Sun Xin threw the high heels sent by Yang Xin into the trash can early in the morning. The cleaning lady took the opportunity to try them on, but Yang Xin recognized them. Yang Xin called Sun Xin to the office and pretended to ask about the shoes casually. Sun Xin lied that She was too small for Sun, but Yang Xin didn't say anything. He promised to promote Sun Xin as the leader of the development team, and let Sun Xin accompany him to meet clients tonight, and Sun Xin agreed without thinking too much.

Sun Xin arrived at the appointed place on time, and only Yang Xin was present. Yang Xin deliberately got close to her and kept persuading Sun Xin to drink. Said that the customer had something to do and would not come, and Sun Xin got up to leave, but Yang Xin tried to stop her, and ordered a large table of dishes, pulling Sun Xin to push a cup for a change. Seeing his sinister intentions, Sun Xin calmly dealt with him, but Sun Xin used the excuse of going to the bathroom to hide.

It was already eleven o'clock, and Sun Xin hadn't come back yet, so Sun wanted to call and urge her to go home quickly, otherwise she would be reprimanded by her mother, so Sun Xin had to admit that she had met a clown. Sun Xin had undergone heart surgery and couldn't drink at all. She forced herself to go back to the private room. Yang Xin replaced the red wine with white wine. Taking the opportunity to touch her, he also gave her a diamond card and a room card of the best hotel in the capital. Sun Xin excused that she would be late because of something, but Yang Xin let her go without further questioning.

Sun Xin took a taxi home, and Chu Xiaoyu was waiting for her at the entrance of the alley. She vomited violently as soon as she got out of the car. Sun wanted to put Sun Xin to sleep, and a hotel room card fell out of her pocket, and Sun Xiang hurriedly put it away.

Yang Xin came to the hotel early, he sent a message to urge Sun Xin to come as soon as possible, and even took a photo of himself in pajamas to Sun Xin, Sun Xin ignored him, Yang Xin called Sun Xin, Sun Xin refused to answer, struggling Woke up and wrote a letter of resignation. Sun Xiang made Sun Xin some drinking soup early in the morning. Li Huilan pressed Sun Xin about drinking. Sun Xiang quietly asked Sun Xin about the hotel room card, and Sun Xiang told about Yang Xin molesting her. Sun Xiang gritted his teeth in anger and wanted to beat Yang Xin hard. Sun Xin had already figured out how to deal with it. .

Yang Xin announced at the regular meeting of the department that Xiaowen, the newcomer, would be the team leader. The team members unanimously opposed it and defended Sun Xin. Sending her an ambiguous text message, Sun Xin returned the hotel diamond card and room card to Yang Xin, and Yang Xin was dumbfounded. Sun Xin didn't want to stop here, and wanted to wait for Mr. Wang to come back. The female colleague revealed that Yang Xin also gave her a gift, but she didn't accept it. They suspected that Xiaowen had been ruled by Yang Xin. Sun Xin vowed not to let people like Yang Xin go. .

Chu Xiaoyu came to Sun Xiang early in the morning to find out why Sun Xin was drunk, and Sun Xiang told about Yang Xin's indecent assault on Sun Xin. Sun wanted to come to his friend's coffee shop to help, and Yu Fei came to contact the boss for business. Sun wanted to treat him to dessert and thank him.

Chu Xiaoyu took a porcelain vase from home and came to Yang Xin. He blocked Yang Xin in the elevator, deliberately threw the bag on the ground when he got off the elevator, and asked Yang Xin to pay for the porcelain vase. He took the opportunity to teach Yang Xin a lesson, and then walk away. When Sun Xin heard that Yang Xin was beaten, she immediately guessed that it was Chu Xiaoyu who did it, and her colleagues also gloated. Sun Xin guessed that Sun Xiang would reveal the news to Chu Xiaoyu, and Sun Xiang confessed to it, and she also wanted to teach Yang Xin a lesson.


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