Before Sun Xin could figure out what to do next, she resolutely offered to resign. She felt very pressured in her heart, and Sun wanted to persuade her with kind words. Sun Xin came to the company early in the morning to hand over, and heard that Yang Xin and Mr. Wang were arrested by the police last night. Her colleagues advised her to stay and wait for the company's decision.

Sun Xin packed up her things and went out. When she ran into Xiao Wen, she hesitated to speak, and then resolutely left. Chu Xiaoyu came to pick up Sun Xin on a motorcycle, took her directly to dinner, and even peeled the shrimp for her to eat. Sun Xin wanted to make it clear to him, so that he would not have any hope. Chu Xiaoyu guessed what Sun Xin wanted to say. He couldn't give Sun Xin the life he wanted, so he came to Sun Xin after trying to make a difference, as long as Sun Xin was willing to wait for him.

Because of the discount promotion in the supermarket, customers flocked to the milk tea shop. Sister Hong was looking for a place to open a store. Sun wanted to invite Yu Fei to eat dessert, and apologized to Sun Xin for his attitude, but Yu Fei didn't take it seriously.

Ma Tao accompanied his parents to the supermarket for shopping. Mother Ma accidentally saw Sun Xin chatting with Yu Fei in full swing, so she hurried over to say hello. Sun Xiang introduced Yu Fei as her friend. Mother Ma knew that Ma Tao liked Sun Xiang, so she reminded Ma Tao not to Take it lightly. After the meal, Chu Xiaoyu brought Sun Xin to his real estate agency and talked about his ideals and revenge, and Sun Xin encouraged him to work hard.

When Li Huilan came home from get off work, Mother Ma stopped her at the entrance of the supermarket and asked her about Sun Xiang's boyfriend, but Li Huilan didn't know about it. When Chu Xiaoyu sent Sun Xin home, Li Huilan became even more angry when she saw the two of them together. She couldn't understand Chu Xiaoyu who was acting like a fool, but Sun Xin advised her not to underestimate Chu Xiaoyu. Sun Xiang reprimanded Sun Xiang, Sun Xiang repeatedly explained that she and Yu Fei were friends, Sun Jian took the opportunity to make Li Huilan happy, Li Huilan took all her anger on him, and Sun Jian complained incessantly.

After get off work, Li Huilan gave free extra lessons to Zheng Gan and Cheng Jiaxuan, the neighbor's children. Sun Jian had nowhere to go, so he had to hide at Grandpa Chu Xiaoyu's house, and took the opportunity to vomit his bitterness to Grandpa Chu. Yu Fei and Sun Xiang made an appointment to go out for dinner after get off work. Yu Fei came to the door early to wait for Sun Xiang. Sun Xiang reminded him not to wander around, so as not to cause criticism from the neighbors. Yu Fei had nowhere to go, so he went to a nearby game Hall to play games. Sun Xiang went home after work to change clothes, and then went out to keep appointments.

Cheng Jiaxuan has been stubborn since he was a child, and he lied that he had a stomachache and ran out to play secretly. He didn't come back for a long time. Li Huilan was very anxious. She went to the game hall to find Cheng Jiaxuan, but she didn't find him. As soon as Li Huilan left the game hall, Cheng Jiaxuan went to the game hall play games. Cheng Jiaxuan's father came after him, Li Huilan explained to him again and again, and then called the whole family to go out to find someone, but Cheng Jiaxuan was not found until dark.

Cheng Jiaxuan stood behind him all the time watching Yu Fei play the game, he laughed at Yu Fei for being too stupid, Yu Fei told him to go home quickly, Cheng Jiaxuan excused that no one at home stayed to play together, and the two of them played until very late. When Li Huilan's family was extremely anxious, they suddenly saw Yu Fei and Cheng Jiaxuan together. Sun Jian mistook Yu Fei for a human trafficker, and Sun Xiang explained repeatedly. Li Huilan sent Cheng Jiaxuan home, apologized to his parents repeatedly, and then went home to hold a family meeting.


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