Sun Xiang decided to hold a retirement ceremony for Li Huilan at Zheng Gan’s Restaurant. The neighbors all came to help. Wang Yibing even asked for leave from time to time to help with the preparations. She was dissatisfied with that grilled sausage, and she didn't want to promote it on her "Wanting to Eat Xinyu" official account, let alone accept a reward of 30,000 yuan against her conscience.

After Sun Xiang and everyone's unremitting efforts, the retirement banquet was quickly arranged. Lei Shiman changed into his favorite clothes on purpose, and invited Li Huilan out for dinner. Li Huilan was not in the mood, but she didn't want to disappoint her, so she and Lei Shiman came to Lao Zheng's restaurant.

Old Zheng’s restaurant was decorated with lights and banners, and Sun Xiang and his neighbors had been waiting for a long time. Li Huilan was shocked when she entered the door. Everyone celebrated Li Huilan’s retirement together. Li Huilan had mixed feelings in her heart. The people’s teacher is her lifelong teacher Pursuit, she does not want to leave the three-foot podium. On behalf of the neighborhood committee, Zhang Bi invited her to continue to be a volunteer and teach the staff of the neighborhood committee to learn culture. Li Huilan naturally couldn't ask for more.

Everyone toasted to celebrate Li Huilan. Wang Yibing took advantage of the chaos to express his heart to Sun Xiang. Before Sun Xiang could answer, Zheng Gan came to Sun Xiang to ask for instructions to read the letter next time. Sun Xiang arranged for Zheng Qian to read a thank-you letter in public, thanking Li Huilan Li Huilan was moved to tears for her help to the neighbors' children.

Xiaoman Hutong is about to be demolished. Li Huilan and Sun Jianchang were thinking about moving to a new house, but suddenly found that the real estate certificate was missing. They both panicked and hurriedly searched for it. Mr. Liang recognized Sun Xin's work ability very much, and asked her to lead the team independently, responsible for customer mobile terminal services, and promoted her to be the project manager. Sun Xin had been looking forward to this day for a long time, and colleagues asked Sun Xin to treat her to celebrate. Wu Jiang was very upset. Comfortable, he didn't go in a fit of anger. Sun Xin came home very late, Wu Jiang was very dissatisfied with her, and Sun Xin felt unhappy.

Mr. Wang arranged for Qianmo to go to Sanya with several other female anchors, and asked them to serve the bosses on the yacht. Qianmo was very reluctant. Mr. Wang promised to give her a generous salary. He picked up a glass of wine and splashed it on Mr. Wang's face, and then left in anger.

Soon on the weekend, Sun Xin and Wu Jiang went home for dinner. Wang Yibing came to Sun homesick with big bags and small bags. Sun Jian asked him to help find the real estate certificate. Sun Xin reminded Sun Jian that he should not trust an outsider. If so, there is an excuse to leave in advance. When Sun Xiang heard about this, he couldn't help complaining about Sun Xin's communication, but Sun Xin had plausible words. Lei Shiman remembered that the house book was hidden on the beam, and Sun Jian hurriedly took it down. Wu Jiang was dissatisfied with Sun Xin's actions, but Sun Xin didn't take it seriously. That night, Sun Xiang sent a message to apologize to Wang Yibing, and Wang Yibing didn't care anymore.

Sun Jian excitedly brought the real estate certificate to the neighborhood committee to register early in the morning. Zhang Bi found out that his family's real estate certificate was not an individual, but the public property of his mother's unit, and he could not get the demolition money and new house. Wu Jiang bought four drama tickets and asked Sun Xin to send them to Sun Xiang, so as to ease the relationship between the two sisters. Sun Xin came to the coffee shop to send Sun Xiang two performance tickets, and the two sisters resolved the misunderstanding and reconciled as before.


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