Song Yao was very curious when she saw Sheng Silin here. Sheng Silin directly confessed that he already knew that the two of them were a contract couple, and he would definitely save Song Yao. Ji Chengchuan did not regard Sheng Silin as a rival at all. He felt that Sheng Silin was a rich second generation who had been raised useless and was not his opponent at all. He told this fact in front of Sheng Silin without any secret. , Sheng Silin felt greatly humiliated. Song Yao felt the crack in the water pipe and felt strange. Shen Shuangshuang and Gu Zijun knew that Song Yao had discovered it, so they hurried away. Ji Chengchuan asked Song Yao to find him a wrench and he repaired the water pipe three times, five times and two times. Song Yao looked at Ji Chengchuan carefully repairing the water pipe and thought it was cool. She never expected that a person like Ji Chengchuan would do this. kind of thing. Ji Chengchuan was not surprised to say that foreign countries were not as good as domestic ones, and many things had to be done by oneself. The phone rang, and Ji Chengchuan asked Song Yao to pick it up for him. Just as Song Yao was about to take the phone back, she saw the text message Song Lingren sent to Ji Chengchuan. She learned that Ji Chengchuan was investigating her. Song Yao felt very complicated but she pretended not to see it.

Ji Chengchuan saw the complicated message Song Lingren sent him and replied with a good word. Song Yao was very indifferent when she sat in the car. Ji Chengchuan felt a little weird. Song Yao asked Ji Chengchuan if he believed in her and said that she had always been caught in pigtails before. Ji Chengchuan answered affirmatively, yes. Ji Chengchuan felt that Song Yao was acting strange today. Song Yao returned to the room and felt that Ji Chengchuan was just an insignificant person and she should not have high hopes for him. Ji Chengchuan saw the text message from Song Lingren, saying that there was indeed something wrong with Song Yao's mother's car accident, and that Song Yao had a birthmark. Ji Chengchuan looked at the photo of the suspect, and Song Lingren advised Ji Chengchuan to call the police quickly. Ji Chengchuan felt Now is not a good time, after all, they have no evidence, and now they are just talking without foundation. Sheng Silin returned to the company and wanted to find a position. Sheng Silin suddenly felt very grateful to Ji Chengxuan. Ji Chengchuan felt that Song Yao had been deliberately avoiding him recently.

Ji Chengchuan felt that the tender document was unqualified and wanted them to do it again. The other party thought that they were old people and Ji Chengxuan didn't understand anything about official authority and was very unconvinced. Ji Chengchuan easily found out the other party's problems. Ji Honglin felt that Ji Chengxuan should hide his talents. After all, those were his seniors. He also said that he would take Ji Chengchuan to meet his childhood friends. Ji Chengchuan directly picked out the calligraphy that Ji Honglin had practiced. Problem, Ji Honglin looked at Ji Chengchuan and smiled with relief. Song Lingren was afraid that Ji Chengchuan would be recognized at the party, so Jiang Nanxuan suggested that Song Yao should go with her. Ji Chengchuan thought about how Song Yao had treated him in the past few days and said that she could go too. Seeing that Ji Chengchuan could recognize everyone present, Chen Jinghui felt a little unhappy but still refused to give up. Song Yao came in time to eliminate Chen Jinghui's suspicion when Ji Chengchuan's words aroused suspicion.

Ji Chengchuan was very grateful to Song Yao for coming to help him this time. Liang Jingyi wanted to have a chance to be alone with Ji Chengchuan, but Ji Chengchuan refused directly. Chen Jinghui fell on purpose to expose Ji Chengchuan's true colors, but unexpectedly it was self-defeating. Song Yao took Ji Chengchuan and left quickly. Song Yao was very conflicted, but Nian chose to help Ji Chengchuan because Ji Chengchuan treated her well. Jiang Nanxuan felt that Song Yao would not come back, but he did not expect that Song Yao really came as Ji Chengchuan said, but the two of them were embarrassed together.

Sheng Silin also came to the scene, trying to get Song Yao to pay attention to him, but to his surprise, Song Yao didn't even look at him. Song Yao didn't want to live with Ji Chengchuan. Sheng Silin happened to come, and Song Yao took the opportunity to leave. Sheng Silin vowed to compete with Ji Chengchuan for this resort and followed Ji Chengchuan to imitate Ji Chengchuan. Ji Chengchuan didn't want Song Yao to ignore him and wanted to attract Song Yao's attention. Song Yao felt uncomfortable seeing Ji Chengchuan taking such risks. Sheng Silin was very confident that Ji Chengchuan would lose to him and fail in love and career. Ji Chengchuan told Song Yao that he was back to track down the truth fifteen years ago. Only then did Song Yao discover that Ji Chengchuan had another hidden secret. He also said that they were the best partners and should face it together.


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