Li Huilan held a family meeting overnight, scolded Sun Xiang, and forbade her to contact the unreliable Yu Fei. Sun Xiang argued with her and tried to defend Yu Fei. If Yu Fei didn't pull Cheng Jiaxuan to play games, He might have been cheated away by human traffickers. Sun Jian supported Sun Xiang's relationship with Yu Fei, but instead advised Li Huilan not to bring her children back to study, so as to avoid such a thing from happening again, Li Huilan poured all her anger on Sun Xiang.

Sun Xiang tried his best to coax Li Huilan, but Li Huilan reiterated that she was not allowed to associate with Yu Fei. Sun Xiang repeatedly explained that the two of them were not in contact, but just friends. Yu Fei was worried that Sun Xiang would be scolded, so he kept guarding outside the gate of Sun's house. Sun wanted to appease his mother and advised him to go home first. Just as Sun Xin was about to go back to the house, he suddenly saw Yu Fei and Sun Xiang talking outside the door. After talking to Yu Fei, Yu Fei was not convinced, so he argued with her, Sun Xiang hurriedly stopped Yu Fei, and Sun Xin went back to his room angrily.

In order to prevent her parents from worrying about her unemployment, Sun Xin lied about a long vacation. She submitted multiple resumes online, and soon received interview notices from several companies. She and Sun Xiang went out together early in the morning. Sun Xiang came to work in the milk tea shop. As soon as the news that the supermarket would be closed after the next year came out, the shops next to her were withdrawn one after another, and she was the only one left in the huge store. Sun Xiang felt empty.

Although Sun Xin is a graduate student of Capital University of Economics and Business and has achieved outstanding results in her original company, she went to several companies for interviews in a row, but these companies rejected her with various weird reasons. Sun Xin was very frustrated. Lake company's interview notice, but no confidence.

Sun Xin went out early and returned late every day. Li Huilan found out that something was wrong with her, so she tortured Sun Xiang. Sun Xiang had to tell the truth about Sun Xin being harassed and resigned by Yang Xin. Li Huilan originally hoped that Sun Xin would make more money for the family after she graduated from graduate school, but she did not expect that she would change jobs again. Sun Xiang thought that Sun Xin was right, and was reprimanded by Li Huilan. Sun Xin was sad.

Sun Jian heard that Sun Xin was harassed by Yang Xin, and wanted to settle the score with Yang Xin, but Li Huilan yelled at him to stop him from causing trouble, so Sun Jian had no choice but to give up. The Spring Festival is approaching, and Li Huilan deliberately took Sun Xin to the supermarket to buy New Year’s goods. She bought a lot in one go, and took the initiative to pay the bill, not letting Sun Xin spend a penny. Sun Xin wanted to take a taxi home. The car brought back two barrels of oil.

Sun Xin received an interview notice from the insurance company, and she hid to answer the phone. Although the other party said hype, Sun Xin didn't like the insurance job. Seeing her disappointed look, Sun Jian felt very uncomfortable. Complaining, Sun Jian comforted her and advised her not to worry. Sun wanted to ride home with two barrels of gasoline, and she kept complaining, and the atmosphere in the house immediately became active.

Yu Fei asked Sun to go out for dinner, and Chu Xiaoyu also called Sun Xin out to celebrate. The client wanted to buy a courtyard house in the alley, and Chu Xiaoyu took the client to look around. He hoped to get a large commission after the transaction and get the approval of Sun Xin's parents sooner. , Sun Xin reminded him to sign an agreement with the employee Jin Xiaoya, lest Jin Xiaoya snatch the client away, Chu Xiaoyu thought it made sense, Sun Xin offered to take a photo with Chu Xiaoyu, and Chu Xiaoyu naturally wanted it.

Yu Fei has been scrambling for the ticket to go home. He wanted to celebrate the New Year in his hometown, so he came early to say goodbye to Sun Xiang. He lived in a remote village since he was a child, and he came to Beijing to work hard for many years. He has gradually gained a foothold, and Yu Fei vowed to be the king of Beijing. The flower seller watched Yu Fei and Sun Xiang for a long time, and took the opportunity to sell roses to Yu Fei. Yu Fei bought all the roses and gave them to Sun Xiang. Sun Xiang was very happy and complained that he was too stupid.

After dinner, Sun Xin and Chu Xiaoyu walked home, Wu Jiang came to find Sun Xin suddenly, Sun Xin asked Chu Xiaoyu to go home first, Chu Xiaoyu felt sour. Wu Jiang opened his heart to Sun Xin and wanted to stay in Beijing to start a family.


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