke Maoxu, who has a keen eye for people and officially joined this lovely family.

Lou Yuan called Cao Ya and Wang Zijian to meet up for New Year's Eve, but both of them made excuses to have something to do, and he went to the hospital to visit his mother. However, Lou Mudan and his little sisters were having fun playing cards, and they disliked Lou Yuan being too annoying, so they hurried to find her. Celebrating New Year with my girlfriend. Because of this, Lou Yuan thought of Dong Dongen and took the initiative to go to Baer Studio to find her. He happened to see Dong Dongen having dinner with everyone.

Ke Maoxu and others warmly welcomed Lou Yuan, and everyone enjoyed the meal very happily. After the dinner, Lou Yuan handed the invitation letter to Dong Dongen to the annual meeting and invited her to be his dance partner to attend the annual meeting. Dong Dongen was a little confused and felt that there should be many female companions around Lou Yuan, but Lou Yuan said that he only wanted to find Dong Dongen, and his meaning was self-evident.

Lou Mudan will be discharged from the hospital soon. Lou Yuan personally comes to take her back. Dong Dongen also comes to visit with massage things, which makes Lou Mudan very happy and full of praise for her. Dong Dongen went back to attend the annual meeting with everyone, and found that Ke Maoxu was not there, only to learn that he had gone to the library to study hard.

Cao Ya and Wang Zijian went to the cafeteria to get food, which made Wang Zijian feel uncomfortable and afraid that others would discover their relationship. However, Wang Zijian felt that they were very suitable for each other and tried to fall in love. Cao Ya was very surprised and said that the two were brothers, which made Wang Zijian speechless.


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