Sun Xiang found out that the red envelope his mother gave Sun Xin was very thick, so he grabbed it and complained that his mother, Li Huilan, was biased. Let's talk about it so that Sun Xin and Li Huilan don't hide it from each other. Sun Xin doesn't want to worry her parents because of her resignation. Sun Jian and Li Huilan advised her not to take this matter to heart. Grandpa Chu reminded Sun Xin not to hide anything from her parents in the future , let’s find a solution together.

Sun Jian hurriedly changed the topic and asked everyone to have a good meal, and after dinner, they could participate in the Spring Festival Gala and shake red envelopes. Yu Fei set up heart-shaped fireworks at the door of Sun Xiang's house. He sent a message to call Sun Xiang out. Sun Xiang was so moved that he hurried home and took out the prepared meals. Li Huilan asked her to make dumplings, and Sun Xiang lied that Going to the toilet and sneaking out with the food in hand, Yu Fei feasted on it.

Li Huilan greeted everyone to make dumplings together, but Sun Xiang didn’t come back for a long time, Chu Xiaoyu rescued her and saw Yu Fei and Sun Xiang talking and laughing while hiding to eat, he secretly took pictures and threatened Sun Xiang, Sun Xiang begged him not to tell his parents, Chu Xiaoyu took the opportunity to ask Sun Xiang about the situation of Sun Xin's suitor, Wu Jiang, and Sun Xiang answered truthfully.

Chu Xiaoyu took Sun Xiang to go home to make dumplings, so Yu Fei had to wait at the door. Li Huilan asked Sun Xiang where she was going just now, Chu Xiaoyu helped her cover up, lied that Sun Xiang went to the alley to watch two dogs fight, and told the details vividly, Li Huilan didn't ask much. The dumplings were wrapped quickly, Sun Jian took Chu Xiaoyu and Sun Xin to shake the red envelopes, Sun Xiang cooked the dumplings himself, secretly packed a lunch box and sent it to Yu Fei.

The dumplings were cooked, and Li Huilan invited everyone to eat together, but Sun Xiang was nowhere to be seen. Chu Xiaoyu was worried that the stuffing would be exposed, so she asked to go out to find someone. Yu Fei happily ate the dumplings, Sun Xiang looked at him obsessively, and Yu Fei couldn't help kissing her. Yu Fei and Sun Xiang were taken aback by Chu Xiaoyu's sudden appearance. Chu Xiaoyu asked Yu Fei how to please Sun Xiang so quickly, Yu Fei promised to teach him the song "Beijing Girl" when he had time, and Chu Xiaoyu asked Sun Xiang to go home and eat dumplings. Li Huilan specially wrapped two coins in the dumplings. Sun Xin ate one first, and then Sun Xiang ate the other. The two of them were very happy. Li Huilan and Sun Jian wished the two sisters all wishes come true in the new year, cheers Laughter resounded through the courtyard.

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end soon. Sun Xiang dressed up and went to work early in the morning. Sun Xin went to Wujiang's company for an interview. When they arrived at the subway entrance, Sun Xiang suddenly saw someone hiding and watching her secretly. She didn't take it seriously. thing. When Sun Xin came to the company for an interview, Wu Jiang was waiting for her downstairs. When Sun Xiang came to the milk tea shop, Sister Hong had already been notified by the supermarket that they would all leave after a week. Sun Xiang felt that person was staring at her not far away, but she didn't know who it was. Sister Hong suspected that it was someone who admired her .

Sister Hong received a call from her home and learned that her son was not feeling well, so she hurried home. Sun Xiang saw that person passing by again, and she felt a little uneasy. Dudu and her father came to buy milk tea, and Sun Xiang jumped out of his restless thoughts, talking and laughing with their father and son.

After Wang Yibing finished shopping in the supermarket, he stopped by to buy milk tea. He recognized Sun Xiang as his college classmate at a glance. The two chatted about interesting things in college. Before they knew it, it was time to get off work. Wang Yibing wanted to invite Sun Xiang to dinner. Not already made an appointment. Yu Fei came to pick up Sun Xiang, claiming to be Sun Xiang's boyfriend, Sun Xiang didn't refute, Wang Yibing said goodbye to them and left, Yu Fei could tell at a glance that Wang Yibing liked Sun Xiang, Sun Xiang instead questioned Yu Fei's failure to formally confess to her.

Sun Xin performed very well. She succeeded in the interview. Wu Jiang invited her to dinner and cheered her on. After dinner, Wu Jiang drove Sun Xin home. Chu Xiaoyu was waiting for Sun Xin at the door. He saw Wu Jiang and Sun Xin talking and laughing, so he had to leave silently.


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