Neither Sun Xin nor Sun Xiang came back for dinner. Li Huilan felt empty in her heart. Sun Jian advised her to relax. The two daughters would marry sooner or later, and they were the only old couple left in the family. Li Huilan knew that Sun Xin had always been arrogant. She would never fall in love with Chu Xiaoyu, and Sun Xiang never called her boyfriend to the house. Li Huilan decided to hold a family meeting tonight, and then went to play shuttlecock with Sun Jian.

Sun Xin and Chu Xiaoyu walked home arm in arm, and ran into Sun Jian and Li Huilan head-on, and they separated in fright. Li Huilan bluntly pointed out that the gap between Chu Xiaoyu and Sun Xin was too great, they were not suitable, and Chu Xiaoyu could not give Sun Xin the life she wanted, and hoped that Chu Xiaoyu would stop pestering Sun Xin. His face was hit wantonly by icy snowflakes.

Sun Xin guessed the content of the conversation between Li Huilan and Chu Xiaoyu, and she was fidgeting at home. As soon as Li Huilan entered the house, Sun Xin couldn't wait to show her attitude. dispute.

Sun Xiang went home happily and took out the big iron pot that Yu Fei had given to Li Huilan. Li Huilan poured out all her anger on Sun Xiang and forbade Yu Fei to come to the house. Angry, she tried her best to make Li Huilan happy. Li Huilan asked Sun Xiang about Yu Fei's family and work situation. Come home for the New Year.

After being scolded by Li Huilan, Sun Xin realized that she was a bit sloppy. Sun wanted to compare Wu Jiang with Chu Xiaoyu. Sun Xin also felt that Chu Xiaoyu lacked plans for the future, and she was caught in a dilemma. Chu Xiaoyu drank his sorrows in a small restaurant, and Jin Xiaoya came to accompany him to relax. When Chu Xiaoyu learned that Boss Zhou had withdrawn his investment funds, his heart sank. Jin Xiaoya encouraged him not to be discouraged, and promised to work hard with him. Chu Xiaoyu vowed to make a show.

Wu Jiang went home for the New Year, only to find out that Xiaoxuan was busy when his father was sick, and his mother tried his best to bring him into a relationship with Xiaoxuan. Wu Jiang made various excuses to shirk. After Xiaoxuan broke up with her boyfriend, she was in a bad mood. She asked Wu Jiang to meet and vomited bitterness to Wu Jiang. Xiaoxuan couldn't understand her boyfriend's lack of motivation.

Yu Fei called his parents to report his safety, and his parents hoped that he would bring Sun Xiang back as soon as possible. Li Huilan called on the whole family to mobilize and clean up the house. Sun Jian knew that she was there to welcome Yu Fei, so he couldn't help making fun of her, but Li Huilan denied it. Sun Xin followed Sun Xiang's official account whenever she was free, and suddenly pointed out that the food she shared was too difficult to make, and she should cook more home-cooked food. Sun Xin also found that Wang Yibing commented and left messages under Sun Xiang's official account every day, thinking that Wang Yibing is interested in Sun Xiang, but Sun Xiang has no feelings for him.

Chu Xiaoyu borrowed money from his grandfather Chu Tianming to rent a homestay, and Chu Tianming readily agreed. Sun Xiang accepted Sun Xin's suggestion, shared the secret recipe of cooking instant noodles on the official account, and asked Yu Fei to follow suit. Wang Yibing gave Sun Xiang the most difficult to collect "Jingye Fu" among the five blessings, and Sun Xiang sent him a message to express his gratitude , Sun Xin was sure that Wang Yibing liked Sun Xiang, but Sun Xiang didn't think so.


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