Ji Honglin risked his life but was not killed and was rushed to the hospital. Ji Chengchuan and Song Yao were waiting anxiously outside the rescue room. Ji Chengchuan's heart is actually very complicated, and it belongs to his father by blood. Although there is no affection between the two people, and there is even a blood feud between them, Ji Chengchuan can't help but feel sad at this moment. He recalled seeing Ji Honglin's smiling face when he came home on New Year's Day. Looking back now, he felt a little nostalgic. Although he was very cold in his heart, he also had a different feeling for this father in his heart. Ji Chengan came to the hospital and looked at this nominal brother. He hated the person in front of him. Ever since he came to the house, things kept happening, and his father almost lost his life.

While the two brothers were arguing, the doctor came out and told them that because the patient's head was hit, he was temporarily out of danger, but he was still not out of danger and needed to be observed in the near future. It was still unknown whether he could recover and wake up. Song Yao knew that Ji Chengchuan was actually very sad, so she stayed with Ji Chengchuan silently, wanting to investigate quietly. Jiang Nanxuan also ran over to comfort Ji Chengchuan. The two of them had just talked for a while when they received a message from Song Yao. This time, Ji Chengchuan completely ruled out the suspicion that Ji Honglin was the murderer. He realized that he might have hated the wrong person, and that the murderer might be someone else. .

Ji Chengchuan asked Jiang Nanxuan to investigate Ji Honglin's schedule today. Fifteen was actually the murderer. He was also seriously injured in the car accident. He was hiding in the house and was bruised, but when he heard someone knocking on the door, he suddenly became alert and went to open the door with a knife. Chen Jinghui said something outside, completely letting Shi Shi relax and opening the door. Chen Jinghui was very happy when he saw that Shi Shi was seriously injured. Without saying anything, he took off his clothes and helped Shi Shi apply medicine. Fifteen was very relieved about Chen Jinghui. He felt that his life was saved by Chen Jinghui. It was natural for him to do these things for Chen Jinghui, and he had no complaints at all.

Fifteen asked if he had found the person Ji Honglin wanted to meet? Chen Jinghui said that he had not found the person, but he had already ordered his men to check. As he wiped the sound, he said that this person's life was really high. If Ji Honglin hadn't discovered the bug, the person would have died long ago. Fifteen wanted to continue to pursue this matter, but Chen Jinghui advised him to recuperate and he would handle the rest of the matter. Song Yao persuaded Ji Chengchuan to eat. She felt sorry for Ji Chengchuan who was very tired every day. Song Yao asked Officer Zhang why the fire started, but Officer Zhang said it was because of the stove and there were no other special clues.

Ji Chengchuan saw Chen Jinghui holding a lighter in front of him and hinted that he found that what happened 15 years ago seemed to be related to the person in front of him. Chen Jinghui felt that Ji Chengchuan had finally come to his senses, and he asked Ji Chengchuan to give up the company or else he would attack Song Yao. Song Yao came to the scene of the crime fifteen years ago to investigate clues and found Zhuang Zhuang's watch. She found out that Qin Hao was Ji Chengchuan, and she felt a little complicated. Song Yao's call to Ji Chengchuan failed, and Ji Chengchuan's brakes failed and he fell into the cliff. Song Yao couldn't accept the news of Ji Chengchuan's sudden death.

Jiang Nanxuan and the others were also sad that Ji Chengchuan left like this. Song Yao felt that Ji Chengchuan had been burdened with too much in his life and was very tired. It was lucky that he did not know the truth in the end. Ji Chengan also couldn't accept the news that Ji Chengchuan was dead. Song Yao was listless every day, when she received a call from the technology manager saying that Ji Chengchuan had paid to customize something from them and needed to pick it up. Song Yao saw that the gift Ji Chengchuan prepared for herself was the Virgo star that she had argued about when she was a child. Song Yao then realized that Ji Chengchuan had already recalled it. Song Yao recalled every bit of life with Ji Chengchuan as if it was yesterday. Song Yao couldn't hold back and cried. Gu Zijun and the others felt relieved when they saw that Song Yao was finally back and cheered up to find the murderer. Song Yao felt that it would be easier to find a breakthrough in Ji Chengan.


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