Today is the weekend, Sun Xin made an appointment online for abortion at a hospital far away from home, Yu Fei volunteered to rent a car to pick up Sun Xin and Sun Xiang, Sun Xin didn't want Yu Fei to know about her pregnancy, Sun Xiang only Said that Sun Xin was not feeling well and needed to be checked.

As soon as Sun Xiang got into the car, he leaned against Sun Xin's arms and fell asleep. Sun Xin didn't dare to move, so Yu Fei took the initiative to chat with Sun Xin, wondering why Sun Xin went to a hospital so far away for an examination. Yu Fei tried his best to please Sun Xin, but Sun Xin casually asked him the price of the bottle of cosmetics he gave Sun Xiang. Yu Fei admitted that it was expensive, as long as Sun Xiang likes it. And Sun wants to get along well.

When Sun Xiang woke up, she would arrive at the hospital in 20 minutes, and found that Sun Xin's attitude towards Fei had changed drastically. She was very curious, so Yu Fei smiled and said nothing. The group of three soon arrived at the hospital. Sun Xiang and Sun Xin went to register, and Yu Fei went to park the car. Sun Xiang persuaded Sun Xin to think twice again. Sun Xin had already made up his mind. Sun Xin didn't want to explain too much, so he left in anger.

Sun Xin took blood for a test, and Sun Xiang hurriedly queued up to pay the fee, but it turned out that Sun Xin was a fake pregnancy. Sun Xin was puzzled. The doctor explained the reason, and Sun Xin and Sun Xiang breathed a sigh of relief. Sun Xiang couldn't get in touch with Yu Fei all the time, so he took the Bunbeng car in front of the hospital to go home.

When the Bengbeng car was passing the intersection, someone suddenly crossed the road, the driver didn't have time to brake, and even the car overturned and fell to the side of the road. Wu Jiang came to see Sun Xin at home early in the morning, Li Huilan and Sun Jian warmly welcomed him, Li Huilan inquired about Wu Jiang's family situation in detail, Wu Jiang admitted that he liked Sun Xin. Yu Fei waited for Sun Xiang and Sun Xin at the entrance of the hospital, but he never saw them come out.

Sun Xin accompanied Sun Xiang to the hospital for a bandage. The doctor told Sun Xiang to put on a plaster cast for two months. Sun Xin burst into tears, but Sun Xiang comforted her instead. Wang Yibing came to the coffee shop to look for Sun Xiang, and when he learned that Sun Xiang hadn't come on leave, he went to look for Sun Xiang at home. When he saw Sun Xiang and Sun Xin taking a taxi back at the alley, Wang Yibing hurriedly sent Sun Xiang home.

Li Huilan and Sun Jian saw that Sun Xiang was injured, and they were in a hurry. Seeing that Wu Jiang was at home, Sun Xin had no choice but to admit that he had come to the house for a showdown, and he also told about his relationship with Xiaoxuan, which ended without a problem. Make the right choice. Wang Yibing learned that Yu Fei left in a fit of anger, and complained that Yu Fei was irresponsible, and Sun Xiang tried his best to defend Yu Fei.

Sun Jian was picking vegetables in the yard, and Li Huilan was always paying attention to Sun Xin and Sun Xiang's every move. She was very optimistic about Wu Jiang and thought Wu Jiang and Sun Xin were a good match, so Sun Jian advised him not to worry about it. Wang Yibing bid farewell to Li Huilan and Sun Jian and left. He met Yu Fei at the door. No matter what happened, Yu Fei gave Yu Fei a hard lesson, and he was not allowed to harass Sun Xiang again. When Yu Fei learned that Sun Xiang had a car accident, he wanted to rush in to see him, but Wang Yibing tried his best to stop him, and Yu Fei knocked Wang Yibing to the ground.

When Sun Xiang heard the news, he yelled at Yu Fei and angrily told about Sun Xin's abortion in the hospital. Li Huilan and Sun Jian were stunned and forced Yu Fei to tell the whole story. The police came to find Chu Xiaoyu suddenly, so Yu Fei had no choice but to go home first.

Zhou Jue vomited bitterness, but the two of them scolded him instead. Yu Fei satirized Zhou Jue as having no one and shouldn't point fingers at him. Zhou Jue felt very uncomfortable and found an excuse to go to the bathroom. Da Kui quietly told about Zhou Jue's seven-year relationship. The two of them were forced to break up due to family reasons, and Yu Fei felt very guilty.


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