Today is New Year's Eve, and Yu Fei dressed up carefully. He practiced the lines of meeting Sun Xiang's parents many times, but he still didn't know what to do. Sun Xiang deliberately wore a red dress and put on Sun Xin's red boots. Sun Xin persuaded Sun to think clearly that Yu Fei was an immature person, but Sun Xiang felt that she and Yu Fei fell in love with each other, and Sun Xin was helpless .

Chu Tianming gave Chu Xiaoyu 40,000 yuan, hoping that he would make more money and marry Sun Xin back home as soon as possible. Chu Xiaoyu was moved to tears and knelt down to express his gratitude to Chu Tianming. Sun Xin and Sun Xiang put up Spring Festival couplets together, and Ma Shang came to take pictures of them with a camera. Sun Jian finally collected the five blessings after a lot of hard work.

Chu Tianming and Chu Xiaoyu came to Sun's house to pay New Year's greetings, and Ma Jianjun came later. Chu Xiaoyu helped Sun Xiang and Sun Xin make dumplings, and vowed to make money to buy Sun Xin a house. Chu Xiaoyu learned that Sun Xin didn't like Yu Fei, so he had to cater to her against his conscience. Sun Jian, Li Huilan, Chu Tianming and Ma Jianjun played mahjong together.

Yu Fei went to the bus station with a big gift, and an aunt who was in a hurry to drive home for the New Year asked him for directions. Yu Fei answered patiently. Aunt's mobile phone, he desperately chased the thief. Sun Xiang was busy cooking a large table of dishes. The two families sat together and it was equal to Fei, but Yu Fei had not arrived. Sun Xiang couldn't get through to Yu Fei's phone. After calling Yu Fei, I found out that he was injured and hospitalized while trying to catch a thief.

Sun Xiang, Sun Xin and Chu Xiaoyu rushed to the hospital. Yu Fei's operation was not over yet, and Sun Xiang was in a hurry. Sun Xin asked Chu Xiaoyu to buy food. She advised Sun Xiang to break up with Yu Fei as soon as possible. They retorted and forcibly drove Sun Xin away.

When Chu Xiaoyu came back from buying food, he saw Sun Xin leaving angrily. Sun Xin had a big fight with Sun Xiang because of Yu Fei. Chu Xiaoyu felt that Yu Fei was right to act bravely. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue Yu Fei, he finally turned the corner. Sun Xiang stayed by his side, took good care of him, and kept complaining that Yu Fei should not be a hero and meddle in his own business. As a result, he was stabbed several times by thieves and his accomplices and almost injured him. When she got to the liver, Yu Fei desperately comforted her, and Sun wanted to show him the photos of the New Year's Eve dinner. The two of them greeted the New Year together in the hospital ward.

Chu Xiaoyu and Sun Xin gave Sun Xiang and Yu Fei a New Year’s Eve dinner. Sun Xiang went out to fetch water. Chu Xiaoyu paid Sun Xin out. He praised Fei’s heroic behavior. Let Yu Fei work with him, and Yu Fei has to repay the mortgage every month. I wish Chu Xiaoyu a successful career. Sun Xin came to the water room to bring food to Sun Xiang, and Sun Xiang ate it to his heart's content. She was lucky enough to eat the dumpling wrapped in sugar, so she fed Sun Xin one dumpling, and Sun Xin also ate another dumpling wrapped in sugar. The two sisters were very happy. Yu Fei couldn't eat for six hours after the operation, so Sun wanted to bring the New Year's Eve dinner to Yu Fei to feast his eyes on, and Yu Fei was drooling greedily.

Zhang Bi and Li Huilan made an appointment with the two families to go to the temple fair together. Sun Jian wanted to play cards at home, but Li Huilan firmly disagreed. Sun wanted to go to the hospital to take care of Yu Fei, so Li Huilan had to let her go.


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