Sun Xin concluded that she was pregnant with Chu Xiaoyu's child, and she fell into confusion, not knowing what to do. Sun Xin came to the door of Chu Xiaoyu's house in a hurry, and Chu Tianming came out with a bird cage. Chu Tianming went to walk the birds under the big locust tree.

Chu Tianming saw that Sun Xin had something on his mind, so Sun Xin expressed all the worries in his heart, worried that Chu Xiaoyu would do stupid things for her, Chu Tianming knew that Chu Xiaoyu wanted to make some achievements to prove himself, to bridge the gap between him and Sun Xin, Chu Tianming persuaded Sun Xin kindly.

Wang Yibing took Sun Xiang to the store to taste delicious food, and curiously asked about Sun Xiang and Yu Fei's relationship progress, and Sun Xiang went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick that day. Sun Xiang repeatedly explained that she bought it for someone else, and Wang Yibing wanted to know who the other party was , Sun wanted to find an excuse to cover up the past. Sun Xiang was very satisfied with the food in that restaurant, and took photos on the spot and shared them on the official account. Wang Yibing took the opportunity to express his love to her, admitting that he had a crush on her when he was in college, but he didn't dare to express it until graduation, so Sun Xiang could only laugh it off.

Sun Xin hid in the bathroom for a test and confirmed that she was really pregnant. Sun Xin immediately sent a message to inform Sun Xiang. Sun Xiang was dumbfounded. Wang Yibing saw that something was wrong with her and asked the reason hard. My friend became pregnant before marriage, and Wang Yibing felt that the child should be aborted. Sun wants to ask Yanxi and Qianmo for help, and Qianmo also thinks that the child should not be wanted.

Sun Xin was out of his mind all day long, and Wu Jiangquan saw it. He greeted Sun Xin with care, and Sun Xin tried his best to hide his inner anxiety. Sun Xiang persuaded Sun Xin to tell Chu Xiaoyu the news of her pregnancy, but Sun Xin didn't want to say it, and she didn't let Sun Xiang tell anyone. Sun Xiangxiang told Chu Xiaoyu about Sun Xin's pregnancy, but finally gave up.

Sun Xiang came to work in the coffee shop early in the morning, Qianmo woke up early and hadn't eaten yet, Sun Xiang made curry rice for her, Sun Xin helped Sun Xiang borrow a butter advertisement, Sun Xiang couldn't wait to go to the company to find her, and brought curry rice. Sun Xiang came downstairs to the company, and Sun Xin told her to wait in the coffee shop downstairs. Wu Jiang heard Sun Xiang and Sun Xin's call, and took the initiative to greet Sun Xiang, and asked her about Sun Xin and Chu Xiaoyu.

Wu Jiang admitted that he liked Sun Xin very much. He felt that Sun Xin's feelings for Chu Xiaoyu were not love. He didn't want Sun Xin to be trapped in it and couldn't extricate himself. Wu Jiang swore that he would never give up. , Then went back to work, Wu Jiang suddenly received a message from Xiaoxuan, Xiaoxuan came to Beijing at 7:30, she wanted to meet Wu Jiang, Wu Jiang ignored her. Sun Xin came to see Sun Xiang with a big box of butter, Sun Xiang repeatedly praised Wu Jiang, thinking that he and Sun Xin were a good match, Sun Xin felt bitter and couldn't tell.

Sun Xin came to look for Sun Xiang, and saw Wang Yibing and Sun Xiang coming out together talking and laughing from a distance. As soon as Sun Xiang got home, he started making desserts with butter. Yu Fei had a video connection with her, and Li Huilan broke in suddenly. Yu Fei hurriedly greeted Li Huilan, and then found an excuse to hang up the phone. Wu Jiang goes to the station to pick up Xiaoxuan, Xiaoxuan is ordered to go to his house to investigate and make sure that he lives alone, Xiaoxuan sees that Wu Jiang is unrequited love for the other party.

Sun Xin went home to taste the delicacies Sun Xiang made, and asked her who the man was. Sun Xiang had to admit that Wang Yibing had liked her once, and Sun Xin felt that Wang Yibing was very stable. When Sun Xiang asked about her and Chu Xiaoyu, Sun Xin told about Chu Xiaoyu borrowing money to rent a homestay everywhere, and Sun Xiang couldn't help but feel anxious for her.


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