Chu Xiaoyu was sentenced for embezzling public funds, and Li Huilan had trouble sleeping and eating. She regretted provoking Chu Xiaoyu verbally, which led Chu Xiaoyu to go astray. Sun Jian couldn't help but blame her, and urged her to eat quickly and help Chu Tianming pack things.

A month has passed in the blink of an eye, and every time Sun Xin passed by Chu Xiaoyu's house after get off work, she would always think of Chu Xiaoyu's pledge to her. Sun Xin had mixed feelings in her heart, and knew that everything Chu Xiaoyu did was for her. Sun Xin came to see Chu Xiaoyu in prison, and she couldn't stop crying. She was worthless for Chu Xiaoyu again and again, but Chu Xiaoyu didn't regret it. He was willing to do anything for Sun Xin. He vowed to reform and let Sun Xin wait for him to be released from prison. Sun Xin made it clear that Knowing that there was no possibility between them, Chu Xiaoyu reluctantly accepted this reality.

Ever since Yu Fei exposed Sun Xin's pregnancy in public, Sun Xiang got angry and stopped talking to Yu Fei, and the two started a cold war. The nephew was distressed that Chu Tianming was lonely and helpless, so he took him home to live. Before leaving, Chu Tianming asked Sun Xiang to express his gratitude to Sun Xin. He also collected a sum of money and asked Sun Xiang to return it to Sun Xin. Sun Xiang looked at Chu Tianming's lonely back and felt very uncomfortable.

Sun Xin locked herself in the room all day long and felt sad. Li Huilan was anxious when she saw it. Wu Jiang came to see Sun Xin suddenly, persuaded her earnestly, encouraged her to cheer up, forget the pain of the past and start a new life again. Feeling relieved, she came under the big locust tree and completely broke up with her past relationship. Sun wanted his parents to be sad, forced a smile in front of them, and then sat alone at the entrance of the alley and wept secretly.

Sun Xin pained to go to work in the company, and Sun Jian secretly admired Wu Jiang. Sun Xiang came to the subway entrance involuntarily, and the song "Beijing Girl" that Yu Fei sang to her here was still in her ears, but the things in front of her eyes were different. Thinking of the scene where Yu Fei bought all the roses to give to her, sad tears welled up in his eyes.

Sun Xin and his colleagues worked overtime in the company. Wu Jiang bought them a midnight snack. The female colleagues all saw Wu Jiang's affection for Sun Xin and advised her to accept Wu Jiang. Wu Jiang sent Sun Xin home and took the opportunity to show her love. Xin readily agreed, and Wu Jiang happily closed his mouth from ear to ear. Through Sun Xiang's unremitting efforts, the number of fans on her official account has increased steadily. The butter company was very satisfied with Sun Xiang's promotional articles and gave her a large reward. Sun Xiang was ecstatic.

Sun Xin announced her marriage to Wu Jiang to her parents, and the parents agreed. Knowing that Sun Xin is about to get married, Yan Xi persuades Sun Xiang to reconcile with Yu Fei, but Sun Xiang feels distressed and can't tell. Wang Yibing often came to see Sun Xiang, Yan Xi saw that Wang Yibing liked Sun Xiang, but Sun Xiang never thought about it. Wu Jiang brought Sun Xin to the house he rented. The house was small but very quiet. Sun Xin was very satisfied. Wu Jiang was worried that she would not be able to let Chu Xiaoyu go. Sun Xin felt that the relationship between her and Chu Xiaoyu was not love. .


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