When Wu Jiang came back to work from vacation, he always followed Sun Xin's every move, cared for Sun Xin, and was considerate. Sun Xin expressed his thanks to him again and again. Today Yu Fei was discharged from the hospital after recovering from his injuries. He couldn't wait to take Sun Xiang out to eat hot pot. Sun Xiangxiang took Yu Fei home to meet his parents. Yu Fei was very afraid of seeing Sun Xin. Sun wanted him to go home before Sun Xin got off work. Sun Xiangxiang asked Yu Fei to come to the house tomorrow afternoon, but Sun Xin couldn't object.

Chu Xiaoyu scraped together 70,000 to 80,000 yuan, and Jin Xiaoya scraped together 100,000 yuan. The two of them discussed the long-term lease of the courtyard house, and wanted to get more compensation when it was demolished. Chu Xiaoyu was not reconciled and wanted to earn more money , he wanted to secretly embezzle the company's money, and then make up for it after making money. Jin Xiaoya advised him not to be impulsive, but Chu Xiaoyu had already made up his mind.

Yu Fei came to meet Sun Jian and Li Huilan, Li Huilan pointed out bluntly that he was very impulsive, Yu Fei was so frightened that he said yes again and again, Sun Jian quickly changed the subject, and asked about Yu Fei's work and income in detail, Yu Fei answered truthfully, Sun Jian and Li Huilan were very happy. satisfy. Xiaoxuan called Wu Jiang, Wu Jiang was angry and refused to answer, he wanted to invite Sun Xin to dinner, but Sun Xin excused that Sun Xiang's boyfriend would come to the house, Wu Jiang had to give up.

Sun Jian took Yu Fei to drink. Sun Xiang was worried that Yu Fei's health would not be able to bear it, so he tried his best to persuade him to drink less. Sun Xin then rushed home, and she also accepted Yu Fei, reminding him to think twice in the future. After dinner, Sun Xiang sent Yu Fei to the entrance of the alley, and the two had endless love conversations. Li Huilan has been depressed and worried that Sun Xiang and Yu Fei will have no house after they get married. He and Sun Jian discussed letting them live in his mother's room. I really have no money.

Sun Xiang accidentally saw a book fan come to Yan Xi to complain, and learned from Qianmo that Yan Xi is the famous writer Eucalyptus. Sun Xin came to the B&B to look for Chu Xiaoyu, and learned from the workers that the B&B had long been a thing of the past. Sun Xin called Chu Xiaoyu for accountability, and Chu Xiaoyu had no choice but to admit that Boss Zhou’s divestment had caused the B&B to run aground. He heard about the demolition of several nearby alleys, so he pooled his money to rent a few courtyard houses for a long time. Let Sun Xin live a good life. Sun Xin was very disappointed with Chu Xiaoyu, and despised him for making money by speculation, but Chu Xiaoyu spoke plausibly, and Sun Xin left in anger and tears.

Sun Xin was absent-minded all the time at work, and Wu Jiang was very distressed. Finally after get off work, Wu Jiang waited for Sun Xin at the door and asked her to take two days off to have a good rest. Sun Xin told her about Chu Xiaoyu cheating on her. Wu Jiang tried his best to speak well of Chu Xiaoyu. hot.

Sun Xin's menstruation was more than a week late, and she was worried that she was pregnant. Sun wanted to comfort her desperately, but felt that she had no idea, so she asked Sun Xin to buy a pregnancy test stick and try it. Sun Xin asked Sun Xiang to go to the pharmacy to buy it. go in. Wang Yibing also came to buy medicine, and he offered to invite Sun Xiang to eat, but Sun Xiang had no choice but to agree, secretly took the pregnancy test stick and left.


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