Sun Xiangxiang uses these roses to develop new desserts, so as not to waste hundreds of dollars for Yu Fei, Yu Fei wants to be the first to taste it. A singer played and sang at the subway station. Yu Fei grabbed the microphone and presented a song to Sun Xiang. Sun Xiang was deeply moved by his singing.

Yu Fei sent Sun Xiang home, and Sun Xiang asked him to send him to the entrance of the alley, so as not to cause criticism from the neighbors. Yu Fei was reluctant to part with Sun Xiang, and the two said goodbye. Yu Fei wanted to kiss Sun Xiang secretly, but was passed by The aunt who messed up the situation, the two of them blushed with shame, so they had to leave in a hurry.

Sun Xiang went home happily holding roses in his hands. Seeing that Chu Xiaoyu also gave Sun Xin a bouquet of roses, he wanted to make rose sauce to eat. Sun Xin saw that she was serious about Fei, and reminded her not to fool around with Yu Fei. Sun wanted to care about Sun Xin's work situation, but Sun Xin hit a wall everywhere, so she had to wait until the end of the new year. She couldn't find a suitable store, and she didn't want to go to the coffee shop opened by her friend Yan Xi, so she could only take one step at a time. The two sisters encouraged each other. Sun Xin asked Sun Xiang not to tell her mother about her resignation, and Sun Xiang couldn't help being stunned. The mother also reminded her to keep it from Sun Xin.

When Yu Fei returned to the rental house, his roommate Da Kui also wanted to go home for the New Year. The family introduced him to a girlfriend, but he hadn't gotten a ticket yet, so Yu Fei wanted to get on the bus first and then make up for the ticket. Sun Xin gave Li Huilan monthly living expenses as usual, and Li Huilan returned the money to her calmly. Sun Xin guessed that Sun Xiang leaked the secret, so she came to settle accounts with her. give up.

Chu Xiaoyu and his grandfather come to Sun’s house every year to celebrate the New Year. Sun Jian wrote Spring Festival couplets with a big brush and asked Chu Xiaoyu to take pictures for him. Sun Jian boasted that he had works by the great calligrapher Qi Gong. Li Huilan exposed his lies on the spot. Sun Jian felt ashamed , Turning up Li Huilan's previous love history to talk about things, the two quarreled terribly if they disagreed, and finally got angry and wanted to divorce, Sun Jian slammed the door and left, followed by Chu Xiaoyu.

Li Huilan regrets marrying Sun Jian, insisting that Yu Fei is such a person, and resolutely forbids Sun Xiang to fall in love with Yu Fei. Chu Xiaoyu tried to persuade Sun Jian with kind words, but he just couldn't let go. Chu Xiaoyu and Sun Xin posted couplets together. He recommended Sun Xin to be a supervisor in their company.

Yu Fei finally managed to get a ticket to go home, but his mother went to his sister's house to celebrate the New Year, so Yu Fei had to stay in Beijing. He called Sun Xiang, and his roommate, Da Kui, went home for the New Year and bought a large box for Yu Fei. fireworks. Li Huilan asked the whole family to clean up. Sun wanted to clean up the house, but she couldn't figure out the clothes all over the bed, so she had to ask Li Huilan for help.

Sun Xin and Sun Xiang were cooking New Year’s Eve dinner in the kitchen, Chu Xiaoyu and his grandfather accompanied Sun Jian to fight against the landlord, Wu Jiang called Sun Xin from his hometown, and asked Sun Xin to go to his company to do development, Sun Xin wanted to find a suitable job with his own ability, Unable to stand up to Wu Jiang's stubbornness, Sun Xin promised to send the establishment as soon as possible. Sun Xiang secretly pretended to send food to Yu Fei, but Chu Xiaoyu found that Sun Xin was not in the kitchen, so he hurried out to find her, and when he heard that she had finished talking with Wu Jiang on the phone, he hurriedly dragged her back to the house to cheer for him.

Wu Jiang returned home after making the phone call, Xiaoxuan came to see her parents with big bags and small bags of gifts, Wu Jiang and Xiaoxuan grew up together, they were childhood sweethearts, Wu Jiang insisted on going to Beijing to develop, the two of them broke up, parents specially called Xiaoxuan Come, I want to match Wu Jiang and her to renew their relationship. Xiaoxuan is dissatisfied with her current boyfriend, and regrets not going to Beijing with Wu Jiang, and wants to start over with Wu Jiang, but Wu Jiang finds it impossible and finds all kinds of excuses to shirk.

On New Year’s Eve, Sun Xiang and Sun Xin cooked a large table of dishes. The Chu family and the Sun family had a New Year’s Eve dinner together. Grandpa Chu urged Chu Xiaoyu to get married as soon as possible. Sun Jian also gave Chu Xiaoyu lucky money as a red envelope.


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