Sun Xin helped Sun Xiang bandage her wound, and advised Sun Xiang not to have any more contact with Yu Fei. Yu Fei was too impulsive and would fight at every turn, but Sun Xiang felt that Yu Fei was a good person. Sun Xin couldn't persuade her, so he had to leave in anger.

After the unremitting efforts of the team members, the client agreed to sign a contract with the company. Wu Jiang announced the good news, and the team members were very happy. Zhang Bi sent his son Ma Shang to ask Sun Jian for a pickled cabbage dumpling, and invited Sun Jian and Li Huilan to eat there. Sun Jian heard that Ma Shang bought a new computer, so he wanted his old computer. Li Huilan and Sun Jian came to help make dumplings. Ma Shang wanted to sell the old computer to Sun Jian, but Sun Jian politely declined. Li Huilan paid for the computer as a courseware, but Ma Shang wanted to give it to her if he didn't accept the money. Sun Jian took him home to install it.

In the blink of an eye, Yu Fei and Sun Xiang have been dating for a whole year. Yu Fei gave Sun Xiang an electric car and taught her how to ride it. client. Yu Fei told his parents about his relationship with Sun Xiang, and his parents asked him to take Sun Xiang home. Sun Xiang was embarrassed and promised to think about it carefully. Sun Xiangxiang asked Sun Xin for his opinion, and then took Yu Fei home to meet his parents Yu Fei knew that Sun Xin didn't like him, but he couldn't stand Sun Xiang's soft-heartedness. Yu Fei sent Sun Xiang to the door of the coffee shop, kissed her before leaving. Seeing this scene, Qianmo and Yan Xi couldn't help making fun of Sun Xiang, and Qianmo reminded her again that men are unreliable. Yan Xi felt that Qian Mo's views were too extreme, and she should not mislead Sun Xiang. Qian Mo had been hurt by men before, and she had no confidence in all men.

Li Huilan asked Sun Jian about the progress of Sun Xiang and Yu Fei, and Sun Jian suggested calling Yu Fei to his home to have a look, but Li Huilan still felt that Yu Fei was unreliable. Chu Xiaoyu and Boss Zhou made an appointment to sign the contract tomorrow, and Jin Xiaoya offered to help him take photos of the courtyard house, wishing the two of them a successful cooperation, and Chu Xiaoyu promised not to treat her badly.

Wu Jiang wanted to go home early to celebrate the New Year. Before leaving, he invited Sun Xin to dinner. He learned that Sun Xin had undergone heart surgery, and he sighed to her. After dinner, Wu Jiang sent Sun Xin home and took the opportunity to express his love to her. Sun Xin hurriedly changed the topic, then got out of the car and left. Wu Jiang stopped Sun Xin and told her that he liked her face to face. Wu Jiang guessed that the other party was Chu Xiaoyu.

Chu Xiaoyu has been waiting for Sun Xin at the entrance of the alley. He has negotiated six sets of courtyard houses and revealed that Yu Fei is in charge of publicity. Chu Xiaoyu said many good things about Yu Fei, but Sun Xin still feels that Yu Fei is unreliable. Sober up, Sun Xin flatly refused. Sun Xiang and Sun Xin discussed going to see Yu Fei's parents. Sun Xin asked Yu Fei to come to their house first. Sun Xiang reported the good news to Yu Fei immediately, and Yu Fei called to inform his parents that he would not go home this year.

The manager heard that Chu Xiaoyu had found six sets of courtyard houses for homestay, and told him the news of the demolition. The long-term rental compensation, Chu Xiaoyu knew that this matter was against the law, but he didn't want Sun Xin to be disappointed in him.

Wu Jiang was going home for the New Year, so he bid farewell to Sun Xin and hugged Sun Xin. Chu Xiaoyu came to find Sun Xin, and said lightly that he felt sour when he saw this scene, and wanted to cuddle with his female colleague in anger, but Sun Xin was determined. If you don't agree, give him a warning. After drinking and eating, Chu Xiaoyu and Sun Xin cuddled each other and walked home. Chu Xiaoyu vowed to make Sun Xin live a good life. Sun Xin secretly kissed him. Chu Xiaoyu was very excited and kissed Sun Xin affectionately.

Yu Fei didn't know what gifts to buy for Sun Xiang's parents, and Sun Xiang agreed to accompany him to buy them. Sun Xiang chose a hand-crafted iron pot to ensure that his parents would like it, so Yu Fei had no choice but to do so.


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