Ji Chengchuan felt that some matters needed to be resolved quickly and could not be delayed any longer to give the other party the slightest chance to react. Chen Jinghui felt very sad after knowing that Wu Shi passed away. He felt that some things had to be resolved quickly and could not be delayed any longer. Sheng Silin proudly took out the video of the club last night and wanted to share it with everyone, but he did not expect that they would not give him any face. Gu Zijun directly pulled up the surveillance video himself, observed carefully, and found that the evidence seemed to have been transferred to another person's hands.

Song Yao called the other party and wanted the evidence. The other party was curious about how Song Yao found the evidence in her place. Song Yao looked at the strange outfit and remembered this person very impressively. Obviously Song Yao had offended this person before, and this person wanted to use this evidence to make Song Yao look bad and seize Song Yao. Before Song Yao could finish her words, the other party had already hung up the phone. Song Yao disagrees with Ji Chengchuan attending Chen Jinghui's induction ceremony tomorrow. She thinks tomorrow will be dangerous and doesn't want Ji Chengchuan to go there.

If Ji Chengchuan is their last chance, if they let this opportunity go and let the police find the evidence, they will have no chance to turn around. Song Yao thought about it for a long time and said that she could attend tomorrow's meeting instead of Ji Chengchuan. Ji Chengchuan knew that Li Chen's appointment with Song Yao was obviously a trap for Song Yao, and he was unwilling to let Song Yao take this risk. Song Yao thinks it doesn't matter, she can easily deal with this person. Ji Chengchuan knew that Li Chen simply hated Song Yao now, and he definitely wanted Song Yao to die to wash away his shame. Ji Chengchuan didn't want to be hurt. Song Yao told Ji Chengchuan that today was the day when their contract expired. As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Chengchuan felt that his vision was a little blurry and he was about to fall down. Before falling, he warned Song Yao not to go.

Song Yao felt that Ji Chengchuan always rushed in front of her to protect her before, but now he has to protect her instead. Song Yao came to attend this meeting, and obviously those people saw it. Li Chen also came to the company. Song Yao had difficulty moving in the company, and it was obvious that every move around her was being monitored. Gu Zijun watched the surveillance camera. Jiang Nanxuan and Shen Shuangshuang approached Li Chen, trying to extract evidence from him.

When Ji Chengchuan woke up and saw the contract, he knew that those partners had arrived at the scene. He hurried to the company, but he arrived too late, the meeting had already started. Chen Jinghui noticed that Song Yao and others were present, and wanted these people to be eliminated at this conference. After these stumbling blocks were removed, he could firmly sit in the position of chairman. Li Chen hated Song Yao so much that he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to ruin Song Yao's reputation. Song Yao never thought that he had used his special ability to make the person in front of him hate him so much, but Song Yao still wanted to delay time. , when she was at a loss, Ji Chengchuan happened to arrive and said that he would give Suiyao a ten-minute chance. In these ten minutes, Song Yao successfully persuaded Li Chen to get the evidence.

Ji Chengchuan tried to delay time by pulling Chen Jinghui to the balcony to confront him. Just as the police got the evidence and rushed to arrest Chen Jinghui, the matter was finally solved. Chen Jinghui was imprisoned on suspicion of committing a crime, and Ji Chengchuan was punished for improperly searching for evidence. Several friends had a perfect Lantern Festival together, and Sheng Silin also came here to watch the fireworks.

Ji Chengchuan also successfully inherited the position of chairman. Song Yao and Shen Shuangshuang also returned to their old business and opened a flower shop. Shen Shuangshuang bought her own celebrity pillow, and Jiang Nanxuan also bought her favorite idol pillow. She wanted to propose to Shen Shuangshuang, but Shen Shuangshuang agreed to Jiang Nanxuan. Song Lingren is also together with Gu Zijun, but the way Gu Zijun confesses her love is a bit special. Ji Chengchuan took Song Yao to see the stars. Song Yao was very touched that Ji Chengchuan still remembered the promise he made when he was a child. Sheng Silin also lived a happy life. Song Yao was very happy to see that her novel was completed. Song Yao felt a little uncomfortable after reading the readers' comments, but after seeing the good reviews, she successfully signed the contract. After Editor Liu recommended Song Yao to meet an editor like Ji Chengchuan, Song Yao was a little stunned.


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