Sun Xiang devotes his spare time to researching and developing new dishes. Qian Mo and Yan Xi are full of praise for her craftsmanship after tasting them. Ma Shang photographed each dish and posted it to the official account. The number of fans has been rising steadily. Qian Mo offered to help Sun Xiang To promote new dishes, he promised Sun Xiang to make a lot of money, but Yan Xi disdained this and asked Sun Xiang to sell the new dishes in the store.

Li Huilan is about to retire, and the school no longer assigns her as a homeroom teacher. Li Huilan is very disappointed. She doesn't want to retire and go home, hoping that the school will continue to hire her again. Sun Xiang’s official account Huo De received numerous praises, and many restaurant owners invited her to do promotions. Sun Xiang brought Wang Yibing to try dishes and carefully recorded the taste and feelings of each dish. Wang Yibing found that Sun Xiang had changed.

Over the past year, Wang Yibing has been chasing after Sun Xiang, trying his best to please Sun Jian and Li Huilan, and won Li Huilan's favor, but Sun Xiang was unmoved. Wanting to accept Wang Yibing, Sun wanted to talk about him. Sun Xin came to the house alone to see her parents. Li Huilan remembered that Wu Jiang hadn't come to the house for a long time, and Sun Xin repeatedly explained that Wu Jiang was very busy working overtime.

Li Huilan went to Ma Shang's supermarket to buy Wang Yibing's favorite snacks. Sun Jian was very dissatisfied. He didn't like Wang Yibing. Sun Xin saw that Sun Xiang couldn't let go of Yu Fei, and advised Sun Xiang to forget about such an unreliable person as Yu Fei as soon as possible. She and Wang Yibing are the most suitable ones. Wang Yibing came later and brought Sun Jian's favorite hometown wine.

Li Huilan received a notice from the school that several new graduates had come to the school, and she would no longer be hired back to teach at the school. Li Huilan was upset, and Sun Jian tried to comfort her and asked her to help Sun Xin take care of the children at home. During dinner, Wang Yibing kept toasting Sun Jian, but Li Huilan kept silent because she was sad, and the whole family comforted her, suggesting that she and Sun Jian go on a trip.

Wang Yibing supported Sun Jian and Li Huilan to go on a trip. He accepted an ad for Sun Xiang with a German sausage. Sun Xiang could earn 30,000 yuan. Sun Xiang was very grateful to Wang Yibing and wanted to use the money to travel for his parents. When Sun Xin went home and told Wu Jiang about her mother's retirement, Wu Jiang said a few perfunctory words and was only busy with work. Sun Xin was very dissatisfied, and Wu Jiang hurried to coax her. That night, Li Huilan vomited bitterness to her, persuading her to find a good man like Wang Yibing, but Sun Xiang avoided answering.

Today is Li Huilan's last day of work. She went to school to go through the retirement procedures. Sun Jian and Sun Xiang got up early to see her off and cheer her on. Ma Shang came to send photos to Sun Xiang, and Sun Xiang grilled that German sausage for him to taste. Ma Shang looked down on Wang Yibing and felt that he had bad intentions for Sun Xiang. Sun Xiang tasted the grilled sausage and thought it was too bad. products. Ma Shang suggested holding a grand retirement ceremony for Li Huilan. Sun Xiang thought it was feasible, so Ma Shang asked his parents to help prepare.

Li Huilan was walking home from get off work, and she couldn't help but think of the last class she gave to the students today, and she had mixed feelings in her heart. When Li Huilan returned home, Ma Shang's family, Sun Xiang and Sun Jian prepared a grand dinner for her.


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