Wu Jiang's parents came to Beijing, and Sun Xin didn't go to pick up the plane because of a temporary business. The Wu family was very dissatisfied. Wu Jiang defended Sun Xin again and again. Regarding sexual heart disease, although Sun Xin returned to normal after surgery, her parents were still worried about passing it on to the next generation. Wu Jiang advised them not to think about it.

As soon as Sun Xin got off work, she rushed to the hotel to meet Wu Jiang's parents. They were very satisfied with Sun Xin and agreed to pay the down payment for the house. Sun Xin wanted to rely on their efforts to buy a house. Li Huilan was worried because Wu Jiang's parents didn't invite them to meet, and Sun Jian and Sun wanted to separate and explain her, but she just couldn't let go. When Sun Xin came home after dinner, Li Huilan poured out all her anger on her. Sun Xin tried her best to make her happy, and promised to let her parents meet again next time, but Li Huilan would not let her go.

Sun Jian and Sun Xiang hid outside the door and watched Sun Xin and Li Huilan's every move, for fear that they would fall out. Sun Jian heard that Wu Jiang's parents were willing to pay a down payment to buy a house, so he took out his private money of 60,000 yuan on the spot to let Sun Xin When holding a banquet, Li Huilan just wanted to press for the source of the money. The police sent Sun Jian's mother Lei Shiman back. Sun Jian was surprised and happy. Lei Shiman originally lived at the eldest son's house. She flew back to Beijing by herself, but got lost after getting off the plane. Thanks to the police, she was sent back.

Lei Shiman mistook Ma Shang for Chu Xiaoyu and urged him to marry Sun Xin earlier, but Sun Xin had no choice but to say that the person she was going to marry was not Chu Xiaoyu, and Lei Shiman was greatly disappointed. Li Huilan felt that Lei Shiman was not pleasing to her everywhere, so she asked Sun Jian to send Lei Shiman back to her elder brother's house as soon as possible. Sun Jian wanted her mother to attend Sun Xin's wedding before leaving. Li Huilan had no choice but to make concessions.

Sun Xin learned that Wang Yibing's family was from rural Anhui, and advised Sun to find a better man, but Sun Xiang didn't want to think about it for the time being. Because Lei Shiman is used to getting up early to eat, Li Huilan gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast. Sun wants to come to help, and Li Huilan learns to make sandwiches from her. Lei Shiman couldn't get used to this kind of breakfast, so she was picky about Li Huilan. When she learned that it was prepared by Sun Xiang, she repeatedly praised Sun Xiang's delicious food.

Sun Jian paid for the Wangfu Restaurant to hold a wedding for Sun Xin, but Lei Shiman firmly refused and insisted that Sun Xin hold a banquet at home, and Sun Xiang agreed to help prepare the dishes to ensure everyone's satisfaction. Wu Jiang and Sun Xin quickly packed up the new house, and then the parents of both sides met, and they finalized the details of the wedding.

Sun Xiang made a detailed wedding process, called on the neighbors in the neighborhood to help, and made a clear division of labor for everyone, so that everyone could prepare separately. Sun Xiang went to the supermarket to do some shopping, and Wang Yibing accompanied her, helping her with hard work. Ma Jianjun and Ma Shang prepared sugar, cigarettes, wine and fireworks. Sun Jian thought that Sun Xin was about to get married, and he had mixed feelings in his heart.

Chu Tianming asked his nephew to rent out his house, Li Huilan waited for the agent to come and see the house, Sun Xiang and Wang Yibing bought it back, worried that Chu Xiaoyu would not have a place to live after he was released from prison, Li Huilan felt that Chu Xiaoyu would not come back here again, Sun Xiang was very upset . Sun Xin wanted to invite Chu Tianming to the wedding, and Wu Jiang supported her decision. Sun Xin accompanies her parents to buy clothes, Li Huilan takes a fancy to a 3,800 yuan dress, and Sun Jian wants to wear the suit that Sun Xin bought for him when he graduated.

Today is a day of great joy for Sun Xin and Wu Jiang. Neighbors in the neighborhood came to Sun's house to help. Wang Yibing was busy, but Ma Shang disdained him, but Wang Yibing never tired of it.


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