Sun Xiang invited Wang Yibing to watch a drama, but Wang Yibing couldn't go because of something, Sun Xiangxiang took the opportunity to let Wang Yibing and Sun Xin ease the relationship, Wang Yibing reluctantly agreed.

Sun Xiang came to the theater early, and she waited for more than an hour. Seeing that the performance was about to start, Wang Yibing hadn't arrived yet, and Sun Xin was very dissatisfied. Wang Yibing was late, and Sun Xiang didn't blame him too much, so he dragged him into the theater.

At the beginning of the performance, Wang Yibing fell into a sleepy sleep. Sun Xinquan noticed that she was even more dissatisfied with Wang Yibing. Sun Xiang also felt that it was difficult to save face, so he ignored Wang Yibing in anger. Wang Yibing had no choice but to tell the truth. He was arranged to travel to Beidaihe on business. He came back from Beidaihe specially for this drama. Sun Xiang was anxious and angry, and complained that he was too stupid. Wang Yibing took the opportunity to express his heart to Sun Xiang. Sun Xiang was moved by his affection and agreed without hesitation. Wang Yibing was very excited. At the bus station, Sun Xiang was picked up, kissed and gnawed. Yu Fei delivered food and passed by. Seeing Sun Xiang and Wang Yibing's intimate behavior with his own eyes, he was heartbroken and had to leave silently.

Wang Yibing sent Sun Xiang home to have a look. Sun Xiang casually talked about the demolition of her house. Wang Yibing suggested buying the public house so that he could get the due demolition money. Sun wanted to know that the electronic tube factory where Lei Shiman worked is no longer there. , Wang Yibing agreed to help.

Wang Yibing ran around, and finally found out that the electronic tube factory had returned to the SASAC. Sun wanted to tell Lei Shiman about it, and Lei Shiman decided to go to the SASAC to find out. Li Huilan liked Wang Yibing even more, and urged Sun Xiang to establish a relationship with Wang Yibing as soon as possible. Lei Shiman went to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission for consultation. As long as he bought out the property rights with 800,000 yuan, he could turn the public house into a private house. Li Huilan and Sun Jian couldn't afford that much money at all.

Li Huilan took out all the money in the family, and only collected 400,000 yuan. Sun Xin and Wu Jiang took out 50,000 yuan in their savings, and Wu Jiang wanted to apply for a small loan. Ma Jianjun gave Sun Jian 20,000 yuan of money from his private house. Sun Jian was worried that Zhang Bi would get into trouble if he found out, and wanted to borrow money to raise money. Wang Yibing wanted to use the money he had saved to help Sun Xiang, but Sun Xiang politely declined. Wang Yibing took the opportunity to persuade her to accept the advertisement. Want to use the official account to earn these advertising fees, Wang Yibing is no longer reluctant, and gave her a box of skin care products, claiming that it cost him half a month's salary. Sun Xiang thought of Yu Fei giving her expensive cosmetics, but didn't mention the price, while Wang Yibing tried to show off how much he spent, and Sun Xiang felt very uncomfortable.

Sun Xiang's birthday is approaching, and the whole family is in a hurry to raise money. Sun Xiang is not in the mood to celebrate his birthday, so Wang Yibing offered him to organize it. Sun Jian and Li Huilan discussed about borrowing money from their eldest brother, but Li Huilan disagreed, and wanted to raise money with a loan, and then repay the loan after receiving the demolition funds. Lei Shiman sat under the hawthorn tree planted by his wife before his death, thinking of the past years, with mixed feelings in his heart, Sun wanted to use hawthorn to make juice, Lei Shiman tasted it, and his heart was warm.

Today is Sun Xiang's birthday. Wang Yibing carefully prepared a birthday banquet. The whole family came to celebrate her. Wang Yibing gave Sun Xiang a set of Spanish tableware she had dreamed of. Sun Xiang could not put it down. Wang Yibing proposed to Sun Xiang in public. Li Huilan and Sun Jian both I am very happy, Sun Xiangxiang thinks about it carefully.

Lei Shiman gave Sun Xiang the second set of renminbi left by his wife before his death. The total amount was one million yuan. Wang Yibing recognized that it was a priceless black ten coin, and one piece was worth 20,000-30,000 yuan. The money was exchanged for 300,000 yuan, and Li Huilan finally collected 800,000 yuan for loan, and successfully got back the real estate certificate. Sun Jian immediately handed over the real estate certificate to Zhang Bi.

Li Huilan and Sun Jian are very grateful to Wang Yibing. The whole family is thinking about the new life of moving into the new house. Since Sun Xin was promoted to the project manager, she leaves early and returns late every day. In front of Sun Jian, she vomited bitterness. Sun Xin was very satisfied with her current job, and she did it with ease. Li Huilan told her to pay attention to her body.


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