Sun Jian saw that Chu Xiaoyu was desperate for Sun Xin, and persuaded Li Huilan to help them both. Li Huilan knew that Chu Xiaoyu was not easy. His father was addicted to gambling and beat and scolded his pregnant mother. Grandpa Chu Tianming couldn't bear it, so he took his daughter home. He also let Chu Xiaoyu follow his motherhood, and Chu Xiaoyu also regarded Chu Tianming as both a grandfather and a grandfather.

Despite Sun Jian's persuasive persuasion, Li Huilan firmly disagreed with letting Chu Xiaoyu and Sun Xin be together, and wanted to find a man with good conditions for Sun Xin. Following in the footsteps, Sun Jian was left speechless, and only hoped that Li Huilan would find a better man for Sun Xin.

Wu Jiang showed the design plan of the team members at the regular meeting, which was approved by Mr. Liang. Sun Xin felt that the plan seemed familiar. She pointed out in public that the design was the work of a well-known foreign website. Wu Jiang confirmed that it was correct, and he was immediately dumbfounded. The desserts made by Sun Xiang are very popular among customers. The customers of Yanxi’s coffee shop are full of dreams. Sun Xiang is very happy, so he goes to the door of the store to take pictures, and suddenly finds that the bicycle has been smashed, so Sun Xiang has to call Sun Xin to report. Sun Xin reminded her to be careful.

Sun Xiang was pushing a broken bicycle home from get off work, and Chu Xiaoyu happened to run into her, suspecting that Sun Xiang had made a feud with someone, and Sun Xiang felt a little uneasy, so Chu Xiaoyu helped her carry the bicycle back, and briefly introduced her thoughts to her , Chu Xiaoyu wanted to rent all the decent courtyard houses in the hutong to open a homestay, named "All wishes come true", asked Sun Xiang to be the executive chef, and asked Yu Fei to help him promote it vigorously. Sun Xiang naturally couldn't ask for it, and she suddenly found someone After tracking, I squatted quietly with Chu Xiaoyu, but that person had already disappeared. Unwilling to be reconciled, Sun Xiang stayed with Chu Xiaoyu until dark, but the man never appeared again, so the two of them had to go home separately.

Wu Jiang invited Sun Xin to dinner, and thanked her for discovering the assistant's plagiarism in time, otherwise it would cause great losses to the company. Sun Xiang told Sun Xin about Chu Xiaoyu's opening of a B&B, and Sun Xin supported her to become the head chef of the B&B, and also gave her official account a lot of pertinent suggestions, and Sun Xiang benefited a lot.

Today is the weekend, and Sun Jian helped Sun Xiang fix his bicycle. He guessed that someone had a crush on her and broke the bicycle on purpose. Chu Tianming also felt that Sun Xiang would not offend anyone, but he still reminded her to be careful everywhere. Sun Xin wanted to see the progress of Chu Xiaoyu's homestay. Sun wanted to ride her there by bike. Chu Xiaoyu was very confident in the development prospects of the homestay. Boss Zhou had already agreed to invest in him. He also found three sets of courtyard houses. Chu Xiaoyu Yue said The happier I was, I took Sun Xin to visit the courtyard house.

Chu Xiaoyu described the bright future to Sun Xin vividly. Sun Xin felt that Chu Xiaoyu's plan was very good, and Chu Xiaoyu was very happy. Everything he did was for Sun Xin, and Sun Xin was deeply moved. Yu Fei specially chose Sun Xiang's favorite food to deliver. The two of them wore a pair of earphones to watch videos and taste the food together. Yan Xi felt envious, and Qian Mo felt that no man could be trusted.

Sun wanted to send Yu Fei out, but found that his car had been smashed beyond recognition. Yu Fei looked around for the person who caused the damage, but found nothing. Yu Fei came to pick up Sun Xiang from get off work. Sun Xiang felt aggrieved when she saw her smashed bicycle, so Yu Fei advised her to stop thinking about these unhappy things and hurriedly pulled her away.

Yu Fei sent Sun Xiang home, Sun Xiangxiang lured that person out, deliberately separated from Yu Fei, Yu Fei quietly protected Sun Xiang from behind, and finally found out that the stalker was Jia Changan, Jia Changan denied it, and threatened to intimidate Sun Thinking, Yu Fei gave Jia Changan a severe lesson, turned over his ID card and took a photo of him to leave it. Jia Changan ran away in fright. Sun Xiang was so frightened that she was still in shock. She hugged Yu Fei tightly and couldn't help but kiss him. After the meal, Chu Xiaoyu and Sun Xin went home hand in hand, talking and laughing happily. Chu Xiaoyu sent Sun Xin to the door of his house, and took the opportunity to express his feelings to her. Chu Xiaoyu wanted to kiss Sun Xin, but Sun Xin blushed with shame, and made excuses to push him away.


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