Ji Chengchuan felt fulfilled when he woke up and saw Song Yao beside him, as if he was no longer alone after so many years. He could tell that Song Yao was pretending to sleep. Ji Chengchuan looked at Song Yao while eating in the morning without blinking. He felt that Song Yao was simply pleasing to the eye. The more he looked at her, the more his own aesthetic point of view became apparent. Looking at Ji Chengchuan's demented look, Song Yao felt that he was a bit naive. Song Yao now hates Ji Chengchuan very much. She seems to have ADHD now. When she was watching TV, he kept telling her spoilers and secretly changed the bed.

Song Yao felt that ever since the two of them got together, she had changed from a boss like an iceberg to such a clingy little puppy. Song Yao felt a little uncomfortable. After breakfast, I sent Yao to the hospital to take a walk with her mother. In fact, Song Yao's hesitant appearance has been seen by his mother. Her mother recalled that she left Aunt Lin's house that day. At that time, a man ran in and started a fight with Aunt Lin. Song Yao's mother felt that Something was wrong and she left. Song Yao felt that this was key information and quickly took out the photo in her hand to confirm.

Ji Chengchuan also felt that Ji Honglin was very suspicious and decided to test him at night. Ji Honglin knew that his son had something to say to him, but he deliberately told his son about the past and let it go, and even sighed. But when he heard his son complaining about himself, he felt sad in his heart. feeling bad. Ji Honglin took his son to see the things he left to his ex-wife, and told his son that this place would always be his home. Song Yao took the opportunity to scare Chen Yaqin about Ji Chengchuan's mother's evil spirit. Maybe after seeing the other party in this room and being frightened successfully, Song Yao left the scene.

Ji Chengchuan and Song Yao were looking for the cufflinks in the room together. After successfully finding it, Song Yao guessed that the button might have been left behind when Ji Honglin and Ji Chengchuan's mother had a quarrel and were tearing each other apart. Ji Chengchuan felt that even though he was a strong father, some people would never have feelings in the face of interests. Song Yao knew that Ji Chengchuan was actually in pain and found it difficult to accept this fact. She just spent the New Year with Ji Chengchuan.

Song Yao knew that Ji Chengchuan had been depressed for a long time recently, so she wanted to take him to a place to relax. Song Yao brought Ji Chengchuan to the cinema. When Song Yao saw Ji Chengchuan falling asleep, she gently put Ji Chengchuan on her shoulders. When Gu Zijun and Song Lingren were about to come to the cinema to watch a movie, they suddenly found that Song Yao was also hurriedly grabbing Song Lingren beside him. Song Lingren saw that Gu Zijun was a little afraid to bring her to Song Yao in public. She felt that this person was quite cowardly. She did not expect that Gu Zijun directly held her down and kissed her. This made Song Lingren feel that Gu Zijun was so coquettish. My boyfriend has a different view. Song Lingren was slightly stunned when she looked at the person in front of her.

Ji Honglin was investigating Song Yao's mother who suddenly saw that this person looked familiar and wanted to go to the hospital to investigate. Chen Jinghui happened to be watching the chairman's strange behavior from the side and silently took note of it. Ji Honglin came to the hospital with his assistant and heard the nurse say that Song Yao's mother was taking a walk. So when he came to the hospital to find him, he was stopped by a phone call. Song Yao told Ji Chengchuan that she would come to see her mother and asked her to concentrate on her work and not worry too much. Ji Chengchuan investigated the people in the surveillance video and found that the suspect seemed to be the same person as the murderer of the arson case 15 years ago, which meant that this person was probably the real culprit who hurt Song Yao's mother.

When Ji Chengchuan saw this person, he was sure it was this person. Jiang Nanxuan looked at this person and realized that he seemed to have seen this person at the dock. Ji Chengchuan suddenly realized that something was wrong. Song Yao and the others might be in danger, and the mother who sent Yao might be silenced by this person. Sure enough, this man sneaked into the hospital secretly and wanted to take the opportunity to kill Song Yao and Song Yao's mother. After setting the fire, he hurriedly left. Ji Chengchuan happened to arrive at the hospital. People nearby saw the fire in the hospital and were making noises there, but he knew it must be the suspect.


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