Chu Xiaoyu came to look for Sun Xin early in the morning. Sun Xiang went out to see him and complained that he was impulsive. Chu Xiaoyu begged Sun Xiang to speak up for him and promised to buy Sun Xiang a new mobile phone. explain. Chu Xiaoyu bit the bullet and came to see Sun Xin, but Sun Xin didn't blame him and asked him to go to work, so Chu Xiaoyu left satisfied. Yu Fei came to the store to find Sun Xiang, and Sun wanted to invite him to drink milk tea. Yu Fei asked Sun Xiang to have dinner tonight, and Sun Xiang agreed.

Today is the weekend, Wu Jiang asked Sun Xin to meet, and Sun Xin, who had a rare day off, went out early in the morning. Sun Xiang and Yu Fei made an appointment to visit the store, and only Sun Jian and Li Huilan were left at home. All his happiness was vented on Sun Jian, seeing him everywhere was not pleasing to the eye, and Sun Jian complained endlessly.

Jia Changan came to find Sun and wanted money for the operation of his mother Liu Yufang. Sun Xiang repeatedly emphasized that Liu Yufang's illness had nothing to do with her. Jia Changan kept crying for poverty and knelt down in public to beg Sun Xiang. Yuan, but she had no money with her, so she asked him to come back in two days, so Jia Changan had no choice but to leave in anger.

Sun wanted to come to see Yu Fei on time and tell about Jia Changan's extortion from her, and Yu Fei agreed to help her settle the matter. After dinner, Yu Fei and Sun Xiang wandered in the supermarket. The two chatted very happily, and the more they chatted, the more speculative they became. Yu Fei and Sun wanted to play games in the beans, but they were reprimanded by the shopping guide, and they had to buy a bag of beans. Red beans and a bag of mung beans.

Sun Xiang and Yu Fei lined up to pay the fee. A male customer jumped in line and was strongly protested by the customers. The male customer was unconvinced and yelled at everyone. Take it to the police station. Wu Jiang persuaded Sun Xin to jump to his company, Sun Xin promised to think about it, Wu Jiang drove Sun Xin home, Sun Jian was playing shuttlecock at the entrance of the alley, he could see clearly.

As soon as Sun Xin entered the door, she received a call from Sun Xiang. She hurried to the police station to pick up Yu Fei and Sun Xiang. Sun Xin felt that Yu Fei was unreliable and advised Sun Xiang to keep a distance from him. Yu Fei read Sun Xiang's food blog from beginning to end, and couldn't help admiring her. Sun Xin came to Mr. Wang to report on Yang Xin's actions. Mr. Wang tried his best to make things easier and persuaded her to make a big deal smaller and only deduct Yang Xin's salary for one month. Sun Xin was very disappointed. She had heard that Mr. Wang and Yang Xin played poker together. Unexpectedly, Mr. Wang would shield Yang Xin. Mr. Wang suddenly became angry and yelled at Sun Xin. Sun Xin gave up completely and offered to resign face to face.

Jia Changan came to Sun again to ask for money. Sun Xiang promised to withdraw the money from him after get off work, and sent a message to Sun Xin. Sun Xiang found out that Jia Changan was stealing food in the supermarket, so he secretly photographed it. Sun wanted to hand over the evidence to Sun Xin, and the two of them came to Jia Changan together. Sun Xin took out a USB flash drive and repeatedly emphasized that it was a supermarket surveillance, recording the whole process of Liu Yufang stealing the steak. Jia Changan had to leave in despair.

Sun Xin and Sun Xiang followed Jia Changan to the park and saw Liu Yufang dancing in the square from a distance. Jia Changan did not get the money and was scolded by Liu Yufang. Surveillance of blind spots to commit crimes, Sun Xin took pictures of the conversation between Liu Yufang and Jia Changan as evidence, if they wanted to marry the police station to call the police, they had no choice but to make concessions obediently and promised not to find Sun Xiang again.


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