When it came time for Ji Chengchuan and Ji Honglin to gamble, Ji Chengchuan had not come back for a long time. Chen Jinghui, Ji Honglin and others felt very complicated and worried about what would happen next. Ji Honglin didn't want Ji Chengchuan to rush back, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. As an uncle, Chen Jinghui definitely wanted his nephew to inherit the position of chairman. He didn't want Ji Chengchuan to appear more than anyone else. But he was the first to succeed, so he could only hold on to his inner thoughts and wait patiently.

Song Lingren was already anxious when she saw those people, who were urging the chairman to forget it. After all, Ji Chengchuan was not punctual. Song Lingren quickly stood up and asked those people to wait. When Ji Honglin was about to leave, Ji Chengchuan came with someone and took out Lin Shu's private seal to prepare for the next handover ceremony. Shen Shuangshuang called Song Yao and was very angry about what Song Yao had done, and asked Song Yao to look at her phone. Song Yao saw Ji Chengchuan get a private seal on the phone and a large amount of property, and successfully entered the company. Song Yao looked at the seal and looked at it. Wasn't it given to her by Zhuang Zhuang? And Zhuang Zhuang was already dead back then. How could such a thing happen?

Song Yao felt that what Ji Chengchuan said yesterday was not right. Ji Chengchuan was not Zhuang Zhuang. She felt that Ji Chengchuan was lying to her. Song Yao felt the press conference scene and wanted to expose Ji Chengchuan as a liar. When Song Yao was about to say that Ji Chengchuan was not Zhuang Zhuang, Ji Chengchuan saw Song Yao's eyes and without saying a word came up and kissed Song Yao in front of reporters. Ji Chengchuan pulled Song Yao aside and looked at Song Yao who kept questioning him. He was curious about what Song Yao had done to him and why he felt that he couldn't control himself and wanted to kiss Song Yao.

Song Yao knew that Ji Chengchuan had been possessed by her special powers and wanted to question who Ji Chengchuan was. Ji Chengchuan firmly admitted that he was Ji Chengchuan. Song Yao felt that Ji Chengchuan was a big liar. Chen Jinghui investigated Song Yao and felt that Song Yao was not simple. Ji Chengchuan recalled Song Yao's angry look and felt that Song Yao was so cute when she was angry, and she couldn't control herself.

When Shen Shuangshuang and Gu Zijun were discussing Ji Chengchuan, they didn't expect that it was Song Yao's childhood playmate Zhuang Zhuang. Song Yao couldn't help but want to cry when she heard this. Shen Shuangshuang felt that Ji Chengchuan was really a fake. Shen Shuangshuang and the others knew that Song Yao felt uncomfortable, so they told Song Yao that the results of their investigation showed that Ji Chengchuan was fake, and that he had used Zhuang Zhuang's life experience on himself, just to come back and want these properties. Song Yao's mood was very complicated. She felt that it was better not to mention the past.

Jiang Nanxuan did not expect that Qin Hao would use this method to make Song Yao close the microphone, but the effect was quite good. Song Lingren felt a little uncomfortable. Ji Chengchuan didn't understand why his heart beat so fast for Song Yao. He was going to pay the medical expenses for Song Yao's mother. Song Yao met Chen Jinghui. Chen Jinghui wanted Song Yao to continue to monitor Ji Chengchuan beside Ji Chengchuan. Song Yao hesitated, and Shen Shuangshuang wanted to persuade Song Yao to agree.

Jiang Nanxuan came to give money to Song Yao. Song Yao was very angry that Ji Chengchuan didn't come and said that bridges lead to bridges and roads lead to roads. She felt that since Ji Chengchuan was unkind, she shouldn't feel unjust. Song Yao went directly to Ji Chengchuan and told him that she wanted to make a fake show with him. Ji Chengchuan couldn't help looking at Song Yao's eyes, and Song Yao forced Ji Chengchuan to look into her eyes. Song Yao left directly. Shen Shuangshuang saw that Jiang Nanxuan decided to take revenge because of that incident. Gu Zijun felt that there must be some misunderstanding, and Chen Jinghui was not a good person either.

Jiang Nanxuan laughed at Ji Chengchuan for kissing me with Song Yao just now. Song Lingren looked a little unhappy when she heard this. Jiang Nanxuan smashed Song Yao's photos, and Ji Chengchuan couldn't help but want to keep a few. Jiang Nanxuan felt that Ji Chengchuan was really unwilling to let go of Song Yao. Ji Chengchuan had just come out, and someone must be directing Song Yao from behind. Chen Jinghui secretly challenged Ji Chengchuan at the meeting. Jiang Nanxuan felt that Uncle Qin's death would not be investigated clearly. Ji Chengchuan said that he would never give up.

Ji Chengchuan felt that the cuff in his hand must be the murderer, and wanted to take the opportunity to disrupt the situation of those people. Song Yao wanted to ask Ji Chengchuan out, and Shen Shuangshuang was at the side to help. Ji Chengchuan couldn't help but look through it. He wanted to promise Song Yao but didn't dare to reply. Ji Chengchuan took his cell phone and asked Jiang Nanxuan, who was trading in stocks, to reply with a message. Jiang Nanxuan suppressed his anger and said that he was thinking about it. Ji Chengchuan felt that Jiang Nanxuan went too far. Jiang Nanxuan was even more angry that Ji Chengchuan shut down his computer. Song Ling felt that Song Yao's ability was only related to equity. It was only after Ji Chengchuan accepted the equity that he felt that he could not control Song Yao. At this time, Song Yao came over making a lot of noise.


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