As soon as Yu Fei's health improved, he couldn't wait to be discharged from the hospital. The nurse strongly disagreed. He can only eat semi-liquid food now. If he doesn't take a good rest, it is very likely to cause serious infection. The nurse only allows him to do some simple activities in the corridor. Sun Xiang came to stop Yu Fei in time and forcibly took him back to the ward, where Yu Fei complained endlessly.

Seeing that it was getting late and Sun Xiang hadn't returned home, Li Huilan was very anxious. Sun Jian didn't care about the family affairs, and fought with the landlord for a whole day with his mobile phone. No, but it felt inappropriate, after all, they hadn't formally met, Sun Jian advised her not to go hastily.

Sun Xin went to the class reunion. She dressed up meticulously and carried a new bag of more than 10,000 yuan on her back. Wu Jiang went back to his hometown for the New Year and asked the courier brother to send Sun Xin a bouquet of roses. He called Sun Xin to express his love. Xiaoxuan sends a message asking Wu Jiang to meet, but Wu Jiang falsely says that he is busy with work and refuses.

After Sun Xin dressed up to attend the class reunion, Chu Xiaoyu came to Sun Xiang with a present for help, and asked her to pass on a message to Sun Xin. We will meet under the old locust tree at the entrance of the alley at 12:30 tonight, and Sun Xiang agreed. Today is Valentine's Day, Yu Fei has already prepared a gift, he wants to go home to get it, Sun wants to divert the nurse's idea and cover Yu Fei to sneak out.

Chu Xiaoyu went to Ma Shang's small supermarket to buy lanterns and roses, and asked Ma Shang to help decorate the old locust tree at the entrance of the alley. He wanted to propose to Sun Xin tonight, and Ma Shang wished him success immediately. Sun Xin went to a class reunion. His classmate Cheng Liang had been in love with Sun Xin since he was in school. He also came to attend today. Cheng Liang met Sun Xin downstairs and recognized her at a glance. In the restaurant, female classmate He Jing took the initiative to greet Cheng Liang and curiously asked about Sun Xin's work and life. Sun Xin saw that He Jing was carrying a brand-name bag, and she felt ashamed of herself and hurriedly put her bag behind her.

Yu Fei brought Sun Xiang to the shared house. He wanted to take Sun Xiang to set off fireworks. Unexpectedly, his roommates Da Kui and Zhou Jue came back, so Yu Fei had to introduce Sun Xiang to them. Sun wanted to eat a meal, and Yu Fei took Sun Xiang out to eat. Yu Fei ate liquid food for a week, and he wanted to eat meat. Sun wanted him to follow the doctor's advice. Despite Yu Fei's begging, Sun Xiang would not budge , only let him boil cabbage in red water.

He Jing's husband, Yang Qing, came late, and He Jing dragged Yang Qing to see Cheng Liang. The couple tried their best to please Cheng Liang, but Sun Xin couldn't stand it, so she had to hide. For this class reunion, Sun Xin disdained it very much. After drinking and eating, Yang Qing suggested that everyone sing together. Sun Xin excused that he had to go to work early in the morning, and Cheng Liang also found an excuse to leave. He Jing reminded Cheng Liang not to forget about them.

Cheng Liang offered to take Sun Xin home, but Sun Xin had no choice but to agree. The driver brought Cheng Liang's luxury car, and Sun Xin got into the car under the envious eyes of his classmates. Cheng Liang finished today's business in the car, and recalled the school days with Sun Xin. He regretted that he missed Sun Xin. Sun Xin felt that the gap between the two of them was too big, so he quickly changed the topic.

After dinner, Yu Fei took Sun Xiang to set off fireworks, but was stopped by the security guards because of the strong wind. Sun Xiang received a call from the hospital. She wanted to send Yu Fei back, so Yu Fei took the opportunity to kiss her and sing her a song. Sun Xiang was very moved by the song. Cheng Liang sent Sun Xin home. Sun Xin saw Chu Xiaoyu hanging lanterns under the big pagoda tree from a distance. Sun Xin was puzzled. Chu Xiaoyu asked Sun Xin to close his eyes. .

At that time, Chu Xiaoyu expressed his heart to Sun Xin under the big locust tree. Chu Xiaoyu vowed to do his best to become Sun Xin's pride. Sun Xin was moved to tears, and the two couldn't help but embrace each other affectionately. After taking them home, the two had intimate contact with each other.

Sun Xiang came home very late, and Sun Xin hadn't come back yet, Li Huilan rushed in suddenly, Sun Xiang was incoherent in fright, Li Huilan distracted her and found the red heart on her dress.


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