In the bustling commercial street, fashionable young men and women came and went, and finally stopped in front of a gym. The big screen outside the gym played a promotional video, but their eyes were fixed on a young pregnant woman. She held up a "miserable" sign and cried out that as Party B, she racked her brains to think of a plan, but was rejected. The good boss defaulted on the final payment.

Dong Enen's tears kept falling like broken beads when he talked about his sadness. His skillful acting skills and vivid expressions made the onlookers filled with indignation and accused the boss of being a profiteer. Two men even raised their mobile phones to record the video. Seeing this, the boss hurriedly came out to block the photographer and tried to persuade him. He even helped Dong Dongen to discuss it, but Dong Dongen refused on the ground, and he had no choice but to give out 5,000 yuan to settle the matter.

This matter came to an end, and the spectators dispersed one after another. Dong Dongen came to the end of the alley with ease, got into a van and drove away. There were three men sitting in the car. Two of them were "enthusiasts" who were campaigning for the video. In fact, they were Ma Chengshu and Xie Yi from the Eight Er Chuangong Advertising Company. The boss Ke Maoxu acted as the driver. As for Dong Dongen, He is the only gold medal customer service in the company.

Everyone has long been accustomed to the farce that was staged today. As Party B, we often encounter unscrupulous or difficult customers. If we default on the final payment, we will usually cry, make trouble, and hang ourselves. Therefore, Dong Dongen relied on Party B's code that he summarized and summarized. It is definitely a panacea in the company. So far, Party A has not been unable to deal with it.

Peony Company is the leader in the sauce industry. The Eight Er Studio, which usually makes a living by accepting small orders, was lucky enough to be selected into the list of cooperative companies. It was just a blind dog who encountered shit and was just lucky. However, the company suddenly landed the CEO of Xiaolou, the founder's son Lou Yuan, causing Eighty-Er Studio to lose the opportunity to make a lot of money.

As Peony Company grew bigger and bigger, the veterans who accompanied the chairman to start his own business also grew stronger, taking control of important departments in the company and gradually expanding their ambitions. Because Chairman Lou Mudan was ill and hospitalized, Lou Yuan, who was overseas, immediately returned to China. On his first day at the company, he acted like a fool pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, pretending not to understand the world.

Director Lai is the most prestigious person in the company, and he is also the most ambitious. On the surface, he is warmly entertaining his nephew Lou Yuan, but in fact, he wants to give him a showdown. But in fact, Lou Yuan had clues that Director Lai had embezzled company funds abroad. Cao Ya, deputy director of the production and R&D department, and Wang Zijian, deputy director of the marketing department, were both his college classmates and close friends. The three of them worked together to collect evidence in order to be able to Completely clean up the company.

On the other hand, the Eight Er Studio itself still owes three months' rent, and now it has lost the opportunity to make money, which is equivalent to worsening the situation. It can only ask Dong Dongen to come out again. Dong Dongen used his old trick to pretend to be a pregnant woman and came to Peony Company. During the process, he accidentally helped Lou Yuan resolve the traffic jam. However, he did not say hello directly and only passed by her.

Julie at the front desk was familiar with Dong Dongen, and even if they were friends, she couldn't just go see Lou Yuan casually. Dong Dongen lied about having a stomachache, and while Julie was pouring water, he rushed into the office to negotiate with Lou Yuan. Unexpectedly, Dong Lai was beside him. Lou Yuan deliberately pretended to be in trouble, saying that he had no right to speak, and tactfully revealed the company that Lao Lai wanted to cooperate with.

Dong Dongen suddenly realized after hearing this, and remembered that Dong Lai's friend had opened a company called "Laijia Advertising", so he decided to eliminate his competitors. In the following days, the Eighth and Second Teams acted independently, monitoring Mr. Wang and Director Lai of Laijia Company respectively, and found out that Director Lai was receiving kickbacks on the project. They quickly reported the matter to Lou Yuan and gave him a copy. Candid photos.

Although Dong Dongen is a little clever, she is still a little fox and a big bad wolf in front of Lou Yuan. After Lou Yuan was fully prepared, he completely unveiled the mask of disguise and announced the personnel transfer order on the spot, directly promoting Cao Ya and Wang Zijian to directors. , and went through the dismissal procedures for Mr. Lai’s right-hand man. With the conclusive evidence in front of him, Director Lai was speechless. His colleagues gossiped in private. Unexpectedly, Lou Yuan was monitoring the whole process. In the eyes of the female employees, the domineering CEO male was indeed overbearing. He suddenly changed from a weak second-string male lead to a devil boss. 


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