Liang Jingyi couldn't hold it anymore and came to Ji Chengchuan. When Ji Chengchuan saw Liang Jingyi in front of the door, he guessed that the other party couldn't hold it anymore. Liang Jingyi pretended to come to deliver food to Ji Chengchuan and took the opportunity to inquire about Song Yao. Ji Chengchuan said that Song Yao was upstairs, but Liang Jingyi obviously didn't believe it. Song Lingren came to find Song Yao but saw Gu Zijun. Gu Zijun couldn't help but feel uncomfortable when he saw the goddess in his heart, and wanted to get Song Lingren's WeChat account. As soon as Song Lingren finished sending her WeChat message, she saw Song Yao appear and took Song Yao away without saying a word.

When Liang Jingyi pretended to borrow the bathroom, she wanted to find out if Song Yao was here, but saw Song Yao appear. Seeing that Ji Chengchuan and Song Yao looked very affectionate, Liang Jingyi left a little annoyed. Song Lingren left Song Yao after handing her over to Ji Chengchuan. Song Yao felt that Ji Chengchuan was simply a pervert, and when she was called here again at just after seven o'clock, she felt that Ji Chengchuan simply had no conscience. Ji Chengchuan took the opportunity to complain that Song Yao didn't move here last night, otherwise he wouldn't be in such a hurry this morning, and said that his identity was almost exposed. Song Yao felt that this incident had nothing to do with her.

Ji Chengchuan said that they were now husband and wife, and Song Yao could not escape the relationship even if his identity was exposed. After Ji Chengchuan said this, he still felt that he had gone too far. Unexpectedly, Song Yao directly agreed to move here, and he was still thinking about how to secretly get the agreement out. Neither Song Yao nor Ji Chengchuan could sleep. Ji Chengchuan wanted to find someone to ask how the girl's home should be decorated, but he kept trying to persuade him that he was just doing his duty as a landlord. Ji Chengchuan ordered a dressing table for Song Yao overnight and was criticized a lot. However, Ji Chengchuan still felt in a good mood and even decorated Song Yao's house himself.

Ji Chengchuan saw that Song Yao didn't bring any luggage, so he took Song Yao to the mall to buy necessities. Song Yao wanted Ji Chengchuan to play a game of catching dolls with her, but Ji Chengchuan couldn't bear the look in Song Yao's eyes and had to agree. Song Yao also asked Ji Chengchuan to go down and experience catching a doll and kept making things difficult for Ji Chengchuan. Unexpectedly, she also fell in and the two hugged each other. Song Yao felt a different emotion in her heart. Song Yao watched Ji Chengchuan take away the childish doll and insisted that he caught it, thinking that this person was sick. Ji Chengchuan looked at the baby and couldn't help but think back to Song Yao.

When Song Yao arrived at the room, she didn't have time to look at the layout, so she went to look for the contract. After searching for a long time, Ji Chengchuan found out. Ji Chengchuan felt that Song Yao was looking down on him, so how could he hide the contract here. Song Yao saw Ji Chengchuan without clothes and thought Ji Chengchuan was a pervert. Song Yao still looked for the contract without giving up. When Ji Chengchuan was sleeping, he couldn't help but think about what happened during the day. He felt a little strange, how could he be attracted to Song Yao.

When Song Yao saw the password on the door, she felt that there was something inside. Unexpectedly, she saw Ji Chengchuan as soon as she opened the door. Ji Chengchuan also changed the password in front of Song Yao. Song Yao went into a rage when she returned to the room, but she became more courageous as she fought. . Ji Chengchuan felt that Song Yao still had two skills. Song Yao called to her friends to try to decipher the code. Gu Zijun felt that the eleven-digit password was difficult. The three of them were anxious and pressed the alarm. Ji Chengchuan rushed home after receiving the signal. Song Yao wanted to hold Ji Chengchuan off, but Ji Chengchuan found out that there was a fire in the house and rushed to the house. He came to put out the fire, but Ji Chengchuan was deeply traumatized by the fire when he was a child, and he would feel scared when he saw fire.

Song Yao rushed over and dragged Ji Chengchuan out. Ji Chengchuan kept grabbing Song Yao's hand. Song Yao stayed with Ji Chengchuan until dark, and accidentally fell asleep. Ji Chengchuan felt strange when he woke up and saw Song Yao beside him. He said thank you to Song Yao and wanted a drink.

Song Yao was curious about what had just happened to Ji Chengchuan. Ji Chengchuan told Song Yao that it was the first time she played at the real Ji Chengchuan's house when she was a child. She hid in a cabinet and escaped a fire, but there was a big shadow in her heart. Song Yao felt that it was not easy for Qin Hao.

Song Yao knew that Ji Chengchuan must be hiding a huge conspiracy, and she chose to believe Qin Hao. Shen Shuangshuang thinks Song Yao is crazy now. Song Yao looked at the breakfast made by Ji Chengchuan and felt it was very rich. Song Yao looked at the contract between Ji Chengchuan and her and felt that she was sure to make a profit without losing anything. Song Yao told Ji Chengchuan not to fall in love with her within this year, and Ji Chengchuan also asked Song Yao not to seduce her again. The two men reached an agreement.


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