Zhang Weiguo received Zhao Yan's 500,000, and he contacted Sun Yao for the first time and signed a three -year rental contract with the other party. Originally, Sun Yao was preparing to sell the courtyard, but now he can see that Zhang Weiguo has feelings for the small courtyard, so he dispelled his thoughts and lay on the rocking chair to look around, and he felt that his decision was more correct.

Zhou Xiaoqiu learned that his granddaughter's paintings were shown in the hot spring club and took the initiative to enjoy it. The lobby manager did not know Zhou Xiaoqiu, and recommended to her membership card. Fortunately, Wen Zhiyuan recognized Zhou Xiaoqiu, immediately turned on the enthusiasm, and prepared the VIP card for her.

Because of this, Zhou Xiaoqiu discovered that Wen Zhiyuan was interested in her daughter, so when she returned home, she tried to match Gu Jiayi and let her learn to make up. Gu Jiayi has no relationship between men and women in Wen Zhiyuan, but Zhou Xiaoqiu feels that Wen Zhiyuan has a successful career and is instrument. Besides, Gu Jiayi should always need men to help care.

However, Gu Jiayi's attitude was very firm, saying that she had no plan to get married, not to mention that when she married Lin Hongnian, Zhou Xiaoqiu also praised. Nowadays, the two are not pleasing to each other. In the end, the divorce is enough to show that Zhou Xiaoqiu's point of view does not mean that it is correct.

In order to alleviate Zhao Yan's insomnia symptoms, Zhang Weiguo decided to move to her house for a few days, and sent a message to Zhang Anan to leave a message when leaving. Because Zhao Yan did not answer the phone, Zhang Weiguo was stopped by the security guard at the door. Until Zhao Yan finished calling the yoga, the attitude of the guard security immediately changed, and Zhang Weiguo entered the villa area respectfully.

The area in the high -end villa area was too large and the route was complicated. Zhang Weiguo went more and more confused. In the end, Zhao Yan drove him back. Zhang Weiguo, who entered the villa for the first time, seemed to be Liu Ye's entered Grand View Garden. It was dazzling to see him.

Zhao Yan personally cooked a steak for Zhang Weiguo. After the wine was full, the two leaned on the sofa and chatted. Zhang Weiguo and Zhao Yan talked about what happened when he was a child. At the beginning, he learned the drama and sat down and practiced hard. He always fantasized that he grew up and boarded the stage. Zhao Yan comforted Zhang Weiguo, and also hoped that he could treat it as his own home without being too restrained.

However, that night, Zhang Weiguo wore Zhao Yan's real silk pajamas, and still felt uncomfortable. Zhao Yan placed plush bears on the bed and stunned between her and Zhang Weiguo. Zhao Yan closed his eyes without hesitation, and he could sleep with the snoring sound of Zhang Weiguo. Instead, Zhang Weiguo was slightly cramped, but he was lying down in An An.

By the next morning, Zhang Weiguo woke up and saw Zhao Yan, and he heard the piano sound from downstairs. Zhang Weiguo went downstairs and watched Zhao Yan's vocal piano quietly. Such a wonderful scene made him feel like he was next to him. Because of Zhang Weiguo, Zhao Yan slept very well, and also considers that Zhang Weiguo could not sleep with a soft bed, and decided to replace it with a hard mattress.

Through Zhou Xiaoqiu, Lin Hongnian learned that Gu Jiayi and Wen Zhiyuan have moved frequently recently. Then they asked Wen Zhiyuan to make progress. Looking at each other's face, subconsciously felt that the two had established a relationship, and their hearts were very unwilling. Fortunately, Gu Jiayi has not agreed. Wen Zhiyuan believes that as long as he persists, he will definitely have a return.

Originally, Lin Hongnian thought that he was like Zhou Xiaoqiu's son, but when he found that Zhou Xiaoqiu was quite concerned about Wen Zhiyuan, he also made a ravioli for the other person, and he was a little uncomfortable. That night, Lin Hongnian sat in the courtyard and borrowed wine. Zhang Weiguo saw Lin Hongnian frequently call himself. He rushed back to the small courtyard to accompany him for a few glasses, and then left in a hurry.

Gu Lin was commissioned by Zhang Weiguo and persuaded Zhang Anan to go home. After all, there was no deep hatred between father and son. Zhang Anan was dissatisfied with Zhang Weiguo's diligence against Zhao Yan and couldn't help complaining to his grandfather. He accidentally learned that when Zhang Weiguo was sick, he pretended to be full of carelessness, but he had hidden feelings.

Because of this, Zhang Anan realized that he had misunderstood Zhang Weiguo and packed things back to the courtyard. Zhang Weiguo was a tool person who was a week in Zhao Yan's house. He couldn't stay, so he wanted to leave. Zhao Yan could understand and understand that he could not be too selfish, and said that he was welcome to come back at any time.

At this time, Zhang Anan had already ordered takeaway. Zhang Weiguo was a little unexpected. After that, he sat down and opened his son with his son. The relationship was eased. Zhang Anan took the initiative to propose to sweep his mother's grave on the weekend. Zhang Weiguo quickly agreed. In fact, he also missed his wife, but his feelings were suppressed in his heart.

Zhang Dashe invited Zhou Xiaoqiu to release the kite and told her the truth of life during the dinner. Zhou Xiaoqiu was inspired and began to reflect on whether he was too restrained to Gu Jiayi. The next day Zhang's father and son accompanied Zhang Daqian to go to the hospital for a medical examination. The doctor identified the tumor as benign. He needed more maintenance in the future, and it would be reviewed every year. Zhang Weiguo was happy, deliberately selling Guan Zi to scare Zhang Da's car. In the end, Grandpa checked the discharge procedures happily.


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