Wu Jiang bought new clothes for Lei Shiman, and Lei Shiman liked it very much. Sun Xin helped her change them. Without letting go, Sun Xin repeatedly explained that her fiancé was not Chu Xiaoyu, Wu Jiang was very embarrassed, Li Huilan and Sun Jian hurriedly pulled Lei Shiman aside for tea. Sun Xin pulled Wu Jiang aside and kept apologizing to him.

Wang Yibing wanted to rent Chu Xiaoyu's house and be neighbors with Sun Xiang, but Sun Xiang resolutely refused, and Wang Yibing was puzzled. Sun Xiang came to visit Chu Xiaoyu in the prison, and Chu Xiaoyu asked her about Sun Xin's recent situation. Sun Xin hadn't seen him for a long time, so Sun Xiang had to tell about Sun Xin's marriage the day after tomorrow. This visit.

Today is a day of great joy for Wu Jiang and Sun Xin. The small courtyard of Sun's family is decorated with lanterns and festoons, and the neighbors all come to join them. Ma Shang came early to take pictures, Sun Jian changed into the suit, and finally found the long-lost button on the sleeve. Sun Jian wanted to sew it right away, but Sun Xin was worried that time would be too late. Sun Jian didn't want to embarrass Sun Xin when he walked the red carpet. After the buttons were sewed, Sun Jian looked at his daughter who was about to get married, and he felt so sad that tears welled up in his eyes.

Sun Xiang helped Sun Xin dress up carefully, and helped her put on her wedding dress. The two sisters have been together for so many years, and they will soon be separated. There are thousands of words in their hearts, and they don't know where to start. Wu Jiang accompanied his parents to Sun's house, and the wedding officially began. Sun Xin walked out slowly, holding Sun Jian's arm. The moment Sun Jian handed Sun Xin's hand to Wu Jiang, he had mixed feelings in his heart.

Sun Xiang presided over the wedding. Wu Jiang and Sun Xin swear in public that they will love each other forever and will never leave. They completed the wedding ceremony amidst the blessings of their relatives and friends. Catch it, Sun Xin wished Sun Xiang the next bride. Sun Jian took out the Moutai that he had treasured for many years, and wanted to get drunk with Wu Jiang's father, but Li Huilan persuaded him well. The wedding banquet officially started, Wu Jiang and Sun Xin toasted to relatives and friends, Wang Yibing praised Sun Xiang for being beautiful, Wu Jiang and Sun Xin expressed their gratitude to Wang Yibing. When Chu Tianming came to the wedding, Sun Xin was both surprised and delighted. He handed over Chu Xiaoyu's money and a letter to Sun Xin. Sun Xin hesitated, and Wu Jiang took the letter. Thanks to Wu Jiang who came in time to take Chu Tianming to drink Only then did Sun Xin's embarrassment be relieved.

Wu Jiang handed the envelope to Sun Xin, and Chu Xiaoyu wished Sun Xin and Wu Jiang happiness in the letter. Sun Xin read Chu Xiaoyu's letter with tears in his eyes. Wu Jiang came into the house to see Sun Xin and promised to be with her forever. Sun Xin leaned in his arms, feeling more at ease than ever before. After the wedding, Chu Tianming stood at the door of his house for a long time, then left silently.

Sun Xin has been in Liangcheng Network for a whole year, and she is looking forward to being promoted to project manager as soon as possible. Wu Jiang finds all kinds of excuses to shirk, and Sun Xin has to wait patiently. Wu Jiang was dissatisfied with the copywriting made by the staff and yelled at the staff. Sun Xin reminded him to be better, but Wu Jiang just laughed it off.

Classmate Chen Chao joked that Zheng Gan was a child without a mother, and Zheng Qiang beat Chen Chao in a fit of anger. Li Huilan explained the situation to the class teacher, handled the matter properly, and then sent Zheng Qiang back. Lao Zheng learned the whole story, hugged Zheng Qian tightly, and finally gave Li Huilan two dishes to express his gratitude.


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