Ji Chengchuan and Song Yao were kidnapped and locked up together. Ji Chengchuan woke up and looked around and quickly woke up Song Yao beside him. Song Yao woke up and saw that the surroundings were unfamiliar. She was surprised why Ji Chengchuan was here and wanted to struggle to break free from the rope. Ji Chengchuan saw Song Yao's intention and advised Song Yao not to move. The rope became tighter and tighter. Ji Chengchuan tried to untie the rope and then tried to find a way out with Song Yao, but it was obviously to no avail. After thinking about it for a while, Ji Honglin felt that he could meet Kang Liping's request. Jiang Nanxuan instantly understood what Ji Honglin meant, and tried his best to satisfy the other party's request before meeting Ji Chengchuan so that the other party could relax their vigilance and ensure Ji Chengchuan's safety. Ji Honglin felt that this matter was not trivial and he must cooperate closely with the police. He also told Jiang Nanxuan not to make any mistakes.

Just as Jiang Nanxuan and Song Lingren were preparing to go out, Ji Honglin's assistant happily came over to tell everyone that Kang Liping was dead. Ji Honglin looked solemn, and Jiang Nanxuan also knew that no one really knew the whereabouts of Ji Chengchuan and the others now. Ji Honglin still insisted on working with the police to rescue Ji Chengchuan. After Qin Hao inquired about it, he found that it was relatively close to the sea. He guessed that they should be packed in the dock box. It was late now and he could only wait until there were more people tomorrow morning, so he could hear their knocking on the door. Song Yao finally felt relieved after hearing Qin Hao's words.

Shen Shuangshuang and the others knew they had to find them within 64 hours, otherwise they would not be able to hold on. Gu Zijun saw a suspicious vehicle in the surveillance camera. Shen Shuangshuang looked at the license plate and thought it was a bit impossible. Everyone felt that they needed to contact the police. Ji Chengan got drunk at the bar and insisted on drinking the wine collected by Chen Jinghui. Chen Jinghui passed by and saw Ji Chengan acting violently here. He got angry and wanted Ji Chengan to show off in front of his brother-in-law. He saw that Ji Chengan looked like he had a mental problem. , Chen Jinghui expressed that he was a little tired and asked Ji Chengan to pretend to go to Ji Chengchuan to show off.

Song Yao was very nervous. She thought the two of them would die here. Qin Hao encouraged Song Yao to be strong and wait for them to come to them. Shen Shuangshuang is also trying to find it in his own way, and Song Lingren, Jiang Nanxuan and others are no exception. Gu Zijun is also searching through surveillance. What Song Yao and Qin Hao didn't expect was that they were locked up in a place with few people, and no one heard their calls at all. Qin Hao knew that they could not hold on any longer and encouraged Song Yao not to sleep. Shen Shuangshuang looked at the taxis that looked like the suspect car and quickly found it. Sheng Silin also called his friends to come over and help search.

Qin Hao seemed to notice someone, and he quickly called them. Using sunlight, Ji Chengchuan set fire to his clothes and asked for help. Jiang Nanxuan was led out by the murderer while searching. When Sheng Silin sensed something was wrong and was about to take action, he came to rescue them. The murderer ran away when he saw the other person's rescue. Song Yao was very happy that Ji Chengchuan and she were still alive, and Sheng Silin also wished them well. Song Yao told Sheng Silin that she actually had special functions and Sheng Silin would not like her after wearing glasses. Ji Honglin saw that Ji Chengchuan had nothing to do and left with peace of mind. Liang Jingyi came to Ji Chengchuan but was rejected.

After this incident, Ji Chengchuan was very grateful to Sheng Silin. In fact, Sheng Silin lied to Song Yao. He knew that he loved her very much, but he just didn't want Song Yao to have too much burden on her heart. Ji Chengchuan felt that Sheng Silin and the others were friends after this time. Sheng Silin didn't want to pay attention to Ji Chengchuan. He patted Ji Chengchuan and was misunderstood by Song Yao. He also felt that Ji Chengchuan was really treacherous. Song Yao and Ji Chengchuan care more about every minute and second they spend together. Ji Chengchuan insisted on being discharged from the hospital because he didn't like the smell of the hospital.

Liang Jingyi was invited to dinner by Chen Jinghui. Ji Chengchuan still wanted to find the murderer, and he knew that Ji Honglin wanted to appease the board of directors. Chen Jinghui suggested that Ji Chengchuan should light a fire and show up. Song Yao was worried that Ji Chengchuan was afraid of fire. Sure enough, Ji Chengchuan was frightened when he saw the fire, so he fainted and fell to the ground.


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