Song Yao directly told Ji Chengchuan the problem in Ji Chengchuan's heart in front of everyone, and told Ji Chengchuan that she was the childhood girl he was looking for. After saying that, she snorted and left with personality. Shen Shuangshuang felt that Song Yao It would be crazy to leave now. Song Yao felt that her trick of playing hard to get was not effective against others, but she was still able to catch a scheming boy like Ji Chengchuan. Ji Chengchuan was stunned for a moment as he watched Song Yao leave like this, his mind still not turning over.

Song Yao definitely told Shen Shuangshuang that the rain on Yuzhou Island was very heavy that year, and she was sure that no one would wear skirts that year. Seeing Ji Chengchuan walking towards her, Song Yao knew that she had made the right bet. Shen Shuangshuang decided to temporarily add a hero to Ji Chengchuan to save the beauty, and also asked Song Yao to act pitiful. Song Yao saw that Ji Chengchuan was about to reach her and quickly opened the door. He felt that Ji Chengchuan was a little too young to fight with him.

Song Yao looked at those people holding sticks and felt that Shen Shuangshuang was very efficient now. Song Yao saw what the other party was doing there and Li Chen came out. Song Yao felt something was wrong and wanted to escape secretly, but there were many people on the other side. Just when the other party was about to take action, Ji Chengchuan rushed to save Song Yao. When he heard that the police were coming, Li Chen could only leave in despair. Song Yao saw Ji Chengchuan injured and felt very distressed. Ji Chengchuan learned that Song Yao took revenge on Li Chen because Li Chen was a scumbag. Seeing Song Yao injured, Ji Chengchuan bandaged Song Yao thoughtfully.

Song Yao and Ji Chengchuan both had their own goals in mind, and they had eight hundred intentions. Although they said very polite words, Song Yao wanted Ji Chengchuan to get to know her again. Ji Chengchuan wanted the necklace around Song Yao, and subconsciously cooperated with Song Yao's acting. Song Yao complained that Shen Shuangshuang was a bit unreliable. Song Yao was happy that Li Chen showed up in time this time. Gu Zijun advised Song Yao to pursue the victory quickly, but Song Yao felt that for such a man, he should take a long-term approach to catch big fish.

As Ji Chengchuan's friend, Jiang Nanxuan didn't think Ji Chengchuan would be so kind to save Song Yao. Today he not only saved a beautiful girl, but also did such a good deed. Ji Chengchuan felt that there was nothing strange about him, he just did what Ji Chengchuan should do. Ji Chengchuan told Jiang Nanxuan that Song Yao might be the girl they were looking for. Only by sacrificing a little on your own can you get closer to the relationship between the two of you and get what you want.

Song Yao saw Ji Chengchuan coming to her, saying nasty things in her heart, and pretending to like Ji Chengchuan very much. After being pulled into the car by Ji Chengchuan, she tried to find a reason to refuse, but Ji Chengchuan dismissed her. Ji Chengchuan came to take Song Yao to buy clothes and wanted to see the necklace. Unexpectedly, Song Yao was very wary. Ji Chengchuan failed and wanted to ask Song Yao out for dinner. Sheng Silin met and talked to him. Ji Chengchuan was very angry that Sheng Silin disrupted his plan. Song Yao took the opportunity to text Shen Shuangshuang for help.

Ji Chengchuan called Sheng Siqi to complain, which aroused Sheng Silin's desire to win and said that he would give Song Yao a gift. Ji Chengchuan hinted that the waiter wanted to sprinkle water on Song Yao to let Song Yao change clothes, but Shen Shuangshuang came to the rescue unexpectedly. Ji Chengchuan was not discouraged and looked for opportunities when dancing with Song Yao. Ji Chengchuan hinted that Song Lingren started to prepare as planned, while Sheng Silin was outside trying to prepare a gift for Goddess Song Yao.

Song Lingren turned on the light, but Ji Chengchuan did not see the seal. Sheng Silin came in at this time to ask for credit from Song Yao. Ji Chengchuan saw a fire in the distance and thought of leaving in a hurry when he was a child. After Song Yao left, she asked Ji Chengchuan to swim, and Ji Chengchuan agreed. Song Yao also wanted to see the necklace around Ji Chengchuan's neck. Song Yao saw Ji Chengchuan dressed very conservatively and complained in her heart that Ji Chengchuan was stingy. Ji Chengchuan saw Song Yao swimming and advised Song Yao that she would get cramps. Unexpectedly, as soon as he finished speaking, Song Yao got cramps and was forcefully sent to the hospital by Ji Chengchuan. From the nurse, Ji Chengchuan learned that Song Yao's mother was also in the hospital and asked Jiang Nanxuan to find her. Information about Song Yao’s mother. When Song Yao saw that Ji Chengchuan was coming to her home, she was very afraid that Ji Chengchuan would discover his information, so she quickly asked Shen Shuangshuang to pack her things.


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